WhatsApp users rely on the pin message feature to keep useful details at the top of their chat screen. Now, you can do that for three messages.News 

New Feature Allows Users to Pin Up to 3 Messages in WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp has realized that many people use the messaging app to take notes and remind them. You get the ability to send yourself a message, which is more useful than most people think, and you can also pin chats up, especially important notes that you want to see at the top and not scroll down or look for them every time.

So WhatsApp now makes the deal sweeter by letting you pin up to three messages in a chat. The update was shared this week by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has become a key part of the WhatsApp team in recent years.

The ability to pin any message on WhatsApp was introduced back in December, and it’s clear that WhatsApp sees the need to pin more messages at the top, and people are getting it now.

The pin to top feature works in both individual and group chats in the messaging app. You can keep a post pinned anywhere between 24 hours and 30 days. WhatsApp gives you 7 days by default to keep the message pinned to the top of the chat. You can pin text, images or even polls created in WhatsApp to the top of the chat.

WhatsApp Pin to most important messages: How it works

Whenever you want to pin a message, long press the bubble and you’ll get a drop-down option that gives you the timing to pin the message. If you want to pin a message for more than 30 days, WhatsApp doesn’t yet have a “pin forever” option, so you’ll need to re-pin the message every 30 days to keep it at the top of the conversation. .

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