Viral video captures the incredulous moment as a man showcases his jaw-dropping Uber bill, raising questions about the accuracy of ride fares. (Pixabay/ X) News 

Uber auto ride in Noida results in man receiving a bill of ₹7.66 crore; Uber responds to the incident

A man in Noida, Uttar Pradesh was shocked to receive a bill of Rs.7.66 crore for an Uber auto ride that was originally priced at just Rs.62. The incident gained attention after Ashish Mishra shared it on social media, causing it to go viral. Details from the video The post included a video of regular Uber customer Deepak showing the staggering amount he was charged for the ride. In the video, Deepak revealed that the total amount of the bill was Rs. 7,66,83,762, excluding Goods and Services Tax (GST). The…

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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi gestures while speaking to Nandan Nilekani, Chairman and Co-Founder of Infosys, during a conversation on building population scale technology, (AFP) News 

Uber CEO targets affordable rides in challenging Indian market

Uber Technologies Inc. is looking to accelerate its growth in the affordable and potentially more lucrative market for two- and three-wheeled rides in India, intensifying its ongoing competition with local provider Ola. CEO Dara Khosrowshahi spoke Thursday of how Uber was trialling services from scooters to motorcycles in his “toughest markets,” providing a model for expansion in other countries. The CEO also introduced the idea of bus services in a panel discussion in Bangalore with Nandan Nilekani, the billionaire founder and chairman of IT services company Infosys Ltd. Khosrowshahi is…

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Uber will reportedly launch a new service called Uber Tasks. Know all about it. (REUTERS) News 

Hire a Helper for Household Chores – Try Uber Tasks Now!

Uber has recently been testing various new features, with a particular emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI). In August, the ride-hailing platform introduced an AI chatbot for Uber Eats, which offers users recommendations. Additionally, Uber is said to be planning to introduce a new section for promotions and enable SNAP recipients to use their waivers to purchase groceries. These features are intended to improve the user experience in the face of competition from rivals like DoorDash. Now, Uber is preparing to venture into a different realm by enabling users to hire…

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The feature, dubbed “Uber Tasks,” will launch in the coming weeks in Fort Myers, Florida, and in Edmonton, Alberta. (REUTERS) News 

Need a Hand? Get a Personal Assistant with Uber Tasks!

Uber Technologies Inc. is set to introduce a small-scale trial program for a service similar to TaskRabbit, allowing users of their app to hire individuals for a range of household tasks. This move is part of Uber’s strategy to diversify their offerings beyond transportation and deliveries. During the program’s first test, drivers and couriers on Uber’s app can choose to help customers with small home projects, including assembling furniture, doing household laundry and mowing the lawn, the company said Monday. The feature, called “Uber Tasks,” will roll out in the…

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An Uber pick-up location is pictured in San Diego, California. (Representative image) (REUTERS) News 

Uber Penalized by Australia for Violating Anti-Spam Regulations

Uber was fined by Australia’s communications watchdog on Thursday for violating anti-spam laws by sending over two million emails to customers. The emails promoting the alcohol home delivery service were sent on one day in January, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) said. The messages did not offer customers an opportunity to unsubscribe, and more than 500,000 of them were sent to people who had asked not to receive marketing emails. The rideshare and food delivery company was fined A$412,500 ($260,000). Under Australian law, companies cannot send marketing emails…

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Despite the tacit consensus on the future of drivetrains, obstacles remain for electric cars to meet their emissions-reduction potential. (Bloomberg) Gadgets 

Electric Cars Powered by Batteries Are the Future

The increase in electric vehicles is truly remarkable. Over the past decade, Teslas have gone from cars for the uber-rich to cars for Uber drivers. All the major automakers have invested in electric cars, lowering prices and expanding the options available. According to BloombergNEF, more than 14 million electric cars will be sold globally this year, up from just 700,000 in 2016. And some 23 countries have now passed the crucial electric car tipping point – 5% of new car sales – after which adoption will begin. up dramatically. In…

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Uber Eats to introduce more payment options and AI assistant. (Pixabay) AI 

