Google's recently rebranded chatbot, Gemini was found to outperform OpenAI's ChatGPT in some key areas. Read on for the details. News 

In these tests, Google’s Gemini Chatbot surpasses OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Google’s AI chatbot Gemini has recently outperformed Sam Altman’s OpenAI’s ChatGPT in several comprehensive multidisciplinary tests, a new report revealed Monday. According to’s data presentation, Gemini outperformed ChatGPT by three percent in this evaluation. “Backed by Google’s custom tensor processing units, its robust infrastructure enables efficient training and deployment, which drives the development of real-time applications,” said Edith Reads, financial analyst at Stocklytics. “Technical innovations underpinning Gemini extend beyond language processing, with outstanding performance in image, video and audio processing,” he added. According to the report, Gemini’s Ultra scored…

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Google Bard has been rebranded to Gemini which is the name of the main AI model that the company is developing in various forms. But why the change now? AI 

Sundar Pichai Reveals Google’s Reason for Choosing Gemini as its AI Chatbot

Google tends to rename products and even kill many of them. Google recently announced a big AI change to its latest product, which got everyone wondering about the renaming and why it was done. We’re talking about Bard, which has been rebranded as Gemini and is available on high-end computer systems and mobile devices. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has explained the reason for the name change and why he thinks it makes sense. Pichai was recently quoted in an interview as saying that the company felt that Gemini was the…

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Rumours have proven to be true as Google Bard gets officially renamed as Gemini, the name previously used for the AI model family powering it. Plus, you now also get an app. News 

All Details on Google Bard’s Official App and Advanced Subscription as it is Renamed ‘Gemini’

Google has officially named its Bard AI chatbot Gemini, in line with the powerful Large Language Model it’s built on. In addition, the search giant now offers its own app for Gemini, and it is available on both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, a new advanced version of the chatbot is also available – Gemini Advanced; it comes with Google’s new Ultra 1.0 LLM. For the uninitiated, Google introduced the Gemini AI family in December last year, with Nano, Pro and Ultra variants available, but the Ultra was kept…

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Google Bard may get a new name and a dedicated app for smartphones. (Bloomberg) AI 

Possible renaming of Google Bard to Gemini, with potential for AI model to be utilized in other Google applications

Google introduced its multimodal AI model, Gemini, last year. The Pro Gemini model is currently being utilized by Google Bard, enhancing the capabilities of this AI tool. Bard has gained popularity as one of the rapidly expanding AI models, and there are plans to develop a dedicated Android app for it, along with a potential rebranding. It is possible that Google Bard will be renamed as Gemini in the near future, and we can expect to see more of its features integrated into various apps like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube,…

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Google Bard could be in line for another major update in the form of a total rebranding. Here's what you need to know. AI 

Google’s Bard May Undergo a Name Change to ‘Gemini’ and Receive a Dedicated App

Google Bard, a popular AI chatbot and competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has been around for almost a year. The chatbot recently underwent a major overhaul and now runs on the search giant’s Gemini Large Language Model family and gets support for creating images using the Imagen 2 model. Now the chatbot could be in line for another major upgrade in the form of a complete rebrand. Google Bard may be renamed “Google Gemini” to match the name of the underlying LLM on which it is based. This information comes from…

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Google Bard now has the ability to generate images for you, leveling the playing field with ChatGPT Plus, but completely free of cost. AI 

Google’s Bard now offers free image generation through text prompts.

If you’re a Google Bard user, you’ll know that the popular Gemini-powered chatbot didn’t have the ability to create images like some of its counterparts from rival AI-focused companies like OpenAI. However, the search giant has finally implemented Bard’s ability to create images for all users. Now, when you open Google Bard by visiting, you’ll be greeted with a little prompt that says you can create images. “Start your prompt with ‘Create an image…’ or ‘Create an image from…’ and describe the image you have in mind,” notes Google.…

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Google is bringing AI to more products for its users but the personalised touch is likely to come at a cost for you. Here are the details AI 

Know more about the potential privacy warning as Google intensifies its AI efforts for Messages.

