It is feared that the cases of online scams can skyrocket now that cybercriminals are taking the assistance of AI ChatGPT-like tools to increase scale and quality. (Pexels) AI 

Cybercriminals Rely on AI to Pull Off Shocking Scams!

The number of online scams is rapidly increasing and experts predict that it will continue to grow. Scamwatch, a website that monitors online scams, reported a total of 257,392 cases by October 2023, which is a significant rise from the 239,237 cases reported in 2022. Cybercriminals are now utilizing generative AI tools like ChatGPT to launch campaigns more quickly and make their fraudulent claims appear more convincing, making it easier for them to deceive unsuspecting victims. This was previously a major challenge for cybercriminals. Speaking to CBS MoneyWatch, Michael Bordash,…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, November 24. (Pixabay) AI 

Deepfakes, Putin’s AI Warning, and More: Uncover the Latest AI News!

On November 24, significant announcements regarding artificial intelligence were made by governments. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the IT minister, revealed that the Indian government has initiated a crackdown on deepfakes, specifically targeting their utilization in videos. Additionally, during an AI conference in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned against allowing the West to monopolize the field of AI. These updates, along with others, are covered in today’s AI roundup, providing a more detailed analysis. The government is cracking down on deep counterfeiting IT Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said India has launched a crackdown…

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Google GraphCast AI has emerges as a weather forecasting wonder, surpassing supercomputers with unprecedented accuracy. (Unsplash) AI 

Revolutionising Weather Forecasts: Google GraphCast AI Beats Supercomputers!

Google DeepMind’s GraphCast AI, an advanced machine learning algorithm, has made a significant breakthrough by surpassing traditional supercomputer-based methods in weather prediction. This cutting-edge model is capable of generating highly accurate 10-day forecasts within minutes, outperforming the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts’ (ECMWF) High-Resolution Forecast (HRES) system, which is currently regarded as the most reliable weather simulation method. Let’s delve into the details of Google GraphCast AI and its remarkable capabilities. Google GraphCast AI: Performance compared to supercomputers Traditional forecasting relies on energy-intensive supercomputers that use complex physical models…

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Elon Musk is ready to compete with OpenAI and Google with his own version of AI chatbot on X called Grok AI. AI 

Elon Musk Announces Launch Date for Grok AI Chatbot: Premium Users Get First Access!

Elon Musk is preparing to enter the artificial intelligence arena with the Grok AI chatbot, which will be available for X users next week. Musk shared an update on Grok AI via this post on X this week and also talked about who can use the AI chatbot. He confirmed that to use Grok AI, you need an X Premium+ subscription, which is the highest subscription X offers beyond the basic X Premium plan. Yeah. Grok should be available to all X Premium+ subscribers next week. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk)…

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Microsoft Security Copilot provides various measures against digital threats. This AI assistant helps securityteams to tackle cyberattack incidents efficiently. (Microsoft) AI 

Secure Your System with Microsoft’s AI Copilot: Defend Against Cyberattacks!

In the digital age, our most valuable assets are stored in computer information systems. The increasing advancements in technology have empowered malicious individuals who aim to breach these systems and obtain critical data. According to Microsoft, the frequency of cyberattacks, including password attacks, is surpassing 4,000 per second. Additionally, these attackers can gain unauthorized access within a mere 72 minutes through successful phishing attempts. Consequently, there is an urgent requirement for enhanced cybersecurity measures. Microsoft, known for its proactive approach to security, has introduced a new AI solution called Microsoft…

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Google expressed gratitude for the chance to meet with the government and industry stakeholders to discuss the development of safeguards for synthetic content. AI 

Google Joins Forces with India to Create AI with a Conscience

US tech giant Google has announced that the company is working closely with the Indian government and industry stakeholders to develop responsible artificial intelligence (AI). Google shares its expertise and knowledge to create responsible AI. Google expressed its appreciation for the opportunity to meet with government and industry stakeholders to discuss the development of safeguards against synthetic content. “We appreciate the opportunity to meet with the government, along with industry stakeholders, to discuss the need to develop safeguards against synthetic content and to share how we are building tools and…

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AI to create a 3-day work week in coming years, says Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. (AFP) AI 

Bill Gates: AI Could Make the 3-Day Work Week a Reality!

