Apple has officially confirmed that it is opening its first retail store in India and will be called Apple BKC.News 

India’s first Apple Store is set to open soon in Mumbai and this is what it will look like

Apple has officially confirmed the opening of its first retail store in India and it will be called Apple BKC. Apple has been in talks to open its own retail store in India for quite some time, and it’s finally happening.

Apple unveiled its first India retail barricade at the Jio World Drive Mall in Mumbai, officially marking the upcoming opening of Apple BKC.

The Apple BKC store is inspired by the iconic Kaali Peel taxi art unique to Mumbai. The ad features colorful interpretations of the labels combined with the many Apple products and services available to visitors. In the store’s creative product, passers-by are brightly welcomed with the classic Apple greeting “Hello Mumbai”.

(On April 5, 2023, Apple unveiled its first India retail barricade at the Jio World Drive Mall in Mumbai, officially marking the opening of Apple BKC.)

To celebrate the opening of the new store, Apple fans can download the new Apple BKC wallpaper and also check out the new Apple Music playlist for the opening of the first store in India.

The Apple BKC store will open to the public in April itself, and Apple plans to open another retail store in New Delhi later.

Apple recently announced that it has set a new all-time revenue record for the Indian market. “We had a record quarterly revenue and very strong double-digit year-over-year growth, so we feel very good about our performance,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in February.

Apple sold 2 million iPhones in India in the Christmas quarter (Q4) of 2022, marking 18 percent growth (quarter-on-quarter) for its flagship devices. The Indian market share of iPhones in 2022 was 5.5%, an increase of 11%. (annually).

“This despite the headwinds we talked about. India is a very exciting market for us and an important focus. We brought Athe’s online store there in 2020. We will bring Apple Retail there soon,” he added.

Despite the pandemic, Apple has continued to grow in India. “That’s why we’re investing there by bringing a retail store there, bringing an online store and exporting a significant amount of energy there. I am very excited about India,” Cook said.

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