Xiaomi launches new gadgets in India including Redmi Pad SE, Redmi Buds 5A, Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10 and more. News 

New products launched in India at Xiaomi’s Smarter Living event 2024 include Redmi Pad SE and Redmi Buds 5A

Xiaomi recently showcased a range of new products at its Smarter Living event in 2024, which was broadcasted live for viewers. The lineup includes the Redmi Pad SE, Redmi Buds 5A, Robot Vacuum Cleaner S10, and a portable garment steamer. These innovative products will be available for purchase soon, giving consumers a variety of choices to explore. “At Xiaomi India, we have always strived to make technology accessible and introduce products that elevate the everyday experience of consumers and solve real-life problems. With Smarter Living & More, we extend this…

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Xiaomi 14 series launch in India had a surprise addition this year with the new 14 Ultra model also now available in the country. News 

Xiaomi 14 Ultra’s Launch in India is Promising, But Success Requires More Than Ambition

Xiaomi surprised everyone (even us) by launching the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in India earlier this month alongside the Xiaomi 14. The company didn’t share any teaser about the product, but closer to the launch, the brand shared the release details with the Xiaomi 14 series, which got people excited for something big. And that’s exactly what happened when India got its first ever Xiaomi Ultra, which takes on the likes of Google Pixels, Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone Pros under Rs 100,000. Xiaomi’s market share has weakened in the popular…

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Xiaomi 14 is the new premium phone from the brand in the Indian market that has Leica-tuned cameras and flagship hardware but will people buy it? News 

Xiaomi 14 Introduces Top-of-the-Line Hardware and Leica Cameras

Xiaomi is back big time with the new Xiaomi 14 series as the company looks to make a fresh start in the premium segment in India. The brand’s new approach includes making people aware of its partnership with Leica, what it brings to the table and how Xiaomi is poised to challenge premium rivals like Samsung and Apple. For a company that has remained true to its value proposition, climbing the ladder has been more difficult than imagined, but it is ready to show that the products deserve attention. The…

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Xiaomi is bringing the new Android 14-based HyperOS update to more than 25 devices in India and here's the full list of phones. News 

Full List of Xiaomi and Redmi Phones in India Receiving HyperOS Update

Xiaomi announced the HyperOS rollout schedule for the global market earlier this week, and now the new software version has been released in India. We also know which devices will be updated to the Android 14 based skin, which includes Xiaomi, Redmi and Redmi Note phones for everyone’s delight. The company says that HyperOS will not only be a mobile-centric platform, but other products will also be added to the ecosystem, including a car. But for now, many current Xiaomi users are waiting to know when their devices will get…

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Xiaomi 14 Ultra has launched globally but most reports suggest the new flagship model from the brand is unlikely to come to India this year as well. News 

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Unlikely to be Released in India Due to This Reason

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has been launched in China and also revealed to the global market this week. But the new Ultra phone will again miss out on its trip to India, as highlighted by several reports. Xiaomi 14 will be launched in India, which the company has already confirmed. The brand has decided not to remove the Xiaomi 14 Pro from its home market. But the bigger question is about Xiaomi’s reluctance to launch the 14 Ultra in India, and the reasons are probably easy to guess. Xiaomi has…

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Some big-ticket launches are confirmed for next month, and here's a look at the brands that have lined up for new phones for India. News 

List of Top Smartphones Launching in India in March 2024: Xiaomi, Vivo, and Nothing

Get ready for a busy March as major phone brands roll out their big launches to consumers. With Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC 2024) underway, shoppers are closely following major developments and waiting for these launches to happen on our shores. If you’ve been waiting for some big-ticket phone launches to upgrade this year, March 2024 would be the perfect time to pull the trigger. Brands like Xiaomi, Nothing, Vivo and iQOO have already confirmed their plans for the country and what they plan to launch next month. Here’s a…

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Xiaomi's new HyperOS is based on Android 14 is the biggest change from MIUI by the company since it started selling phones. News 

Xiaomi confirms list of flagship and Redmi Note phones to receive HyperOS update

Xiaomi has released the HyperOS version for its latest flagship phones, and other old models have also received the update. The Android 14-based software is Xiaomi’s biggest change in years after MIUI has been on the pipeline for over a decade. The company says that HyperOS will not only be a mobile-centric platform, but other products will also be added to the ecosystem, including a car. But for now, many current Xiaomi users are waiting to know when their devices will get the Android 14 based version. The company has…

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Xiaomi's new Ultra phone comes with four Leica-tuned cameras, the new Android 14-based OS and a fast-charging battery. News 

Xiaomi 14 Ultra Released in China, Possible Launch in India in 2024?

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has been announced in China ahead of its global debut later this week. The Ultra series has shown that the brand is serious about flagships that can compete in the market of Google and Apple. Xiaomi’s new Ultra phone features Leica-powered cameras that the brand designed together. You also get the new HyperOS platform, which is claimed to be a refined version of MIUI. Xiaomi 14 Ultra price in China The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is priced at RMB 6,499 (roughly Rs 74,900) for the base variant…

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Redmi has advised customers to not buy UV liquid screen protectors, as it may lead to damage, and potential warranty loss. Here's the complete story. News 

Xiaomi advises users to avoid certain screen protectors to prevent warranty loss

The curved design limits the use of traditional adhesive-based tempered glass, making it difficult or impossible to find compatible covers for many phone models. Opting for a traditional screen protector may protect against scratches, but it won’t protect against accidental drops or impacts. This leaves liquid-based UV screen protectors as the only option for devices with curved screens. However, these can be quite risky in terms of apps and can damage your device. Now Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi has acknowledged this and has advised its customers who opt for these protectors…

