Bluesky Social is a decentralized social media platform developed by former X CEO Jack Dorsey. (AP) News 

Bluesky Social, led by Jack Dorsey, surpasses 4 million users within a day, adding 800k new users.

After a year of being exclusive to invited users, Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Social has finally opened its doors to the public, and it is generating a lot of interest. The rise of decentralized platforms, fueled by dissatisfaction with the numerous changes implemented on X (formerly Twitter) under Elon Musk’s leadership, has contributed to this growing popularity. Despite being in a beta stage with limited invitations, Bluesky Social experienced a significant surge in users, reaching 2 million in November 2023. Now that it is available to the public without the need…

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Bluesky, the decentralized social network created by Jack Dorsey, is opening its app to all users. (Bloomberg) News 

Bluesky, Co-founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Makes Social Network Accessible to All

Bluesky, the decentralized social network created by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, is now opening its app to all users who are interested. This marks a departure from the previous invite-only system that Bluesky had implemented to manage its growth over the past year. The social network opened to the public last February and now has 3 million users, but Bluesky only allowed new users through an invite code to ensure the technology behind the network can handle the traffic. Another key part of Bluesky, known as “the alliance,” is…

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Jack Dorsey's Block is laying off about 1,000 people -- or 10 per cent of its total headcount. Here's what you need to know. News 

1,000 Employees Let Go by Fintech Firm Led by Former X Chief Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey’s financial services company Block is laying off nearly 1,000 employees, affecting staff at the company’s Cash App, Afterpay and Square subsidiaries. According to Insider’s report, the decision affected about 1,000 people, or 10 percent of Block’s staff. “We decided that it would be better to do them all at once and not arbitrarily isolate them, which did not seem fair to the individuals or the company. When we know we have to take action, we want to do it immediately and not let things drag on forever,” Dorsey…

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Bluesky invites journalists for self-verification as Threads shifts away from news. (AP) News 

Bluesky Makes Major Announcement as Threads Chooses to Opt Out

Bluesky, a social media platform backed by Jack Dorsey and with a thriving user base of 1.5 million, has made an interesting decision. They have invited journalists and news organizations to self-verify by using their websites as usernames. This move is significant, especially considering that Threads, owned by Meta, has chosen not to include news content on its platform. Bluesky has grown rapidly, attracting people with diverse interests in politics, sports and entertainment. Although the platform is still in its early stages, its goal is clear: to reach 10 million…

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Bluesky has several third-party apps currently in testing, but Graysky becomes the first to be deployed to the App Store. (Graysky/App Store) News 

Graysky App to Debut on iOS and Android with Innovative Features from Bluesky

Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform that was formerly known as Twitter, is preparing to introduce its initial third-party application. The platform, which remains exclusive to invited users, boasts a user base of over 1.5 million and can be accessed via its web client or iOS and Android applications. However, the social network led by Jack Dorsey is still in a private testing phase, and its official application lacks certain features that could enhance the platform’s enjoyment. In line with its decentralized approach, Bluesky has extended its API to developers…

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Bluesky Social recently rolled out its 1.52 update for users. Know details. (Bloomberg) News 

Bluesky Social unveils Significant Enhancements: Email Confirmation, Alerts for Misleading Links, and More

Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of X (formerly Twitter) has brought about numerous changes on the platform, most of which have faced criticism from users. As a result, many users have migrated to alternative platforms like Mastodon, Threads, and Bluesky Social. While Mastodon and Threads are open to all users, Bluesky Social still operates on an invite-only basis, requiring invite codes for access. Despite this exclusivity, Bluesky Social recently revealed that it has reached 1 million users on its platform. In order to ensure a secure and safe user experience, Bluesky…

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Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Social will impose rate limits on certain actions on the platform. (Bloomberg) News 

Bluesky to Impose Restrictions on Users Amid Increased Traffic

X, previously known as Twitter, has experienced numerous transformations since Elon Musk assumed control. The implementation of Twitter Blue, temporary limitations, and the rebranding to X are among the significant measures initiated by the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Observing these changes, numerous users have grown weary and are migrating to alternative microblogging platforms, such as Instagram’s Threads and Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Social. While the former is a rapidly evolving platform accessible to all, the latter remains in an exclusive invite-only stage. Nonetheless, Bluesky Social has garnered attention due to…

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Clicking a link on X to one of the affected websites resulted in a delay of about five seconds before the webpage loaded, the Washington Post reported. (REUTERS) News 

X of Elon Musk Prevents Access to New York Times, Instagram, Facebook, and More

According to a report from the Washington Post on Tuesday, Social media company X, previously recognized as Twitter, has postponed the availability of links to content from Reuters, New York Times, and competitors such as Bluesky, Facebook, and Instagram. Clicking on X’s link on one of the affected websites resulted in a delay of about five seconds before the webpage loaded, the Washington Post reported, citing tests it conducted on Tuesday. Reuters also saw a similar delay in tests it ran. By late Tuesday afternoon, X appeared to have cleared…

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Manipur video of women being paraded naked went viral on social media platforms, drawing flak from citizens across the country. (AFP) News 

Twitter Requested to Remove Video of Women Being Forced to Parade Naked in Manipur