In a recent podcast, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shared his perspective on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform the job market. While some experts have expressed concerns about AI overpowering humans and eliminating half of the jobs, Gates believes that AI will not take jobs away but rather “change them forever.” To learn more about Gates’ views on AI and its implications, including his thoughts on a potential 3-day work week, listen to the podcast. Will artificial intelligence create a 3-day work week? Bill Gates…

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Ahead of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s four days in exile, several staff researchers wrote a letter to the board of directors warning of a powerful AI discovery that could threaten humanity. AI 

Major AI Breakthrough: OpenAI Researchers Sound Alarm Before Altman’s Departure

(Reuters) – Before OpenAI CEO Sam Altman spent four days in exile, several staff researchers wrote a letter to the government warning of a powerful artificial intelligence discovery they said could threaten humanity, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters. The previously unreported letter and artificial intelligence algorithm were key developments before the government ousted Altman, the poster child for generative artificial intelligence, two of the sources said. Before his triumphant return late Tuesday, more than 700 workers had threatened to walk out and join a Microsoft backer in…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, November 23. (AFP) AI 

Discover the Latest AI Breakthroughs: OpenAI’s AGI, AI-Powered F1 Track Fixes, and More!

Today, November 23, witnessed significant advancements in the artificial intelligence landscape. Firstly, OpenAI researchers reportedly sent a letter to the board directors, cautioning them about a groundbreaking AI discovery that could potentially pose a threat to humanity. This incident occurred a day prior to Sam Altman’s dismissal. Additionally, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has announced its intention to utilize the 2023 Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix as a platform to train AI, aiming to enhance track limit monitoring and prevent accidents. These are just a few highlights from today’s AI…

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People have talked about work-life balance and the need for people to work less for more and it seems AI can be the answer to these problems. AI 

Four-Day Work Week: Is AI The Key To Our Dreams… Or Our Doom?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a threat to humans and their jobs are at risk due to technological advancements. Well, most experts have been saying this lately, but a new study out this week says AI might not be all doom and gloom as it’s been made out to be. In fact, it looks like AI could be the answer to helping people work 4 days a week instead of 5, with AI technology like ChatGPT providing assistance in the near future. A new report from a company called Autonomy says…

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Do you have a long YouTube video that you do not have the time to watch but require a quick summary of? Google Bard’s new feature will help you do this quickly. Check details. (Bloomberg) AI 

Unlock the Answers to Your YouTube Questions with Google Bard!

Google Bard, a competitor of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has recently gained new capabilities following the introduction of voice features to OpenAI’s mobile apps. In a similar vein, Google Bard can now comprehend and analyze YouTube videos, providing users with answers to their inquiries. This fresh addition, known as Bard Extensions, was launched earlier this year and allows Bard to collaborate with various Google products, enabling it to respond to questions based on app-specific knowledge bases. The feature has been released and users can now test it out. The new features were…

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Elon Musk is set to unveil Grok, an animated and humorous AI chatbot, exclusively for X Premium+ subscribers next week. (AFP) AI 

Ready to Grok? Elon Musk Launches AI Chatbot Next Week!

Elon Musk, the owner of X, has announced that an AI chatbot named Grok will soon be released exclusively for X Premium+ subscribers. Musk suggested that Grok will be accessible to Premium+ users from next week. Recent findings by app researcher Nima Owji revealed images showing the smooth integration of Grok into X’s online application, which can be accessed through The screenshots indicated that non-Premium+ subscribers may receive invitations to upgrade in order to use Grok, with one image displaying a text entry box labeled “Ask Grok” for user…

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With the introduction of a dedicated shortcut, users can now directly access AI-powered chats from the Chats Tab without navigating through the chat list to find the previous interaction with the AI. AI 

Chat with AI on WhatsApp: iPhone Shortcut Now Available!

WhatsApp, the popular meta-owned instant messaging app, has launched a feature that includes a shortcut to access AI-powered conversations directly from the Chats tab. There is a new button in the navigation bar of the Conversations tab that allows users to quickly open an AI-powered chat. “With TestFlight’s latest WhatsApp beta iOS update, some beta testers of the iOS app are now getting a shortcut,” WABetaInfo reported. Thanks to its own shortcut, users can now access chats with AI directly from the Chats tab without having to scroll through…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, November 22. (Unsplash) AI 

Uncover the Latest AI News: Modi Urges Safety, Altman Rejoins OpenAI, and More!

