Tinder's new identity verification program aims to address rising crime on dating apps by requiring users to submit a valid ID and a video selfie. (REUTERS) AI 

Tinder Implements Stricter Measures to Combat AI Scams and Dating Crimes; Passport and Video ID Checks Introduced

Tinder is introducing an enhanced identity verification program in response to the increasing difficulty in distinguishing real users from AI-generated profiles and the rise in criminal activity on dating apps. The popular dating platform will be implementing the system in the US, UK, Brazil, and Mexico in the upcoming weeks and months, following successful testing in Australia and New Zealand. According to a statement released by the company on Tuesday, verified users in these regions experienced a 67% increase in matches compared to unverified users. The process requires a valid…

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Discover unknown features of Tinder and Bumble for effortless Valentine's Day dating. From love styles to safety tools, enhance your online experience. News 

Uncover hidden features of Tinder and Bumble to enhance your Valentine’s Day dating experience

With Valentine’s Day approaching, there is no better moment to explore the realm of online dating. In today’s technological era, platforms such as Tinder and Bumble have become popular choices for individuals seeking love, companionship, or even a casual encounter. Regardless of whether you are an experienced online dater or a newcomer, we have discovered some hidden features of Tinder and Bumble that could elevate your Valentine’s Day journey. Unknown features of Tinder: 1. Love Styles: Tinder’s Love Style feature allows users to express their preferred ways of giving and…

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The "suspicious" deaths of eight Americans in Medellin between November and December 2023 prompted the US Embassy to recommend refraining from using dating apps in Colombia. (AFP) News 

Colombian Tinder users urged to carefully screen matches following deadly drugging incidents

Amid a rise in criminals exploiting the popular dating app to deceive and rob victims, Tinder has issued a safety advisory to its users in Colombia. “Recently, governments have issued advice regarding increased risks in certain areas,” according to an in-app message sent to Tinder users. “Remember to check your matches, meet in public places and share plans with people you trust. If something feels off, you can end the date.” A spokesperson for Match Group Inc., the parent company of the largest dating app, confirmed the content of the…

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Check out all the new features on Tinder. (Tinder) News 

Swipe Right to Find Love: Tinder Unveils New Features and UI!

For almost ten years, Tinder, the geosocial networking and online dating platform, has been successful in helping millions of people find love. By utilizing its algorithms, the platform matches users with like-minded individuals based on their personalities, preferences, and other traits. Recently, Tinder introduced a new feature that enables friends and family to suggest potential dates or partners for users. In order to enhance the experience of finding love, Tinder has also launched an updated user interface and a range of new features, aiming to go beyond the reliance on…

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Tinder is bringing new updates designed with Gen Z in mind, with more focus on exhibiting value-based qualities over traditional photos. News 

Tinder Sparks Gen Z Connections: Get Ready for More ‘Authentic’ Experiences!

The popular dating app Tinder is introducing new features to help a new generation of daters connect. Features aimed at Gen Z go beyond just photos and help users showcase their unique qualities and values. Here are the new features available to Tinder users: Profile Prompts: This feature allows users to select prompts, eliminating the need to start a new conversation without anything concrete to talk about first. This makes it easy for users to break the ice, and responding to prompts allows for a more engaging conversation from the…

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The new plan announced Friday, called Tinder Select, was only offered to less than 1% of Tinder users who are among the app’s most active, the company said. (Unsplash) News 

Tinder Gives $500 Monthly Subscription to Highly Engaged Users

Tinder has introduced a highly exclusive subscription level for its dating app users, which comes with a hefty price tag of $499 per month. This premium tier grants access to exclusive search and matching features. The new plan, called Tinder Select, announced Friday was only offered to less than 1% of Tinder users, who are the most active on the app, the company said. For nearly $6,000 a year, users can access new features such as “VIP” search, matching and chat that are not currently included in its existing paid…

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Tinder has partnered with the Centre for Social Research to provide safety guidance to its users. (Unsplash) News 

Tinder Collaborates with Centre for Social Research to Introduce Safety Guide on App

Tinder announced on Sunday that it has collaborated with the Centre for Social Research, a non-profit organization, to provide safety advice to its users. The additional safety guide, along with the app’s 15 safety features, is part of Tinder’s efforts to ensure the safety of its users, leveraging NGO CSR India’s insights on the intersection of technology and violence against women, Tinder told PTI. Tinder users are prompted via an in-app message to access “dating safety guidelines.” “Initial interactions set the tone for a relationship and this guide can play…

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Tinder got the security feature some time back but now users will not have the option because of this decision. News 

Tinder’s Parent Company Discontinuing Safety Feature for Users

The text verification tool used by Tinder’s parent company Match Group to provide a security feature to its users is shutting down. Garbo, a non-profit organization that provided background checks to users of some of Match Group’s apps, is ending its partnership with the company, reports The Verge. The service will be closed on August 31. It was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The integration allowed users to run a limited number of free background checks on a potential date using only their last name and phone number,…

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Garbo didn’t want to be ‘relegated to a piece of big corporations’ marketing goals.’ News 

Tinder discontinuing use of background check tool

Match Group, the dating app conglomerate, will no longer be using the background-checking tool provided by Garbo to ensure safety for Tinder users. Garbo, a non-profit organization founded by Kathryn Kosmides, will be discontinuing its consumer tool by the end of August. Kosmides expressed her belief that many tech companies only view trust and safety as a public relations strategy, and she would rather redirect Garbo’s focus towards other initiatives rather than compromising its vision for the sake of corporate marketing objectives. A spokesperson for Match Group provided a statement…

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Tinder's exit also comes when Russia has been strengthening laws to regulate the tech sector, against a backdrop of growing political repression News 

The dating app Tinder is leaving Russia because of “human rights”.

The company behind the dating app Tinder is leaving Russia more than a year after the occupation of Ukraine, when a wave of international companies closed or suspended their operations in Russia. Match Group announced on Monday that it will exit Russia by June 30 because “we are committed to protecting human rights.” The Texas-based company released the information in its annual impact report, which summarizes how the company achieves environmental, human rights and good governance goals. “Our brands are taking steps to limit access to their services in Russia…

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On Tinder, there are several security measures that users can take advantage of—to ensure that you stay secure. News 

How to stay safe on Tinder: Check the app’s security features for online dating in India

As online dating grows in popularity in India, more and more users are turning to apps like Tinder to find potential matches. However, as with anything on the Internet, it is important for users to know certain features that can help them stay safe while dating. Tinder has several security measures that users can take advantage of, including the following: Mutual Matching: With Mutual Matching, to start a conversation on Tinder, both users have to swipe against each other. This feature helps prevent unwanted messages from strangers and ensures that…

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Tinder is is updating what it classifies as ‘harmful or inappropriate,’ and terms related to hate speech, sexual exploitation or harassment, and has introduced new features like Incognito Mode, Block Profile and Long Press. News 

Tinder doubles down on online abuse protection with updates to real-time security features: All the details

Tinder has today announced enhanced protections against online violence by expanding its classification of hate speech, sexual abuse and harassment with new updates to the “Does this affect you?” and “Are you sure?” – features. The new update also gives users more control by introducing “Incognito Mode” and “Block Profile” as well as improved user reporting options. According to Tinder, the company will update what it deems to be “harmful or inappropriate,” as well as terms related to hate speech, sexual abuse, or harassment that violate the company’s community guidelines.…

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