Google is starting to roll out the companion mode feature for Google Meet users on Android and iOS. Here's how it works. News 

Android and iOS users can now enjoy the ‘Companion Mode’ feature on Google Meet.

Google has released a second-screen “partner mode” for the Meet app on Android and iOS devices. Companion Mode allows users to participate in a Meet call using the audio/video conferencing system in the room instead of their own computer. The feature was originally introduced for online use. “Starting today, you can use Partner Mode with your Android and iOS devices,” Google said in a blog post. “Using Companion Mode on your mobile device is a quick and lightweight way to join meetings without opening your laptop. This can be especially…

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Google Meet rolled out three cool features for better virtual meetings: new video effects, studio lighting, and improved audio quality. (Google) News 

Discover the new video effects and studio lighting features that Google Meet has introduced to enhance your video conferencing experience

Google Meet, the widely used video communication service, has introduced three captivating features that aim to enhance virtual meetings, rendering them more interactive and tailored to individual preferences. These features are currently being gradually released, ensuring a more vibrant and pleasurable experience for all participants. Now, let’s delve into the details of these fresh additions and explore how you can maximize their potential. Multiple video effects for a fun and dynamic experience The first feature introduces a set of video effects that you can now use both online and on…

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Video calls via Zoom and Google Meet have been important for people who have been working from home or remotely in the past few years. News 

Feeling Zoomed Out? You’re Not Alone!

Video meetings have been a priority in recent years due to the changes caused by the pandemic in different parts of the world. People relied on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to continue their work. But all these video meetings seem to have taken their toll on people, what many have called “Zoom fatigue,” which could also be Google Meet fatigue. Now there is scientific data that is said to point to the effects of long video meetings on your brain and heart. The data was provided…

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Know about Google Meet hand raise gesture detection feature. (Google) News 

Unlock the Power of Google Meet: Discover the Hand Raise Gesture!

Google Meet workspace is introducing a fresh feature that can identify hand gestures. The latest addition to the platform, known as the Google Meet hand raise gesture feature, allows users to physically raise their hand, prompting the application to automatically alert other participants of their desire to speak. Simply ensure your hands are visible to the device’s camera, and it will detect your raised hand. Learn more about the Google Meet hand gesture feature by clicking here. About Google Meet’s hand gesture recognition feature Previously, participants had to press the…

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Google Meet callers can use this feature to raise their hand without fiddling through the controls of the platform. Here's how it works. News 

Raise Your Hand in Google Meet Calls – Here’s How Google Makes It Easier!

Google Meet calls have (thankfully) decreased since the virtual meetings caused by the pandemic, but the platform is still evolving and getting new features that most of you wouldn’t mind. The latest addition is the use of gesture support, which helps you virtually raise your hand when you need to ask a question during a meeting. Simply put, Google Meet now lets you raise your hand to raise your hand during a call, but the host and other members of the call can only see one of them. The feature…

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Google Workspace users can now make ‘cloud-encrypted 1:1 video calls’ to other users through the Meet mobile app. Here's what we know. Space 

Make Direct Calls with Google Meet – No Links Required!

Google now allows its Workspace users to forward direct 1:1 calls. Until now, Workspace users had to create a meeting link before the actual meeting, which was then shared as a calendar invitation via email or chat. But now users can make “cloud-encrypted 1:1 video calls” to other users through the Meet mobile app. “Now you can make a Meet call with your mobile app directly to a colleague and call their mobile device,” Google said in an updated blog post. During the call itself, Workspace users can access Meet…

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Users in Google Meet can now enjoy 1080p video calling, as well as higher resolution of shared content. (Google) Space 

Google Meet unveils High Definition Video Calling Capability – Here’s What You Need to Know

The rise of hybrid work settings has resulted in the rise of online communication platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Although these platforms already existed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is now fierce competition to become the leading workspace provider in the market. As a result, developers are continuously introducing new features to retain users and prevent them from switching to other platforms. Recently, Google Meet introduced 1080p video calling for one-on-one video chats, and now this feature is being extended to group calling as well. Google…

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To use the new feature, participants who have Full HD will need to turn it on by accepting a prompt that’ll automatically appear on the join screen. News 

Experience High-Definition Video Conferencing with Google Meet

Google Meet, a video messaging service developed by Google, has released the ability to stream group video calls with at least three participants in Full HD. The feature is currently available to Workspace subscribers. According to the company, this higher resolution is available online when using computers with a 1080p camera. 1080p resolution is off by default – users with a 1080p camera are encouraged to enable a higher resolution before joining a meeting, or can be enabled or disabled in the settings menu. “Earlier this year, we launched 1080p…

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Google is testing the ability to create custom backgrounds for meetings in Google Meet. This feature was first announced at Google I/O 2023. Here's how it works. News 

