Google Assistant will get Bard integration soon, as per the reports. (Google) AI 

Bard integration set to enhance Google Assistant with AI capabilities; significant improvement anticipated

Google Assistant has recently undergone numerous changes. Shortly after announcing significant layoffs that impacted numerous employees in the Bay area, the company has now disclosed the removal of 17 features from Google Assistant, primarily due to their lack of usage. Nevertheless, Google’s transformation is not yet complete. In fact, it may soon receive a revitalization with the integration of its AI chatbot Bard into Google Assistant, resulting in an AI makeover. Stay informed about what lies ahead. Google Assistant – Bard integration According to the Google News Telegram channel, Google…

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Assistant has been the focus of voice commands for years but Bard could bring a twist of AI to the consumers. AI 

What We Know About Google Assistant’s Possible Rebranding as Bard on Phones

Google’s AI revolution is accelerating in different corners. The company has released Gemini AI in three versions that run on mainframes, smartphones, and more. But Google’s biggest change could mean the end of Assistant on your phone and push Bard to the forefront for the foreseeable future. That’s right, Bard could become a de facto AI assistant on phones, replacing the old Google Assistant once and for all. Details of these changes come via 9to5Google, which has spotted the rebranded app uploaded to the Play Store. Just a few weeks…

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Google is ready to bring a dose of Gemini AI to Assistant which will bring a new level of interaction for the users. Here are some of the features going away News 

Full List of Over 15 Features to be Removed from Google Assistant Starting January 2024

Google will bring the power of artificial intelligence to Assistant in the coming months, but before that, the company wants to reduce the number of features that come with the product. That’s right, Google Assistant will lose up to 20 features by the end of this month as it paves the way for more AI-centric features to enter the Assistant ecosystem. Google Assistant features will be removed soon – Ability to play and manage audiobooks in Google Play Books with your voice. – You do not have the power to…

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Google Assistant will not support 17 features anymore, including those of Google smart devices. Check details. (Unsplash) AI 

Checklist of 17 features killed by Google Assistant to prioritize AI development

Following Google’s recent announcement of significant layoffs impacting numerous employees in the Bay area, the company has now disclosed its decision to eliminate 17 features from Google Assistant. This move aims to reduce expenses and prioritize the development of artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, the removal of various functionalities from Google Assistant is already noticeable, reflecting the company’s strategic shift. Further information can be found below. Google Assistant features removed In a blog post, Google announced that it is making changes to Assistant, which includes removing 17 features. The…

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Google is working on its new avatar of Google Assistant that could become a rival to ChatGPT on Android phones. AI 

What We Know About Google’s Potential Plan to Make ChatGPT the Default Voice Assistant on Android Phones

Android users can soon have ChatGPT as their default voice assistant for commands like checking the weather, tracking traffic in their area, and getting the latest score updates. Recent reports suggest that Google could let its users change their default voice assistant on Android phones. This means you can manually switch the voice assistant, which has mostly been Google Assistant for Android users. But using ChatGPT as an alternative is sure to appeal to millions of Android users if the update eventually goes public. Google hasn’t officially shared details about…

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Google could be building a new Pixel-exclusive AI Assistant called ‘Pixie,’ potentially built on its new on-device LLM—Gemini Nano. News 

Gemini May Be the Name of Google’s New Assistant Exclusive to Pixel Devices

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant for Android users, and now, maybe even for Apple users, as it can be launched with a single button press on the iPhone 15 Pro. Not only is it fast, it’s still more functional than competitors like Siri to this day. However, even Assistant has limitations, especially when it can’t connect to the Internet. For this reason, Google may be considering introducing another AI-powered assistant exclusively for its Pixel devices. According to a new report from The Information, Google is working on building a…

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Google is bringing the Pixel Watch 2 this year with Wear OS 4 version which means the older platforms could lose support. Gadgets 

Wear OS Smartwatches Losing Support for Google Assistant

Google continues its mission to succeed in the smartwatch segment, which means you get new devices and the new Wear OS platform that runs on these watches. But that also means the company has to stop focusing on older products and software, which could happen in the coming months for those using a Wear OS 2.0 smartwatch. And the first sign of such a development is the likely decision to stop supporting Google Assistant in these products. Google may soon end voice assistant support for smartwatches still running Wear OS…

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The voice assistant will only work on smartwatches running Wear OS 3 and later. News 

Google Assistant to be Removed from Older Wear OS Devices

In the near future, Google plans to discontinue its support for Assistant on smartwatches operating on Wear OS 2. A message in the latest version of the Wear OS companion app states, “Google Assistant support on this watch is ending soon. Please switch to a newer watch that is compatible with Google Assistant and runs Wear OS 3 or a later version.” The companion app is only required for devices running Wear OS 2 or earlier versions of the operating system. Wear OS 3 devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch…

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The company is already working on new technology for mobile devices. AI 

Google to Utilize AI to Enhance Assistant Functionality

According to an internal email obtained by Axios, Google is currently developing a new version of its Assistant that will incorporate generative AI technology. This move reflects the growing competition among companies to enhance their digital assistants, which often serve as people’s initial encounter with AI companions. Google Assistant Vice President Peeyush Ranjan and Chief Product Officer Duke Dukellis explained their rationale to employees, stating, “As a team, we need to focus on delivering high-quality and mission-critical product experiences for our users. We’ve also seen the potential of deep generative…

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Race towards 'autonomous' AI agents grips Silicon Valley (REUTERS) AI 

Silicon Valley Accelerates Development of Autonomous AI Agents

A new generation of AI assistants, equipped with advanced technology similar to ChatGPT and its competitors, is emerging, intensifying the competition in the field. This comes approximately ten years after the introduction of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa. These new AI helpers possess enhanced autonomy, taking the capabilities of virtual assistants to a whole new level. Experimental systems running on GPT-4 or similar models are attracting billions of dollars as Silicon Valley races to capitalize on advances in artificial intelligence. The new assistants — often called “agents” or “co-pilots”…

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Google Assistant News 

Google Assistant functionality is no longer limited to certain wired headsets

Google Assistant features are now supported on more wired headphones. These features were previously limited to Google Pixel Buds and Bluetooth headphones from brands such as Sony and Bose. The Google Assistant can now be used on all wired headphones, even those that haven’t been optimized for the virtual assistant. Google confirmed this to 9to5Google, and it is available with the latest version of the Google app. A new prompt now appears when a USB Type-C or 3.5mm headset is plugged into an Android phone. The notification alerts users that…

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Amazon deploys typed instruction function (Bloomberg) News 

Amazon rolls out typed instructions feature in Alexa for iPhone users

Tech company Amazon has started rolling out a new feature for iPhone users, allowing them to initiate a text message to their assistant rather than using voice to communicate with the speaker. According to Mashable, however, the new feature is not available to everyone at the moment. The new Alexa text messaging feature was released as a public preview on iOS, according to the company, which confirmed the feature to The Verge following reports from some users. Users will need the Alexa app for iOS, assuming one is in the…

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Hey Bixby, unlock my phone (Bloomberg) News 

Samsung will soon add voice recognition support to unlock your phone

Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy S21 series early next year. While it’s safe to predict that the flagship phones will come with a big spec upgrade, Samsung has big plans for its Bixby voice assistant as well. According to reports, Samsung will add voice recognition support to unlock your phone. Sammobile reports that Samsung’s One UI 3.1 will allow users to select Bixby Voice as the biometric method to unlock the device. The One UI 3.1 is expected to debut with the Galaxy S21 series. The software update…

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