Google Pixel 9 series will be launching after the iPhone 16 comes out and this year, it is expected the flagship model could have a new addition. News 

Possibility of Three Models in Google Pixel 9 Series This Year, Expected Launch of Pixel 9 Pro XL

The launch of the Google Pixel 9 is still a long way off, but that doesn’t stop us from getting some interesting updates on the upcoming Pixel flagship series. The Pixel 8 series has shown us that Google is ready to deliver the basics in a sophisticated way, and 2024 could be the “XL” for the Pixel lineup on the market. That’s right, we might see Google bring back the Pixel XL name this year, except it might be part of the Pixel 9 Pro lineup. It’s interesting to hear…

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Google decided that its flagship phones need iPhone-like support cycle which was made official with the 7 years OS support for the Pixel 8 series. News 

Google Reveals Reasons for Offering 7 Years of Support for Pixel 8 and Details on How it Will Function

Google released the Pixel 8 series last year and promised users 7 years of operating system and security updates. The company had previously offered 3 operating system updates and 2 years of security fixes, making a total of five. So what made Google change this support cycle and was it clearly done with its competitors? Google has finally sent one of its executives to speak publicly about the change and why it was made. In one of his recent podcasts, Devices & Services Software Director Seang Chau was quoted talking…

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Google Pixel 8a launch is expected at the I/O 2024 keynote in May this year and now some details about the phone have leaked. News 

Possible More Information on Google Pixel 8a Launch as it Approaches

The Google Pixel 8a is shaping up to be a solid upgrade over its predecessor, and according to the latest report, the launch of a new Pixel a model isn’t far off. The biggest hint of the Pixel 8a’s launch is that the phone has passed the FCC, which is the final step in product certification before it hits the market. With the Google I/O 2024 dates already confirmed for mid-May this year, we can expect to hear more from the company about a possible Pixel 8a launch at its…

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Google I/O 2024 is set to take place on May 14. Check details. (Google) AI 

Get ready for Google I/O 2024 on May 14: What to anticipate from AI to Google Pixel 8a

Google has revealed that its annual developer conference, Google I/O 2024, will take place on May 14 this year. The previous conference focused on artificial intelligence (AI), with the introduction of MusicLM, generative AI in Search, and AI tools for Workspace. Additionally, Google unveiled its first foldable smartphone, the Google Pixel Fold, and the more budget-friendly Pixel 7a. The upcoming event is expected to feature major announcements regarding Android 15, AI advancements, and the Pixel 8a. Stay tuned for updates on what to anticipate from Google I/O 2024. Google I/O…

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Xiaomi 14 series launch in India had a surprise addition this year with the new 14 Ultra model also now available in the country. News 

Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s Launch in India is Promising, But Success Requires More Than Ambition

Xiaomi surprised everyone (even us) by launching the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in India earlier this month alongside the Xiaomi 14. The company didn’t share any teaser about the product, but closer to the launch, the brand shared the release details with the Xiaomi 14 series, which got people excited for something big. And that’s exactly what happened when India got its first ever Xiaomi Ultra, which takes on the likes of Google Pixels, Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone Pros under Rs 100,000. Xiaomi’s market share has weakened in the popular…

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Pixel 8a is expected to launch around May this year when the Google I/O 2024 will happen and the new update seems legit. News 

Is the Google Pixel 8a Model Accidentally Confirmed and Set to Launch Soon?

Google has accidentally confirmed the development of its latest budget smartphone offering, the Pixel 8a, via a bug tracking page. The details of the upcoming phone were revealed thanks to the recently removed new battery status feature. According to Google, the removal of battery statistics was an “intentional action” as the feature was never intended to be implemented on existing Pixel devices. The technology company cleared the air by saying that Android’s new battery statistics feature will only be supported on the Pixel 8a and future smartphones manufactured by the…

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Google's Gemini Nano AI model is capable of running on high-end phones and the Pixel 8 Pro has already shown its ability. AI 

Google Pixel 8 Model Lacks Sufficient Power to Support Gemini Nano AI Technology

Google has shared some bad news for those who purchased the latest Pixel 8 model in recent months. We all know that Tensor chip powered by artificial intelligence offers reliable performance and other great features. The Pixel 8 Pro is one of the first phones to benefit from Gemini Nano AI technology, but unfortunately Google believes that the Pixel 8 is not powerful enough to run the AI model. Google has talked about “hardware limitations” with the Pixel 8, which is why it likely won’t support an AI model. As…

