GTA 6 might set a new standard for gaming on PS5 Pro which sparks excitement among fans. (Rockstar Games)Gaming 

Anticipated GTA 6 to establish benchmark for PS5 Pro, fans thrilled for potential gaming experience

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of GTA 6 and are excited about the possibility of the game setting a new standard for the upcoming PS5 Pro console. Despite no official confirmation from Sony or PlayStation about the rumored hardware, journalist Tom Henderson has fueled speculation by confirming its existence and suggesting a potential launch later this year, possibly in time for the holiday season. This news, along with leaked specifications of the PS5 Pro, has sparked excitement among GTA 6 fans who believe the console could provide an unmatched gaming experience for the highly anticipated game.

GTA 6 Rumors and Reveals

Adding fuel to the fire, insider Ben (@videotechukk_) revealed on March 16, 2024 that GTA 6 is expected to be one of the key benchmarks for the PS5 Pro upon its projected launch in 2025. This claim is in line with the anticipation surrounding the release. GTA 6 and Death Stranding 2 release for 2025, and Sony’s next-gen console arriving soon this year. With these developments, enthusiasts expect both games to be optimized to take advantage of the PS5 Pro’s features, promising an immersive gaming experience unlike any other, Sportskeeda reported.

According to details shared by Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, the PS5 Pro’s alleged specs paint a picture of massive gaming power, including:

  • AI Acceleration, supports 67 TFLOPS 16-bit floating point or 300 TOPS 8-bit computation
  • A custom machine learning architecture
  • Up to 8k resolution support is planned for future SDK versions
  • PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution) scaling/anti-aliasing solution
  • 33.5 TFLOPS of processing power
  • Up to 4x radiation tracking feature
  • 45 percent faster rendering compared to standard PS5 models on the market today

With such impressive specs, many are optimistic about the PS5 Pro’s ability to deliver unparalleled performance, especially when running GTA 6. YouTuber NikTek believes that the absence of GTA 6 on PC on launch day could further boost PS5 Pro sales. The possibility of exclusive access to the highly-anticipated game could lead many gamers to invest in Sony’s upcoming hardware if the game isn’t released simultaneously on PC alongside other platforms.

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