WhatsApp update lets beta users to pin multiple chats and messages, making important conversations easier to access. (Bloomberg)News 

New WhatsApp update will improve user experience by enabling pinning of multiple chats and messages

Meta-owned WhatsApp is currently experimenting with a new feature that enables users to pin multiple chats and messages at the same time. This feature is currently being tested and is only accessible to beta testers using WhatsApp version With this update, users can pin up to five chats and three messages, giving them more control over important conversations and information.

WhatsApp improves the management of conversations

This feature allows users to prioritize important conversations and messages by keeping them at the top of their conversation list. WABetaInfo reports that users enrolled in the latest WhatsApp beta program can now pin up to three messages per chat, as well as pin up to five chats, ensuring that important communications remain easily accessible.

While the ability to pin conversations and messages is not new to WhatsApp, Meta’s improvement solves previous limitations. Previously, users could pin only one message, requiring one message to be unpinned to pin another. However, with the updated version, users can conveniently pin multiple messages (up to three) at the same time and up to five chats.

How to pin chats on WhatsApp

To pin a message on WhatsApp, users can long press on the text and select the pin option. Stable WhatsApp users can pin only one message per conversation, while certain beta users can pin up to three messages simultaneously. In addition, users can set a special pin duration for each message, which is a maximum of 30 days.

With this latest update, WhatsApp aims to streamline the user experience and make it easier to organize conversations and information, ensuring that users can easily stay connected and up-to-date.

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