Today, on November 22, the artificial intelligence landscape witnessed significant developments. OpenAI has seemingly resolved its recent troubles by announcing the reinstatement of former CEO Sam Altman. Additionally, during the virtual G20 summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the adverse impact of AI, stressing the importance of ensuring its safety and comprehending its potential risks. These stories and more are covered in today’s AI roundup, providing a detailed examination of the latest happenings in the field. PM Modi urges G20 countries to build safer artificial intelligence On the opening day…

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Check out the top AI chatbots including OpenAI’s ChatGPT. AI 

Discover the Future of Chatting: 5 AI Chatbots to Try Now!

The world has been greatly impacted by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). In recent years, there have been significant advancements in this field, leading to its integration into the product offerings of almost every major tech company. AI chatbots have emerged as a particularly popular application of this technology. These chatbots, fueled by generative AI, help users with various tasks, including engaging in conversations, conducting interviews, and even creating unique cocktails. Based on large language models (LLM) and generative artificial intelligence, AI chatbots can create new content such as…

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OpenAI has made the ‘Chat with Voice’ feature available for free to all ChatGPT users. Here's how it works. AI 

OpenAI Unlocks ChatGPT Feature For All – Sam Altman Returns As CEO!

Amid the recent developments surrounding the ouster and subsequent reinstatement of Sam Altman as CEO of OpenAI, the company has made a new Chat with Voice feature available free of charge to all ChatGPT users. This means that even if the user is not a paying ChatGPT Plus subscriber, they can still use OpenAI’s new ChatGPT feature, which enables a full conversation with the chatbot. In a message from X, formerly known as Twitter, the company announced that “ChatGPT with voice is now available to all free users. Download the…

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Google Chrome could get two new AI tools. Know details. (Unsplash) AI 

Experience the Future of Browsing: Let AI Sort Your Chrome Tabs!

Google Chrome has recently been enjoying numerous new features. In celebration of its 15th anniversary, Google has given Chrome a makeover with the ‘Material You’ theme, which includes updated icons, fresh color schemes, and a completely revamped Chrome Web Store. Additionally, a new feature has been introduced that allows users to view the memory usage of individual tabs. Now, it is rumored that Google is preparing to incorporate a significant artificial intelligence (AI) feature into Chrome, enabling users to efficiently organize their tabs. Know all about this latest AI powerhouse…

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The lawsuit is one of several that have been brought by groups of copyright owners, including authors John Grisham, George R.R. Martin and Jonathan Franzen, against OpenAI and other tech companies over the alleged misuse of their work to train AI systems. (AFP) AI 

Nonfiction Authors Take Legal Action Against OpenAI and Microsoft: Copyright Infringement Alleged for AI Chatbot Training

Nonfiction authors have filed a new lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging that the tech giants have been utilizing their AI chatbots, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Copilot (previously Bing Chat), without permission. This legal action adds to the ongoing turmoil surrounding OpenAI and Microsoft, as they navigate the recent dismissal of CEO Sam Altman. Altman’s future remains uncertain, with possibilities ranging from reclaiming his former role at OpenAI to leading an AI research team at Microsoft. OpenAI, Microsoft started a new copyright lawsuit According to a Reuters report, OpenAI…

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Nvidia fails to meet investor expectations who have bet on an artificial intelligence boom. (REUTERS) AI 

Nvidia’s AI Boom Fails to Meet Investors’ High Hopes

Investors of Nvidia Corp. responded with a lukewarm reception to the company’s recent quarterly report. Although the report exceeded the predictions of average analysts, it did not meet the higher expectations of shareholders who have heavily invested in the potential of artificial intelligence. The turnover for the current period is about 20 billion dollars, the world’s most valuable chip manufacturer said in a statement on Tuesday. While that beat Wall Street’s average forecast of $17.9 billion, some forecasts were as high as $21 billion. Shares fell 3% to $484.42 in…

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI Scholarship, providing more than 50,000 high school and university students globally with access to a new generative AI course on Udacity. AI 

Unlock the Power of AI – Get Amazon’s Free ‘AI Ready’ Course Now!

US tech giant Amazon has announced that it will offer free training courses on generative artificial intelligence through its AI Ready initiative, which is designed to provide free AI skills training to two million people worldwide by 2025. To achieve this goal, the company is launching three initiatives. Amazon highlights the high demand for AI talent and highlights the potential for individuals with AI skills to earn up to 47 percent higher wages. “Amazon is launching AI Ready to help those who want to learn about AI and take advantage…

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