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Here are the top 10 Indian-origin CEOs of global companies. (HT Tech) News 

Top 10 Indian-origin CEOs leading global companies, from S. Ramaswamy to Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella

In recent years, multinational corporations have been selecting highly skilled executives from India to fill top leadership positions across various industries, including technology and healthcare. Snowflake, an American cloud computing company, has recently named Sridhar Ramaswamy as its new CEO. Take a look at the top 10 Indian-origin CEOs of global companies for inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Top 10 CEOs from India Sridhar Ramaswamy: S. Ramaswamy has been announced as the CEO of cloud computing company Snowflake. A native of Tamil Nadu, India, he completed his bachelor’s degree in computer…

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Google has already confirmed its plans to manufacture Pixel phones in India but will that allow people to buy the phones at lower price? News 

Report: Google Pixel 8 to Begin Manufacturing in India in Q2 2024

Google plans to start manufacturing Pixel smartphones in India and has asked suppliers to start production in the next quarter or the second quarter at the earliest, media reports said on Thursday. Citing sources in Nikkei Asia, this supply chain strategy is part of Google’s ambitious goal to ship more than 10 million Pixel phones this year, after first shipping around 10 million units in 2023 amid a global economic downturn. The move underscores the tech giant’s determination to further diversify its supply chain away from China and capture the…

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What appears to be the alleged Pixel 9 has been spotted in the Geekbench 5 benchmark database. Read on to find out how much it scored. News 

Benchmarks Reveal Alleged Spotting of Google Pixel 9 with Tensor G4 and Its Score

A new Google smartphone, codenamed “Tokay”, has been spotted on the Geekbench 5 benchmark database, according to a recent report by MySmartPrice. That device, allegedly the upcoming Pixel 9, will feature a new chipset, possibly the Tensor G4, Google’s fourth-generation chipset. It is said to have achieved 1082 points in the single-point comparison and 3121 points in the multi-point comparison. However, the report notes that these scores are slightly lower than the current flagships, the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, which is quite surprising. The benchmarks also provide…

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This feature allows users to draw a circle around an image or text displayed on any application that supports screen capture. News 

AI to be Utilized by Circle for Enhanced Search Capabilities

Google search has undoubtedly become more seamless since the introduction of the Circle To Search feature. This AI-powered tool is available exclusively on the Samsung S24 series (S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra) and Google’s Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones. This feature allows users to draw a circle around an image or text displayed in any app that supports screen capture. When the desired part is selected with the S-Pen or your finger, it will automatically take you to the Google results page, which will display the details of…

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Google Pixel Fold 2 may feature a narrower cover display compared to the current Pixel Fold, and an all-new camera module. Here are the details. News 

Leaked Design of Google Pixel Fold 2 Reveals Potential Narrow Body and Updated Camera Module

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for foldable smartphones, with several new players such as Google and OnePlus entering the scene with their own foldable devices. The category from Google, the creator of Android, which now prominently includes the Pixel Fold app, is set to expand as Google introduces original features tailored to the foldable format. Despite this, the Pixel Fold received mixed reviews upon its release. Some praised its compact design, while others dismissed it for its large internal bezels. Still, it seems that Google is dedicated to…

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Google's latest update brings the February 2024 patch which fixes multiple security issues for Pixel users. News 

Latest Fix Provides Major Security Update for Google Pixel 8 Users and Others

Google has released a new update for Pixel users who have been running Android 14. The company has released the February 2024 security patch, along with some important fixes for issues many have reported in recent weeks. The latest update isn’t feature-packed, which is why it’s less than 30MB in size, but it looks like a large number of Pixel owners who are eligible for Android 14 will get this update this week. Pixel devices will receive the February 2024 update – Pixel 5a – Pixel 6 – Pixel Pro…

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OnePlus offers 4 years of OS upgrades with its latest flagship phone but that's still less than what a Pixel 8 or Galaxy S24 user gets. News 

Here’s why OnePlus believes that providing 7 years of OS updates for phones is illogical.

