Zoom is ending support for old iOS versions and requests iPhone users to upgrade their software to continue using the platform. News 

Zoom will no longer be supported on certain iPhones starting in March 2024.

Zoom was a setback during the pandemic, but its impact has diminished over the past few years. But this week, the platform has ended support for select iPhone models running certain iOS versions. The news was shared alongside a platform update for iPhone users, which has asked people using unsupported iOS versions to update their software or switch to another iPhone model to continue using Zoom on their devices with the latest security updates and standards. Zoom has confirmed that iOS 11 and iOS 12 versions will not support the…

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Check if your iPhone will be impacted by the latest Zoom update. (REUTERS) News 

New Zoom update no longer supports older iOS versions; Find out if your iPhone is affected

The Zoom app for Windows and other devices is introducing new features and updates to enhance its performance. In its latest release, Zoom has announced that it will no longer support older iOS versions, potentially rendering some iPhone models incompatible with the app. It is recommended that devices running iOS 13 or newer versions are best suited for the Zoom app. If your iPhone is not updated to iOS 13, you may not be able to use the Zoom app on it. Zoom for iPhone According to the Zoom release,…

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Zoom is the latest tech company to cut costs this year and that invariably comes with hundreds of people laid off. News 

Tech Companies Continue to Cut Costs, Resulting in Zoom Laying Off 150 Employees

Zoom is laying off almost 150 employees, or less than 2 percent of the company’s workforce. Zoom said the layoffs are not company-wide and will continue to hire for AI, sales, product and operations roles in 2024. “We regularly evaluate our teams to ensure alignment with our strategy,” a Zoom spokesperson told CNBC. opinion. “As part of this effort, we are switching roles to increase capacity and continue to recruit in critical areas for the future,” the spokesperson added. Last February, Zoom cut about 1,300 jobs, or about 15 percent…

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Zoom is going to bring new immersive features to Apple's mixed reality headset and add new tools that will make meetings look different. Gadgets 

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset to Integrate Zoom Meetings with Augmented Reality Features

The Apple Vision Pro headphones will hit the market and buyers later this week, and some of you are anxiously waiting to see if the device lives up to the hype. We also know that platforms like Netflix and YouTube don’t have native apps for the headset, forcing you to rely on the online versions. However, Zoom is one app that is happy to sign up with Apple for its mixed reality headset. In fact, Zoom will release its app on the same day Apple’s headset starts shipping to consumers.…

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Spending more than two hours a day in meetings can hurt productivity, a new survey found. (Pixabay) News 

Slack Survey of 10,000 Desk Workers Reveals Maximum of Two Hours of Meetings Per Day

According to a recent survey, exceeding two hours per day in meetings can negatively impact productivity, limiting a component of the daily routine that is often dreaded by many workers. A survey of more than 10,000 desk workers worldwide at Salesforce-owned Slack Technologies found that two-hour meetings were the turning point for most. Those who said they spent too much time on Zoom calls or in conference rooms were more than twice as likely to say they didn’t have enough time to focus on essential work instead of meetings. More…

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Video calls via Zoom and Google Meet have been important for people who have been working from home or remotely in the past few years. News 

Feeling Zoomed Out? You’re Not Alone!

Video meetings have been a priority in recent years due to the changes caused by the pandemic in different parts of the world. People relied on platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to continue their work. But all these video meetings seem to have taken their toll on people, what many have called “Zoom fatigue,” which could also be Google Meet fatigue. Now there is scientific data that is said to point to the effects of long video meetings on your brain and heart. The data was provided…

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Waving at the end of Zoom meeting is here to stayPhotographer: Tiffany Hagler-Geard/Bloomberg (Bloomberg) News 

Research Explains Why We Still Wave at Each Other on Video Calls

At the conclusion of the majority of virtual meetings, a common occurrence takes place: an individual initiates a farewell gesture, prompting their colleagues to do the same. The persistence of this behavior, even after remote work became widely adopted almost four years ago, remains an enigma within the contemporary work environment. For some experts in human behavior and communication, the so-called “Zoom wave” emerged because we needed to recreate the social connections broken by the pandemic. For others, it’s a simple way to let them know the meeting is over…

