Google Messages app supports RCS service that is Android's version of iMessage and this new feature is a new way to send emojis. News 

Photomoji Feature Now Available on Google Messages App

Apple users have been using Memoji for a few years, and now it’s time for Google users to get a taste of Moji in the form of Photomoji. That’s right, the Google Messages app is getting a new feature called Photomoji, which basically means you can create an emoticon from your personal photos. The Messages app is the default messaging app on Android phones, and it comes from Google. While iMessage on iOS is identified by blue bubbles, Google Messages in this case are green bubbles. Green messages will soon…

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Know all the new emojis coming to your iPhone and Android smartphones soon. (Emojipedia) News 

Check Out the Full List of New Emojis Coming to iPhones and Android, Including Head Shake and Phoenix

The demand for emojis seems insatiable, as people are constantly seeking new and more expressive ways to communicate through text messages and social media. Google recently introduced Emoji Kitchen, a feature that combines two emojis to create a unique one, in an effort to meet this demand. However, the Unicode Consortium has now approved Emoji 15.1, which includes a whopping 118 new emojis, ensuring that all users, regardless of their device, will soon have access to these fresh additions. These new emojis include six completely new concepts as well as…

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A farmer in Canada was fined close to Rs 50 lakh after a buyer interpreted his thumbs up emoji as agreement to contract's terms. News 

Farmer Suffers Financial Loss of Rs 50 Lakh After Sending Thumbs Up Emoji

A farmer from Saskatchewan, Canada, found himself facing a hefty fine of nearly Rs 50 lakh ($61,610) due to a text message contract he received, despite simply sending a thumbs up emoji. This came to light when Achter failed to deliver 86 tonnes of linen to buyer Kent Mickleborough in 2021 – as he had inadvertently contracted. According to the BBC, farmer Chris Achter claimed to have sent a thumbs-up emoji to confirm he had received the contract, but his buyer misinterpreted it as a contract agreement. How did it…

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Man fined $61,000 for thumbs-up emoji in landmark case. (Emojipedia) News 

Man Fined Hefty Sum for Using Thumbs-Up Emoji – A Warning to All

According to BBC, a Canadian judge has ruled that the Thumbs-up emoji can be recognized as a legitimate form of signature, highlighting the need for courts to adapt to modern communication methods. As a result of this decision, a farmer has been instructed to pay a fine of $61,442 for breaching a contract that was sealed with an emoji Thumbs-up. A grain buyer from South West Terminal was involved in a case that was being heard in Saskatchewan’s Court of King’s Bench. In March 2021, a buyer sent a text…

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Now a farmer has to pay a 🤮-inducing $62,000. News 

Judge in Canada Determines Thumbs Up Emoji is Legally Binding Contract

According to The Guardian, a judge in Canada has determined that the widely used “thumbs-up” emoji can serve as a legally binding agreement, carrying the same weight as a physical signature. This ruling, made by a judge in Saskatchewan, acknowledges the need for courts to adapt to the modern methods of communication. The case involved a grain buyer who sent a bulk text to drum customers and a farmer who agreed to sell 86 tons of flax for about $13 a bushel. The buyer sent the contract agreement to the…

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The iOS 16.4 comes two months after the launch of iOS 16.3, an update that added Security Keys for Apple ID News 

Apple iOS 16.4 Released With New Emojis, Safari Web Push Notifications, and More : How to Install

Good news for iPhone users, Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has finally released the fourth major update of iOS 16 operating system – iOS 16.4, which includes new features like new emojis, web push notifications and sound isolation. for mobile phone calls and much more. iOS 16.4 comes two months after the release of iOS 16.3. An update that added security keys to Apple ID. With the new iOS 16.4 update, users will get new emoticons like shaking face, long-awaited pink heart, two pushing hands, Wi-Fi symbol and others. It also…

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