AI and Additional Payment Options to be Introduced by Uber Eats

On Wednesday, Uber Technologies announced that it will expand the range of payment options available on its food delivery platform and introduce an AI-powered assistant to assist users in discovering food options and accessing deals. Uber Eats is getting a separate section that showcases promotional offers, called the “Sales Aisle.” The new features are scheduled to be released this year or in 2024. Food delivery platforms have been investing in artificial intelligence in an attempt to offer a better curated service and make their apps more convenient. In May, rival…

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These smaller-scale, tech-based solutions to public transportation problems, known broadly as microtransit. (REUTERS) News 

Exploring the Possibilities of an Uber-Style Public Transit System: A Small City Ends its Bus Service to Investigate

Only one bus driver, who had previously worked in a larger city, decided to join the newly introduced publicly subsidized van service in a small city. This decision came after the city unexpectedly halted its bus operations and replaced them with the van service, which offered affordable trips within the town for $1.50. Milton Barnes used to monitor packed subway stations in Washington, D.C., a far cry from the sparsely packed buses he rode after moving to Wilson, North Carolina, to care for his elderly parents. While transit ridership fell…

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Uber Eats, which accounts for about a third of the company’s revenue, is up against DoorDash Inc. (REUTERS) News 

Uber Eats Introduces AI-Powered Chatbot to Provide Suggestions to Users

Uber Technologies Inc. is currently developing an AI chatbot that will provide suggestions to food-delivery customers and assist them in placing orders more efficiently. This initiative is part of a competitive effort to incorporate AI into widely-used applications. Details of the Uber program were found inside code hidden within the Eats app, offering a glimpse into a yet-to-be-announced feature. When a user launches the chatbot, the software displays a message that says “the AI assistant is designed to help you find suitable restaurant dishes and more,” according to wording in…

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The member of Lapsus$, a group of hackers, was out on bail at the time. Gaming 

Hacker Shares ‘GTA VI’ Footage from Budget UK Hotel Room Using Fire TV Stick

According to the BBC, the image of a hacker portrayed in movies is quite different from reality. Instead of a high-tech setup, all it took for Arion Kurtaj, a member of the hacking group Lapsus$, to steal and leak clips from the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto IV was an Amazon Fire TV stick, smartphone, keyboard, and mouse. This incident occurred while Kurtaj was already on bail for allegedly hacking NVIDIA. The 18-year-old managed to infiltrate Rockstar Games, the creator of GTA VI, and even identified himself as an…

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Younger drivers will be grandfathered in. News 

Uber Increases Minimum Age for Drivers in California to 25

According to The Associated Press, Uber has increased the minimum age requirement for drivers in California from 19 to 25. The company reportedly made this policy change due to the rising costs of commercial auto insurance in the state. However, it is important to note that this change only applies to new drivers signing up, and those who were already approved before Wednesday will still be eligible. In a statement to ReturnByte, Uber criticized the decision for the state’s insurance premiums and the litigation environment. “California’s insurance coverage requirements for…

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The driver's case raises questions about responsibility in autonomous crashes. News 

Uber Self-Driving Car Safety Driver Pleads Guilty in Fatal Accident

Rafaela Vasquez, the Uber safety driver present during the first recorded self-driving car accident resulting in a pedestrian fatality, has admitted guilt and received a sentence for an endangerment charge. Vasquez will be on probation for three years due to her involvement in the 2018 collision in Tempe, Arizona, which tragically claimed the life of Elaine Herzberg as she crossed the road unlawfully at night. This sentence aligns with the prosecution’s requests and is more severe than the defense team’s plea for a six-month probation period. The prosecution argued that…

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Ola and Uber are two of the major players in the private cab sector. (Hindustan Times) News 

Karnataka Government to Introduce its Own Ride-Hailing Service to Compete with Ola and Uber

Karnataka’s Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy revealed on Wednesday that the state plans to create its own ride-hailing app, posing a significant challenge to Ola and Uber. This alternative app aims to compete with the popular private cab-hailing companies that have gained popularity in recent years. The decision was made after a meeting with unions representing autorickshaw, cab, and bus drivers on July 31, during which their concerns about the exorbitant commissions charged by these private aggregators were raised. Announcing his decision, Reddy said, “An app like Ola and Uber is…

