The DoT has also issued advisory about WhatsApp calls from foreign origin mobile numbers (like +92-xxxxxxxxxx) impersonating government officials and duping people. (Bloomberg)News 

Government warns against fake WhatsApp calls from Pakistan, threatens to block mobile numbers.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications, has warned Indian citizens about a potential scam involving WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers claiming to be government officials. Scammers are threatening to disconnect mobile numbers or accusing individuals of illegal activities in an attempt to steal personal data. It is advised to be cautious and not provide any personal information if you receive such a call.

DoT has also issued an advisory regarding WhatsApp calls from foreign mobile numbers (such as +92-xxxxxxxxxxxx) impersonating government officials and scamming people. Mobile numbers based in India start with +91 and any number starting with any other country code means it is a foreign number. For example, mobile numbers starting with +92 belong to Pakistan.

Block and report unknown calls

In general, WhatsApp users should be careful about calls from unknown numbers and avoid receiving video calls from strangers. It is a good practice to first verify the identity of the caller before entertaining anyone on WhatsApp.

According to the advisory, “Cybercriminals use such calls to threaten/steal personal information to carry out cyber crime/financial fraud. DoT does not authorize anyone to make such calls on its behalf and has advised people to remain vigilant and requested not to share information about receiving such calls.”

The DoT has advised citizens to report such fraudulent communications through the Chakshu-Report Suspected Fraud Communications service of the Sanchar Saathi portal ( Such proactive reporting will help DoT to prevent misuse of telecom resources for cyber crimes, financial fraud etc. “Furthermore, citizens can check their names on the ‘Know Your Mobile Connections’ service of the Sanchar Saathi portal (www.sancharsaathi). and report any mobile connections, which they have not used or which they do not claim.DoT has also advised citizens to report cyber crime helpline 1930 or if they are victims of cyber crime or financial fraud, it added.

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