The new version is available publicly but old and new iPhone users installing iOS 16.5 are facing the issue.News 

iPhone users complain about battery emptying problem after installing iOS 16.5

Apple recently released a new version of iOS 16.5 for iPhone users, and most of the people to install the new version have seen their battery turn faster than usual. In general, you expect the public release to be completely flawless and has no problem.

But in this case, the iOS 16.5 update has brought more complaints from users who do not get out of the iPhone battery best..

People have mentioned that a one -hour Facetime call has led to massive battery emptying, where the meter goes from 100 % to 18 %. It is likely that Apple developers have ignored some major software problems that cause this problem.

Apple seems to understand the problem and claims that the iOS 16.6 version provides a repair for battery emptying.

And while Apple tried to fix this problem, the company is already striving for the next iOS 17 version, which we know more next month in the WWDC 2023.

The new version is expected to bring a number of new features that include optimized use cases for the iPhone Aina screen and add customization options.When the upcoming iPhone 15 is likely to be with USB C for charging, software could get improved performance to transfer and download.

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