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Collaborative document editing, similar to Alphabet Inc.’s Google Docs, will be made available in Zoom next year (Bloomberg) News 

Zoom Enhances Platform With Document Editing to Rival Microsoft

As it faces tough competition from Microsoft Corp.’s Teams, Zoom Video Communications Inc. is expanding its range of tools to include word processing and exploring innovative features for meetings. Alphabet Inc’s Google Docs-like collaborative document editing will be available on Zoom next year, the company announced Tuesday ahead of its annual conference. What sets the tool apart is its ability to include information and AI-generated summaries of Zoom meetings, Chief Product Officer Smita Hashim said in an interview. The company’s fiscal year revenue increased more than fivefold to $4.1 billion…

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Zoom Video Communications has met with regulators from the United States, European Union and other jurisdictions to outline concerns about Microsoft's alleged anticompetitive behavior, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday. News 

Zoom Discusses Microsoft Competition Issues With Regulators: Report

Zoom Video Communications has met with regulators in the United States, the European Union and other jurisdictions to voice its concerns about Microsoft’s alleged anti-competitive behavior, Bloomberg News reported Thursday. The video conferencing platform has been in talks with the US Federal Trade Commission as well as EU, UK and German competition authorities over the past year, the report said, citing a person familiar with the matter. Zoom had expressed concerns about the way Microsoft has prioritized chat and video app Teams through price bundling and product design, the report…

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Zoom AI Companion can summarize meetings, and chats, and provide analysis of recorded phone calls. (Zoom) AI 

Discover the Benefits of Zoom’s AI Companion – But Be Prepared to Pay

The rise of hybrid work arrangements due to the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in the availability of online communication platforms. Companies like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet are competing to offer workspace solutions to organizations. This competition has sparked innovation, with these platforms evolving into comprehensive hubs for meetings, document storage, chats, and other functionalities. In order to stay competitive and potentially gain an advantage over its rivals, Zoom has unveiled a revamped AI assistant that will aid users in their daily tasks. Zoom AI…

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Zoom's new 'Notes' feature simplifies note-taking during video calls, making collaboration effortless. (Zoom) News 

Zoom Introduces Note-Taking Feature for Video Calls with Real-Time Sharing

In order to make the most of our limited time and increase productivity, it is important to utilize technology to our advantage. Zoom, for example, has recently introduced a useful feature that can be utilized even while on video calls. By seeking out tools that simplify our tasks, we can effectively manage our time and focus on what truly matters. Zoom, the popular video calling app, now has a great new feature. This feature allows you to take, share and edit notes during a video call. It means you can…

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Zoom’s plan to resuscitate growth hinges on expanding its tools for large businesses, such as phone platforms, customer service systems, calendar applications and chat features. (REUTERS) AI 

Zoom Sees Positive Outlook After Expanding Beyond Video Conferencing

In a positive development, Zoom Video Communications Inc. has increased its yearly predictions, indicating successful endeavors in expanding its product sales to major corporate clients. As a result, the company’s shares experienced a rise of approximately 4% during after-hours trading. The turnover for the year ending in January 2024 will be as much as 4.5 billion dollars, the company said in a statement on Monday. In May, Zoom’s annual revenue was forecast to be around $4.48 billion. Full-year earnings, excluding some items, are in the range of $4.63 to $4.67…

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Its terms previously said it wouldn’t do so ‘without customer consent.’ News 

Zoom Promises Not to Utilize User Data for Artificial Intelligence Development

Zoom has made another change to its terms of service in response to criticism. Initially, the updated terms allowed the platform to use customer data for AI training without explicit consent. However, after facing backlash, Zoom has now clarified that it will not use any consumer data for AI training, whether from Zoom or third parties. The previous wording, which mentioned “customer consent,” was questionable as it was unclear how consent was obtained during a call where the meeting organizer had already agreed to the terms. Zoom’s changes are listed…

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Eric Yuan, founder and chief executive officer of Zoom Video Communications Inc. (Bloomberg) News 