Google is bringing AI everywhere, and we really mean it. The company has decided to offer artificial intelligence to businesses and consumers. Its Messages app also features AI in the form of Bard, which brings ChatGPT-like features to Android users. Think of it like an AI assistant in your messaging app. However, as with every AI tool, Google’s latest AI effort also comes with a big caveat. A new report this week hints at Google’s murky practice of training its AI, and a serious breach of privacy for its users.…

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Assistant has been the focus of voice commands for years but Bard could bring a twist of AI to the consumers. AI 

What We Know About Google Assistant’s Possible Rebranding as Bard on Phones

Google’s AI revolution is accelerating in different corners. The company has released Gemini AI in three versions that run on mainframes, smartphones, and more. But Google’s biggest change could mean the end of Assistant on your phone and push Bard to the forefront for the foreseeable future. That’s right, Bard could become a de facto AI assistant on phones, replacing the old Google Assistant once and for all. Details of these changes come via 9to5Google, which has spotted the rebranded app uploaded to the Play Store. Just a few weeks…

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AI chatbots have been the flavour of the year with many tech giants now slowly dipping their toes into the technology of the future. AI 

Five AI Chatbots That Became Popular in 2023, Marking the Year of AI

With the end of 2023, it’s hard to argue that only one trend in the world of technology really made its mark now and into the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) is by no means a new term, and we’ve seen its power with the likes of Google Assistant, Siri, and other AI helpers. But thanks to a company called OpenAI, artificial intelligence has entered the world in a new avatar that could spearhead future technology. You would have assumed that tech giants like Google and Apple would play a big…

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Google AI Bard has got a limited roll out so far and the company wants to ensure how its AI responds to queries on the elections. AI 

Learn more about Google’s significant decision to prevent a major AI issue in 2024

Google has been slow to move in the AI arena, which is why the company says it wants to be careful about how its AI works, reacts and behaves with the public. And now Google wants to monitor how its AI chatbot Bard responds to queries related to the 2024 US general election. And that’s not all, Google also ensures that the AI search version provides accurate answers instead of sharing false information, which is also related to the upcoming US and Indian elections. Google will likely introduce these changes…

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With Gemini Pro, Google Bard has received its “biggest upgrade” since its release in March 2023, the company claims. Here's what you must know. AI 

Google Bard Receives ‘Gemini Pro’ Support; Company Claims Most Significant Upgrade Since Initial Release

Google Bard now features Gemini Pro, Google’s latest multimodal language model (LLM), replacing PaLM 2 as its most powerful AI model to date. The company claims this is the “biggest update” Bard has received since its launch in March 2023, allowing for more advanced reasoning, planning, understanding and more. Gemini 1.0 is available in three different versions – Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro and Gemini Nano. Google says the Bard chatbot uses a “fine-tuned” version of Gemini Pro, but this could be updated in the future. Gemini Pro beats OpenAI’s GPT…

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Google Gemini, the company's most powerful AI model yet, outperforms OpenAI's GPT-4 and powers applications and devices like Bard chatbot and Pixel 8 Pro. AI 

Google Introduces Gemini, Its Most Advanced AI to Date; Outperforms OpenAI’s GPT-4 in Benchmark Tests

Google has released Gemini, its next-generation major language model that powers the likes of the Google Bard chatbot and the company’s Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. The search giant calls Gemini its “most capable and most common model,” and thus replaces the PaLM 2. It’s built to be multimodal – meaning it can understand and use different types of data, such as text, code, images, and even videos. “This new era of models represents one of the biggest science and technology efforts we’ve ever made as a company. I’m truly excited…

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Google Bard now has the ability to to understand YouTube video content, and this opens up multiple use cases. Here's how this feature works. Gadgets 

Google Bard’s Latest Magic: “Watch” YouTube Videos Without Lifting a Finger!

Google Bard was Google’s answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT when it was released earlier this year. Over time, the PaLM 2 LLM-based chatbot has received some love from Google thanks to the countless features it has received this year. However, Google does not stop, it continues to add new features to the chatbot. The latest is its ability to understand YouTube video content. Bard can now browse YouTube videos and essentially “watch” them to gather information for you. This feature can potentially be used for research purposes, finding food recipes, or…

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Google Bard will be available for teenagers as long as they meet the minimum age requirement for having a Google account in their respective country. AI 

Teens: Get Ready to Take Your Projects and Math Skills to the Next Level with Google!

