The space agency wants AI tech to help with its missions and soon it will be deployed to support the astronauts.Space 

NASA Develops AI Chatbot to Assist with Space Missions

NASA is venturing into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) beyond Earth’s atmosphere, as it develops its own iteration of ChatGPT. This language model is intended to aid space missions and assist astronauts with various tasks, according to The Guardian. NASA’s version of ChatGPT is expected to facilitate experimentation for missions and potentially even oversee other maneuvers.

NASA scientists believe that artificial intelligence can guide spacecraft to perform complex tasks such as surveying astronauts, or even help them make larger discoveries about the solar system and perhaps even other galaxies. NASA already has a roadmap to use its AI technology in the upcoming Lunar Gateway mission, the report adds.

The space agency operates the space station to orbit the Moon and provides vital support to the Artemis mission. NASA believes that letting AI do the heavy lifting will simplify astronauts’ tasks and allow them to produce results more efficiently.

Space crafts are a mix of hardware and software applications, and NASA believes that AI can help solve problems in space without having to send an engineer to be part of the mission, saving resources and cost on missions. It will be interesting to hear more about NASA’s AI technology and whether it has the computing power to challenge ChatGPT, although the space agency has a special focus on its development.

But these language models are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of applications, and it’s no surprise to see artificial intelligence transcending our atmosphere and ready to meet the challenges encountered during spaceflight.

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