The Orion app, created by Lux, allows users to transform their iPad screen into an HDMI monitor, enabling them to connect various devices, including gaming consoles and DVD players.Gaming 

Transform Your iPad Into A HDMI Monitor With This App – Connect Gaming Consoles & More

Lux has launched a new app called “Orion” that allows users to turn their iPad display into an HDMI display and connect technically anything – whether it’s a games console, a laptop or even something like VHS. In particular, Lux is also the developer of the Halide camera app for the iPhone.

Lux says they made Orion “scratch a few itches.” The app lets you connect your camera and use your iPad to get a better view of what you’re shooting – acting as a viewfinder. In addition, the app allows you to connect game consoles like the Nintendo Switch to play on a bigger screen on the go. And since it requires an HDMI output, you can connect other gaming devices like PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, as well as other older game consoles.

However, to get video output to the iPad, you need to connect a video capture card – between the iPad and the output device, which can usually be found quite cheaply

In addition, the Orion app uses AI-based enhancement to sharpen 1080P videos, and since consoles like the Nintendo Switch output 1080P, visual quality may degrade when viewed at a higher resolution, such as on a retina iPad.

Thus, if you think about it, turning your iPad into a portable display is an ideal way to combine portability and immersion. In theory, you can connect any HDMI output, like an old DVD player.

How much does it cost?

Typically, camera surveillance apps cost a lot of money, but with Orion, Lux has decided to offer them for free. However, if you want other features, such as artificial intelligence improvement, CRT emulation for retro games and picture adjustments, you can buy Orion Pro. It’s a one-time upgrade for $5 and has no subscriptions.

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