Rockstar Games' production shortcomings could lead to GTA 6 getting released in 2026 which will be a big jolt for avid gamers.Gaming 

Possible Delay in GTA 6 Release Until 2026 Due to Problems

Grand Theft Auto 6 is widely anticipated, especially after the latest trailer shows us a glimpse of the changes in graphics and story. But the return to work of several Rockstar Games employees has raised concerns about a possible delay in GTA 6’s release.

Towards the end of 2023, the game giants announced that GTA 6 will come to consoles in 2025 and to PC a year later. Now it’s being reported that the game may be delayed from 2025 and moved to 2026. The rumors started after Bloomberg published a report that Rockstar Games is asking its employees to return to the office five days a week starting in April. The decision was made considering that GTA 6 had entered its final stage of development.

Jenn Kolbe, director of publishing at Rockstar Games, cited security and productivity reasons for this sudden development. Rockstar had faced several data breaches in the past, which included a huge amount of early game footage released on the internet before the release of the GTA 6 trailer.

Now, a different report has surfaced from Kotaku, suggesting that GTA 6’s development has begun to fall behind. According to the same report, the shortfall now has “Rockstar management nervous and concerned that the game will miss the 2025 window and slip to 2026, another big reason the company is looking to return to the office in April.”

In response to this sudden change, some Rockstar employees gave interviews to Aftermath. They told the media that employees will no longer be able to respond to Slack messages. They should also not use other means of communication while working from home.

Despite this turn of events, Rockstar are still aiming to meet their deadline of releasing GTA 6 in the spring of 2025, with a 2026 release as their “backup plan”. Regardless, it’s clear that GTA 6’s final year of development is sure to be challenging for the developer of the popular game.

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