Gaming as a career is on the rise, going mainstream. HP study finds nearly half of Indian gamers now view it as a viable income source. Gaming 

Parents Rejoice: Indian Gamers Making 6-12 LPA, Study Finds!

As games and eSports begin to impact the economy of content creators more than ever before, gaming careers are becoming more mainstream and diverging from the niche market that existed just a few years ago. Amidst this shift, a recent survey by HP has revealed that nearly half of Indian gamers are seriously considering gaming as a source of income. Based on the answers, they earn between Rs 6,000 and Rs 12,000. This study involved 3500 participants including 500 parents from 15 tier 1 cities and 15 tier 2 cities…

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Houseparty, a service that allows a group of people to chat and play games simultaneously, has been around for years, but has recently seen its popularity rise. (Bloomberg) News 

Houseparty Fortnite partnership to allow players to video chat while playing

The Houseparty group video chat app said on Wednesday that it has teamed up with the popular video game “Fortnite” to allow friends to video chat while playing the game, as people search for various sources of entertainment. during the Covid-19 pandemic. Demand from gamers at home has boosted video game sales and the use of social media apps to stay in touch with friends and family as a spike in new coronavirus cases forces people to stay indoors . Houseparty video chat is currently available for “Fortnite” gamers on…

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