Last month, Microsoft told customers of its advertising platform that it would remove Twitter from the platformNews 

Twitter accuses Microsoft of misusing its data: Report

Twitter sent Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella a letter accusing the tech giant of misusing the social media company’s data, the New York Times (NYT) reported Thursday.

Twitter has accused Microsoft of violating the data agreement and refusing to pay for its use, according to a letter reviewed by NYT.

The letter alleges that Microsoft exceeded its authorized use of Twitter data in certain cases and shared it with government agencies without permission.

Alex Spiro, the personal attorney of Twitter owner Elon Musk, wrote in a letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella that the tech giant may have violated several terms of the contract over a long period of time.

According to the US newspaper, this letter could potentially serve as a precursor to Twitter trying to charge Microsoft for its data. Musk, who bought Twitter for $44 billion last year, has stressed the company’s urgent need to generate revenue as it faces financial pressures.

Twitter has introduced new subscription products and implemented strategies to increase revenue, including raising fees for developers who want to use its tweet stream.

Last month, Musk publicly accused Microsoft of “illegally” using Twitter data to train its AI technology, announcing a “trial period” on Twitter.

Microsoft responded by stating that it does not currently pay Twitter for its data. Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw confirmed receipt of Twitter’s letter and expressed the company’s intention to review and respond to the inquiries, emphasizing its desire to maintain a long-term partnership with Twitter.

Previously, Musk had a dispute with Microsoft over OpenAI, the start-up responsible for the ChatGPT chatbot.

Last month, Microsoft announced that it would not pay for access to Twitter’s data and notified its advertising platform customers to remove Twitter from the platform.

Advertisers use the company’s advertising platform to manage their social media accounts, including Twitter.

The letter to Nadella does not specifically say whether Twitter plans to take legal action against Microsoft or seek financial compensation.

However, it requires Microsoft to comply with Twitter’s developer agreement and complete data access in its eight apps.

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