Google Meet Introduces AI-Enabled Custom Backgrounds

Google Meet, the widely used app for live meetings, will now employ generative AI to produce personalized backgrounds for meetings. This functionality, initially unveiled at Google I/O 2023, enables users to generate custom backgrounds tailored to specific meetings. For instance, if a virtual garden background is required, it can be created by simply providing a prompt. Additionally, users can generate office backgrounds or choose from various other options. As discovered by Artem Russakovskii, users first need to open Google Meet, select a meeting, and click “Use visual effects.” Finally, they…

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Google Meet companion mode check-in feature is something you must try. (Google) News 

How to Enable Google Meet’s Companion Mode for Easy Check-Ins

Google has introduced a new feature to improve virtual meetings. To tackle the issue of confusion caused by participants joining meetings from conference rooms, Google has launched the companion mode check-in feature in Google Meet. Currently, individuals joining meetings from conference rooms are identified by the room name instead of their own names. The new feature will address this problem and enhance the virtual meeting experience. How does it work? Google explains in a blog post that the Partner Mode feature allows users to conveniently log into a specific conference…

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Users will receive a prompt to switch to the travel-friendly mode if Google Meet detects that they are walking (using the motion sensors on the phone). News 

Google Meet To Offer Portable Mode Soon

According to reports, Google is developing a new feature called ‘On-the-Go’ mode for its video communication platform ‘Meet’, which will enhance the safety and convenience of users while they are on a video call and moving around. There are two ways to access On-the-Go mode after its release, reports 9To5Google. Users will be prompted to enter travel-friendly mode if Google Meet detects them walking (using the phone’s motion sensors). Or users can switch to the feature manually with a new selection in the in-call menu. Earlier this month, the company…

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'Raise your hand,' use it with meeting chat and resize it more effectively. News 

Google Meet Enhances Picture-in-Picture Functionality

Google Meet, which competes with Zoom and Microsoft Teams, has received an update that enhances the usefulness of its picture-in-picture (PiP) feature. The new controls enable users to multitask during meetings while still being present and actively participating in video conferences, as per Google’s Workspace Update blog post. When the picture-in-picture window is open, there is now a control that allows you to “raise your hand”, use PiP during a meeting chat, enable and disable subtitles, resize the picture-in-picture view more efficiently, and use flexible layouts. , the company said.…

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Google is rolling out a new viewer mode in its video communication service 'Meet', which will allow users to select "Everyone is a viewer" when creating their Calendar invite. News 

Google Introduces Viewer Mode For Google Meet in Latest Update

Google, the tech giant, is introducing a fresh viewer mode in its video communication platform ‘Meet’. This feature will enable users to choose “Everyone is a viewer” while generating their Calendar invitation. The tech giant said in a blog post Friday about workspace updates that viewers will meet attendees who can’t share audio or video in a meeting. When using Google Meet for large meetings, designating participants as “viewers” helps reduce potential meeting distractions, such as audio glitches. In addition, this keeps the participants focused on the speaker and the…

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Google is offering the new feature for select users and the option is not turned on by default. News 

Google Meet video calls now support 1080p, but not for everyone

Google Meet video calls are now upgraded to 1080p or Full HD for users. Back in 2023, Google was content to offer 720p quality to its consumers, but luckily, that’s changing now, at least for some of you. Google has decided that changes are needed to Google Meet, especially since it is the company’s de facto video calling platform after it decided to discontinue Duo and merge it with Meet. Google offers a 1080p video calling feature, but it’s not enabled by default, which means you’ll have to manually go…

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This will allow users to easily select an image that properly represents their company's specific brand and style. News 

A new feature in Google Meet allows administrators to provide custom background images

Tech giant Google has announced that it is rolling out new features to its Google Meet video messaging service, including the ability to allow administrators to provide custom wallpapers for their users. “We’ve heard from our users that a backdrop that matches brand guidelines is important for visual finishing during critical meetings,” the tech giant said in a Workspace Updates blog post on Tuesday. The new feature allows administrators to provide a set of images for Google Meet’s “background swap” feature. This allows users to easily select an image that…

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Google Meet meeting rooms. (Google) News 

Google Meet breakout rooms expand to more users as new improvements have been added

Google has added new features to its video conferencing platform, Meet. It has now expanded the subcommittee rooms in Google Meet and added some improvements. Workshops in Google Meet were first launched for G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. As the name suggests, breakout rooms allow meeting hosts to divide participants into small groups and have smaller sessions. After the breakout sessions are over, all participants can come together for the meeting. In the new update to Google Meet, workshop attendees will be able to ask the host for help.…

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Google Meet (Google) News 

Google Meet getting the Raise Hand feature

Google earlier this year announced a bunch of new features coming to Google Meet in 2020. The list included features like tiled view, background blur, and breakout rooms, between other. The list also included a feature called the Raise Hand button. When announcing the feature in August of this year, Google said it would be available “later in the year.” Now the company has started rolling out the feature to Google Meet. To give you a quick overview, the Raise Hand button allows video conference participants to ask questions or…

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