Google Bard has been publicly available until now, but apparently the Chatbot, which runs on the Google Palm 2 LLM, was not available to teenagers. However, as of today, the popular ChatGPT competitor is available to teenagers as long as they meet the minimum age limit for a Google account in their country. Google says Bard is a useful and informative tool for teenagers. They can find inspiration, hobbies and even get help with writing, finding universities for further studies and learning new sports. Google is also not afraid of…

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Google Bard's new update allows the chatbot to integrate with Google apps and services like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights and hotels. News 

Gmail, Maps Now Have Google Assistant Built-In to Check for Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Google has released a new version of its Bard generative AI chatbot. The new update enables the integration of the chatbot with Google applications and services, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights and Hotels. Google calls this version of Bard its most powerful model yet, and has improved the “Google it” feature to check the accuracy of Bard’s answers. Citing an example, Google said you could apply for a new job and use Bard to help you through the process. “You can ask Bard to ‘find…

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Google has given a small group of companies access to an early version of Gemini, its conversational artificial intelligence software. AI 

Google Set to Launch New ChatGPT Competitor

(Reuters) – Alphabet’s Google has given a small number of companies access to an early version of Gemini, its conversational artificial intelligence software, The Information said on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter. According to the report, Gemini is intended to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. For Google, the stakes of launching Gemini are high. Google has ramped up its investment in generative AI this year, snapping up Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT after last year’s launch to take the tech world by storm. Gemini is a collection of large-language templates…

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Google is said to be in the process of creating a new AI assistant to help users with advice and potentially even serving as a tutor. AI 

Google Experiments With AI To Create A Virtual Personal Mentor

With Google finally catching up with OpenAI’s ChatGPT via Google Bard, after the rival got a head start last year, the search giant is now looking to further expand its generative AI portfolio by launching new AI tools that could offer users life advice. Google’s AI teams — including Deepmind — are said to be testing a new AI assistant that can perform “at least 21 different personal and professional tasks,” such as providing life advice, design ideas and even tutoring, according to The New York Times. The release suggests…

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Llama 2 is a generative AI model but there are a few key differences between Meta’s Llama 2 and its competitors—including OpenAI’s GPT-4 (ChatGPT) and Google PaLM 2 (Bard). Check the differences here. AI 

Meta’s Llama 2: What Sets It Apart From Google Bard and ChatGPT?

The year 2023 is undeniably becoming the era of artificial intelligence, as numerous companies are in a competitive race to introduce their own generative AI models. Following this trend, Meta has also joined in by unveiling an enhanced edition of its LLaMa LLM model, known as Llama 2. Notably, Meta has made this model open source, allowing it to be accessed free of charge for both commercial and research applications. Meta and Microsoft have partnered to share Llama 2, which is now available in the Azure AI model catalog. Here’s…

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In another major update, Google has added support for nine Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, and Urdu. Google is now supporting over 40 languages for Bard including Bahasa Indonesia. AI 

Google Bard Now Offers Support for Hindi, Bengali and 7 Other Indian Languages to Compete with ChatGPT

Google has expanded the availability of its ChatGPT alternative, Bard, to 180 countries, including India, as announced during Google I/O 2023 in May. In a recent update, Google has further included support for nine Indian languages, namely Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, and Urdu. This brings the total number of supported languages for Bard to over 40, including Bahasa Indonesia. With support for over 40 languages, it’s useful if users want to hear the correct pronunciation of a word or listen to a poem or script. “Simply…

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If you happen to ask Google about Bard and its generative AI aspirations, Google has one clear answer: Bard is an AI experiment by Google. AI 

Google AI Bard Not Ready For Commercial Use Yet, No Plans To Generate Revenue Currently: Amar Subramanya

Despite the recent launch of ChatGPT Plus subscription for generative AI responses, Google currently has no intentions of monetizing its Bard AI. Amar Subramanya, VP of Engineering at Bard, stated during a media interaction that Bard is still in the experimental phase and is being enhanced on a daily basis. Google is actively working together across its teams to enhance its own services through Bard. In a major update, Google has announced that Bard now recognizes new languages and is available in over 40 languages, including nine Indian languages –…

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