Apple is facing a big lawsuit from the US Government, and the company is coming out with details that nobody knew.Gadgets 

Apple Watch could have been compatible with Android phones, but the company chose not to: Here’s why.

Apple confirms reports that the company wanted the Apple Watch to work with Android phones, but then decided not to make it official. The company is facing a major US government lawsuit accusing Apple of its anti-competitive nature, and now we’re hearing more unheard of stuff from the horse’s mouth.

Apple has admitted in its response to the Department of Justice (DOJ) claims that it had tried to get the Apple Watch to work with Android phones, but for a number of reasons it never happened.

In fact, a Bloomberg report recently suggested as much, claiming that Apple had pulled the plug on this support at the last minute. Bringing the Apple Watch to Android would have opened up a whole new market for the company, where you have billions of smartphones. Apple has more or less confirmed those rumors that have left people wondering what could have been.

So why did Apple cancel this development? The response talks about Apple’s concerns about the technological limitations and potential security risks that the Apple Watch could have if it were opened up to Android. As we’ve stated many times before, Apple may have been afraid of the experience a user would have had with the Apple Watch because Apple didn’t have as much control with Android as it did with iOS.

History doesn’t repeat itself, and now we’re left wondering what Apple could have gained by letting the Apple Watch work on non-iPhones. Having said that, it’s now quite obvious that Apple is facing these tough questions from regulators around the world, and it should be ready for more of the same.

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