Zoom Abolishes Wednesday Ban on Meetings, Labels It an ‘Obstacle to Cooperation’

Zoom Video Communications Inc. has reversed its policy of prohibiting internal meetings on Wednesdays, stating that it impeded collaboration. This decision contradicts the prevailing trend, and even the preferences of its own employees, as more companies aim to minimize unnecessary gatherings. CEO Eric Yuan revealed the change in a memo sent to employees last week, which also included a new office attendance policy requiring those living within 50 miles of a company location to come in twice a week. It reverses a policy Zoom implemented early in the pandemic after…

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The video conferencing segment has eased up with post-pandemic trends, which means platforms are winding up. News 

Pandemic Slump Leads to Decline in Competition for Zoom

Verizon has announced that the basic and free trial versions of its Zoom rival BlueJeans app will be discontinued starting August 31 Members of the BlueJeans service have received an email stating that the app is “sunset,” reports 9To5Google. “Thank you for being a valued user of BlueJeans by Verizon services. We want to let you know that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue our BlueJeans product line. As a result, BlueJeans Basic and Free Trials will be discontinued effective August 31, 2023, and your access to the…

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Zoom employee to work in a hybrid mode. (REUTERS) News 

Zoom Seeks to Balance Remote and In-Person Work with Part-Time Office Visits

The company that became synonymous with remote work is now embracing the increasing trend of returning to the office. Zoom, a video conferencing pioneer, is asking employees who live within 50 miles of its offices to work onsite two days a week, a company spokeswoman confirmed in an email. The statement says the company has decided that “a built-in hybrid approach — meaning employees who live close to the office need to be there two days a week to interact with their teams — is most effective for Zoom.” The…

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Check out Zoom’s new updated terms of service for its AI feature. (REUTERS) AI 

Utilizing Customer Content to Power Zoom AI Models

Users are expressing worries about their data being utilized without their permission as major apps such as Google, Microsoft, and Zoom incorporate AI tools. Bard, Google’s generative AI, recently encountered problems related to data extracted from public internet sources. Concerns surrounding Zoom’s AI models have become so significant that the company’s Chief Product Officer addressed the issue to alleviate concerns. Emphasizing the importance of data security, Zoom CPO Smita Hashim unveiled an updated version of the terms of service for its AI feature. Zoom’s updated terms of use Zoom CPO,…

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Zoom Clips is accessible through the desktop Zoom app, the Zoom web portal, as well as the Mac menu bar and Windows system tray. (Zoom) News 

Introducing Zoom Clips: A New Asynchronous Video Tool

Zoom, a widely used video conferencing application, can be accessed on both computers and mobile devices, making it convenient for online meetings, webinars, and live chats. While it experienced a surge in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, its growth declined as larger competitors such as Google and Microsoft improved their own offerings. Users have the option to download the app for free and choose between the basic version or various premium plans. The free service allows for unlimited meetings with up to 100 participants, but group sessions are limited to…

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The Zoom Video Communications calling their employees to office (Bloomberg) News 

Zoom Employees Heading Back to the Office as Remote Work Period Concludes

Zoom Video Communications Inc., previously hailed as a favorite during the work-from-home era, is now summoning employees to return to the office. Employees who live near Zoom must be there two days a week, a company spokesperson said. He said a “hybrid approach” is most effective for Zoom because it is “better positioned to use our proprietary technology, continue to innovate and support our global customers.” The company’s video conferencing software of the same name was a breakthrough hit during the pandemic, when entire industries had to communicate virtually. Since…

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Five months after publishing the terms, the company updated them only after an online outcry. News 

Zoom Abandons Plan to Utilize User Data for Artificial Intelligence Development

Zoom has revised its terms of service following criticism over its recent updates that allowed AI training on customer data. The changes, which were implemented in March without much attention, seemed to give the company extensive control over customer data for AI training. In light of this, Zoom released a blog post today stating that it would not engage in the activities outlined in its terms. As a result of ongoing backlash, the company has now updated its terms to clarify that it will not train AI models using consumer…

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