Normally, users can see the tweet in the link preview without clicking.Reviews 

iMessage and Slack No Longer Showing Twitter Link Previews

According to 9To5Mac, Twitter link previews are currently not functioning properly on iMessage and Slack, resulting in plain links. It remains uncertain when the link previews will be restored.

This issue affects Apple’s multimedia preview feature in Messages on iPhone, Mac, etc.

On Twitter, several users reported the problem.

One user said: “I’ve noticed that dropping a Twitter link into text on iPhone no longer produces a preview.”

Another posted: “@Twitter having problems sending tweets via SMS? They get the Twitter link but not the preview panel/window.”

Normally, users click to preview the tweet link.

If the tweet contains attachments, the microblogging platform also provides one image of the tweet.

Now, however, the disconnect between Twitter and Apple’s servers results in tweet URLs that just say “” without context.

Although it’s not that serious, it’s reminiscent of Apple’s lock mode, which prevents links in messages from even being opened.

“When this happened last year, the problem was on Twitter to solve,” the report said

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