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Uber's CFO Nelson Chai is reportedly leaving the company, according to sources. No decision on timing has been announced yet News 

Report: Uber CFO Nelson Chai to Depart Company

According to sources familiar with the matter, Nelson Chai, the Chief Financial Officer of Uber Technologies, is reportedly intending to depart from the ride-hailing company, as reported by Bloomberg News on Monday. Chai informed Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi of his intentions to move forward, although no decision on timing has been made, according to the report. Uber did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

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They're requesting a temporary injunction blocking the law. News 

New York City Sued by Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub Over $18 Minimum Wage Law

According to The Washington Post, Uber, DoorDash, and Grubhub are taking legal action to prevent the enforcement of New York City’s recently passed $18 minimum wage law for food delivery app workers. The companies are seeking a temporary restraining order to halt the implementation of the new regulations, which are scheduled to take effect on July 12th. A spokesperson from DoorDash expressed their concern about the negative consequences of this earnings standard on customers, merchants, and the delivery workers it was initially designed to assist, stating that they will not…

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Uber Technologies said on Wednesday it was cutting 200 jobs in its recruitment division amid plans to keep the staff count flat through the year and streamline costs. News 

Uber to Cut 200 Jobs in Recruitment Department

Uber Technologies announced on Wednesday that it would be reducing its recruitment division workforce by 200 employees as part of its efforts to maintain a consistent staff count throughout the year and optimize expenses. The cuts affect less than 1 percent of Uber’s 32,700 employees worldwide and come as the ride-hailing company laid off 150 workers in its cargo services division earlier this year. The latest cuts cover 35 percent of Uber’s recruiting team, according to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the development earlier in the day. Uber…

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They’ll be muted by default but can run for up to 90 seconds. News 

Uber to Launch Video Ads in Apps This Week

Uber has announced that it will soon feature video advertisements within its apps. These ads will be visible while waiting for a ride or during transit, as well as after placing orders in Uber Eats and in search results and other areas of Drizly. Additionally, some Uber cars will have tablets that display ads. Users in the US will start seeing video ads this week. Tablets showing ads are installed country-by-city. The company plans to roll out video ads in the UK, France, Australia and other markets later this year.…

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App companies will need to pay their workers nearly $20 per hour by 2025. News 

Minimum Wage for Food Delivery Workers in New York City Raised to $18 per Hour

Starting next month, food delivery workers in New York will be entitled to a minimum wage, making it the first city in the US to implement such a mandate. Delivery apps such as GrubHub and Uber Eats will be required to pay their workers $17.96 per hour, in addition to tips, by July 12th. The city plans to increase this minimum wage to $19.96 per hour by 2025, with adjustments for inflation to follow. The minimum wage in New York is $15 an hour. By setting the hourly wage for…

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Its Carshare produce is launching in Boston and Toronto in the coming months. News 

Uber Increases Access to Shared Rides and Eco-Friendly Services

Uber is aiming to become a zero-emission platform by 2040 and is taking steps to achieve this goal by expanding its current services and introducing new features. One of these features is the revamped carpooling service, UberX Share, which will now be available in 18 additional cities, bringing the total number of markets to 50. This will enable more individuals to share their commute with others who are heading in the same direction. For those who prefer to drive their own vehicle, Uber is also launching Carshare, a new product…

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The pilot will help rideshare drivers switch to EVs. News 

Ford is offering flexible leasing deals for the Mustang Mach-E to Uber drivers in three cities

Uber drivers don’t have easy access to Tesla when they want to switch to electric cars. Ford and Uber are launching an expanded pilot program offering flexible Mustang Mach-E leases to drivers in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Operators choose between one and four month leases and receive the Mach-E within two weeks. They then use the Ford Drive app to manage payments and maintenance. At the same time, Ford is buying electric crossovers from dealers and putting them into service. Lease costs $199 per week including 500…

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