ANI reported that in the midst of the ongoing unrest in Manipur, a disturbing video has emerged on various social media platforms, depicting a mob forcibly stripping and publicly parading two women. In response, the government has requested Twitter and other social media platforms to remove the video, as it is currently being investigated. The Manipur video sparked outrage and condemnation on social media platforms and calls for decisive action against the wrongdoers. Bollywood actors like Akshay Kumar, Richa Chadha, Urmila Matondkar, Vir Das and Renuka Sahane have also reacted…

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Bluesky Social has composable moderation policies with the help of third-party providers. (Bloomberg) News 

Public Outcry Over Bluesky Allowing Racist Usernames

Over the past few years, various alternatives to Twitter have emerged, such as Spill, Mastodon, Steemit, and Threads. These platforms offer users the opportunity to switch from Twitter, particularly if they are dissatisfied with its ownership by Elon Musk. Interestingly, even the former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is actively participating in the competition to establish the leading microblogging platform with his Bluesky Social. However, unlike Twitter, Bluesky operates as a decentralized platform, where data is stored on independent servers rather than servers owned by the company. While this may…

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Jack Dorsey reacts as Mark Zuckerberg sends him a follow request on Threads app. (AP) News 

Jack Dorsey Jabs at Mark Zuckerberg Over ‘Follow’ Request on Threads

Threads, the latest social media app developed by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta Platforms, has emerged as a strong rival to Elon Musk’s Twitter, garnering over 150 million downloads. Similar to Twitter, Threads allows users to share text, links, and engage with others. Interestingly, it has come to light that Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, has joined Threads and subsequently received a ‘follow’ request from Zuckerberg. However, Dorsey opted to take a playful jab at the Meta chief instead! Dorsey shared a screenshot on Twitter…

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Twitter suffered a big setback at the hands of the High Court, which drew a sharp response from the Union minister. (REUTERS) News 

Union Minister Highlights Benefits of Twitter and Jack Dorsey Following Setback in India

Former Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey faced a major setback in India as the court ruled against the social media giant. The Karnataka High Court rejected Twitter’s petition after it failed to comply with orders from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to remove certain accounts. Justice Krishna S Dixit, the single-judge bench, delivered the judgment and imposed a hefty penalty of Rs. 50 lakh on Twitter, to be paid to the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority within 45 days. The judge emphasized that the government committee involved…

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Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been unimpressed by the Apple Vision Pro headset. (REUTERS) News 

Jack Dorsey Expresses Concern Over Dystopian Apple Product

The unveiling of Apple Vision Pro at WWDC 2023 has caused a global buzz, and for good reason. This AR/VR headset is reminiscent of something straight out of a sci-fi movie like Ready Player One. Tech giants like Elon Musk and Sundar Pichai have shared their thoughts on the device, with Pichai expressing excitement about its potential for the future of technology. However, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has raised concerns about the impact it could have on humanity. Apple Vision Pro – a sign of a dystopian future? In…

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While social media empowered people in an unprecedented manner creating social media influencers, and a space for people to express opinion freely to attract the attention of those in power on various issues, it has also created an atmosphere of confusion between truth/reality and fiction/falsity. (REUTERS) News 

The Negative Impact of Social Media and Artificial Intelligence on Society

The excessive use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has resulted in more harm than good for societies. The spread of misinformation, rumors, and manipulation has increased due to their popularity. While social media has given people unprecedented influencers and space for free expression of opinion to attract the attention of those in power on various issues, it has also created an atmosphere where truth/reality and fiction/falsehood are confused. In particular, political misinformation, fear mongering and hero worship have been some of the harmful effects of…

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Twitter violated laws, says Amit Malviya (AP) News 

Amit Malviya Alleges Twitter Breached Laws Between 2020-22

Amit Malviya, the head of BJP’s IT department, criticized Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, stating that the social media platform had breached laws during his tenure from 2020 to 2022. Malviya’s counterattack came via a Twitter post after Dorsey claimed the Indian government had threatened raids and shutdowns on workers if the company did not remove posts critical of the government during farmers’ protest against three new laws in 2020 and 2021. Malviya said that under Dorsey, the company had turned “rogue, disregarding the laws of the sovereigns…

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After Twitter cofounder and former CEO Jack Dorsey claimed that the Indian government threatened to shut down Twitter offices and raid their employees' houses, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has said these claims are an "outright lie". (AP) News 

Rajeev Chandrasekhar Calls Jack Dorsey’s Allegations of India Threatening to Shut Down Twitter an “Outright Lie”

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has responded to a video interview of Twitter cofounder and former CEO Jack Dorsey, which was posted online just hours ago. In the interview, Dorsey made allegations against the Indian government, claiming that they threatened to shut down Twitter offices in India if they did not block accounts critical of the government during the farmer’s protest. Chandrasekhar has called these claims an “outright lie” and accused Dorsey and his team of repeatedly violating Indian laws. Chandrasekhar tweeted: “This is an outright lie by @jack – perhaps…

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BlueSky Social is an alternative to Twitter that was founded by Jack Dorsey. (Bloomberg) News 

Can Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Initiative Revitalize Twitter?

Bluesky, currently the most popular members-only destination on the internet, has the atmosphere of an elite establishment, frequented by highly active internet users, renowned Twitter personalities, and disillusioned former users of the platform owned by Elon Musk. Musk won’t be there — and that may be part of the appeal to those who miss the way things were before the Tesla billionaire bought Twitter and changed almost everything about the social network, from anti-harassment rules to a content moderation system that ensures visible user identities. It also helps that Bluesky…

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