OnePlus has recently launched the new 12 series, which includes the OnePlus 12R, which can in every way be called an affordable flagship. The company offers 4 years of OS updates with the 12 and 3 years if you buy the OnePlus 12R. OnePlus never explained the reason for its limited OS update period, nor did it attempt to connect flagships like the Pixel 8 series and Samsung Galaxy S24 models, which now receive 7 years of OS updates. But OnePlus has finally bucked the trend, and in a recent…

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Google Gemini AI has given us Circle to search on mobile and more users will also get it but when? Here are the details. AI 

Android Users Will Have to Wait for Google’s ‘Circle To Search’ AI Tech, But It Will Be Available to Them

Google’s big push into AI for smartphone users will be heavily limited to premium consumers, and that’s likely to be the case at least later this year. The company’s Circle to Search AI feature debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series and then rolled out on the Pixel 8 Pro in January. But what about other Android users, when will they get this new search feature? Samsung has reportedly shared a timeline that may leave many of you disappointed. As recently revealed by Samsung Netherlands, Circle to Search may come…

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Google's 'Circe to Search' feature debuted last month alongside the Galaxy S24 series, but it is now rolling out to Pixel 8 phones as well. Here's how it works. AI 

Today, Google Pixel 8 receives the ‘Flagship’ AI Feature from Galaxy S24

Google is finally rolling out the “Circle to Search” feature for the Pixel 8 series devices today. First launched with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, this feature allows users to search for something simply by long-pressing the gesture navigation bar or the home button. When the search overlay appears, you can search by circling, highlighting, or tapping something. Note that this feature is also available on the vanilla Pixel 8, unlike some other AI-centric features that Google decided to reserve for the more expensive Pixel 8 Pro. Search circle: how…

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Google Pixel 8a could be reminiscent of the Pixel 8 in terms of design, featuring a dual-camera setup and more. Here are all the details. News 

Leaked Retail Packaging Reveals Potential Appearance of Google Pixel 8a Mid-Ranger

Google’s Pixel a series is a good example of how you don’t need the latest and greatest specs to deliver a decent experience, especially when it comes to cameras. However, some time has passed since the release of the Pixel 7a, and with Google I/O 2024 just a few months away, new information has emerged about the Pixel 8a. The latest leaked images of the Pixel 8a’s retail packaging from the Google News group provide a possible glimpse into what Google’s upcoming mid-range device will look like. These leaks from…

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Google launched the Pixel 8 Pro with a new feature but its real use will happen once the new update rolls out for everyone. News 

Here’s How the Google Pixel 8 Pro Can Now Detect Your Body Temperature

Launched in 2023, the Google Pixel 8 Pro had some interesting additions that included a physical thermometer on the back of the camera. The company limited its functionality to reading the subject’s temperature from its release, but now a new update opens up the possibility of measuring body temperature as well. January’s latest Pixel Drop update brings the new feature, along with other expected additions like click-to-search and magic typing to the Messages app, among others. But the main feature of this Drop has to be the body temperature tool,…

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Google's new Mint colour for the Pixel 8 series is quite muted and in line with the pastel aesthetic that the search giant has established over the course of the last few generations. News 

What You Should Know About Google’s Launch of Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in a New ‘Mint’ Color

Google has launched its flagship Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones in a new Mint color after teasing the same last week on its social media handles. As the name suggests, this is a shade of green, but it’s quite muted and matches the pastel aesthetic that the search giant has created over the past few generations of Pixel phones. This new Mint colorway joins the existing lineup, which includes Bay Blue, Obsidian, and Porcelain for the Pixel 8 Pro, and Obsidian, Hazel, and Rose for the three Pixel…

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Google Pixel 9 Pro will be launching in 2024 and here's our first look at the possible design of the new Pixel flagship phone. News 

Next Pixel Phones May Adopt Apple’s Design Style, Suggests Google

The Google Pixel 9 series will be released in 2024, and while that’s still a long time away, the leak-o-sphere has started to do its job. A new Pixel 9 Pro design has leaked online thanks to a reliable tipper, suggesting that Google is ready to ditch the curves and go flat for its next Pixel flagship. The current Pixel 8 Pro model has curved edges, which gives it a firm and comfortable grip. But it seems that the company now wants to follow Apple’s design style, which we saw…

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