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Mobile World Congress 2024 will take place from February 26 to February 29 in Barcelona, Spain this year. News 

Anticipated Phone Launches at MWC 2024: Xiaomi, Tecno, and Other Brands to Unveil New Devices

Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC 2024) is almost here and once again the event will be held offline in Barcelona, Spain just like before. The biggest mobile show will run from February 26 to February 29, 2024 and will host a wide range of brands that are sure to have many products to showcase and some new phones to launch in front of the world. Brands such as Nothing, Xiaomi, Tecno and OnePlus have confirmed their presence at the event, where new products are announced or at least teased in…

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Xiaomi 14 made its debut in China, and we'll be hearing more about the new flagship phone when it launches in India next month. News 

What to Expect from Xiaomi 14 Launch in India Next Month

Xiaomi will be quite busy in the coming weeks. After confirming the launch of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra in China and globally later this month, the company has now announced the arrival of the Xiaomi 14 in India next month. The Xiaomi 14 series was unveiled in China earlier, but the company is now gearing up for its big launch in India and other markets, confirmed for March. The Xiaomi 14 showcases its continued focus on imaging with Leica-designed cameras and flagship power. Xiaomi 14 India Release Date The Xiaomi…

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Xiaomi 14 Ultra is confirmed for a big launch in 2024 but does that mean we get to see the new model in the Indian market this time around? News 

Confirmed Launch Date for Xiaomi 14 Ultra Announced, Will Expand to Additional Countries in 2024

The company has confirmed the Xiaomi 14 Ultra and we also know when and where the new Ultra model will be launched this year. For some reason, Xiaomi has reserved previous Ultra iterations for its home market, but 2024 will be different when the 14 Ultra will also hit the global market. The Ultra title has shown us Xiaomi’s partnership with Leica and what a real deal can do for the companies involved. The Xiaomi 14 Ultra is a premium model that competes with Pixels, Galaxy Ultras and Pro Maxs…

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Fortunately, there are ways to put an end to these unwanted interruptions and regain control over your smartphone experience. News 

Looking to Get Rid of Ads? Learn How to Remove Them on Xiaomi, Oppo, or Realme Phones

Tired of being bombarded with ads on your Xiaomi, Oppo or Realme phone? These annoying ads can disrupt your user experience and reduce the enjoyment of using your device. Fortunately, there are ways to stop these unwanted interruptions and regain control of your smartphone. Let’s go through the steps to remove ads from each of these popular phone brands. Removing ads from Xiaomi phones Xiaomi devices are known for their excellent performance and versatile MIUI operating system. However, the presence of advertisements can be a drawback for many users. Here…

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Nothing, Xiaomi and a few other brands are expected to light up the market in February 2024 with their big launches. News 

Phones from iQOO, Xiaomi, and other brands set to launch in February 2024

The year started off with a bang as many popular brands decided to launch their flagship products including India. We saw the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, the OnePlus 12 series was also announced, but February is likely to be even more intense with releases as companies prepare for Mobile World Congress later next month. Brands like Nothing, Xiaomi and iQOO are reportedly having things in the coming days, and here’s a rundown of the big launches we expect to see in February 2024 The Big Phone is expected…

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Xiaomi launched the HyperOS in China recently and now users in India have got some good news about the new software UI. News 

Xiaomi India Announces HyperOS Arrival on These Devices in January 2024

Xiaomi has recently launched the new HyperOS platform in China, which will also be seen with its first electric car in 2024. But the other big news this week is that Xiaomi users in India will get a taste of the new. HyperOS software version in the next few weeks. The company has confirmed that the MIUI option will be available in India for its users, starting with some of its premium devices in January 2024. Many people have been excited and eager to see how Xiaomi plans to revamp…

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Xiaomi Corp. unveiled the company’s first electric vehicle. (REUTERS) News 

Xiaomi introduces its inaugural electric vehicle, the SU7, aiming to rival Porsche and Tesla in China.

The co-founder of Thursday, a billionaire, has announced his aspirations to become a leading global car manufacturer within the next 15 to 20 years, aiming to rival Tesla Inc. and Porsche AG. During a presentation at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, CEO and co-founder Lei Jun unveiled the SU7, also known as the Speed Ultra, which appeared on stage without any visible drivers, captivating the audience of thousands. Lei spent hours detailing the car’s features, which include a range of up to 800 kilometers (500 miles) on a…

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OnePlus, Xiaomi and Samsung have their big launches lineup for the start of 2024. Here are all the details. News 

Exciting Smartphone Launches to Look Forward to in January 2024: OnePlus 12, Redmi Note 13, and More

The start of 2024 will be explosive for smartphone brands, as several releases have been launched in the early part of the new year, which will get people excited. With brands like OnePlus, Samsung, and Xiaomi designing things, people feel the need to sit up and realize that they can finally get a nice upgrade on their current phones. So if you’re in the market for a new phone, we suggest you wait as the big guns show off their shiny new launches in January 2024: Xiaomi Redmi Note 13…

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Xiaomi HyperOS platform replaces the popular MIUI version which has been powering its products for over 10 years. News 

Full List of Phones and Tablets Confirmed by Xiaomi to Receive HyperOS Update in 2024

Xiaomi is entering a new era by ending its MIUI journey and starting with a new HyperOS platform for mobile devices. The company has already previewed the new version and shared some details / features that Xiaomi users can expect. We’ve already seen the core lineup of Xiaomi and Redmi phones get the new platform in December 2023, and now we have more information about the phones that will be updated to HyperOS in January 2024. Here’s the full list of phones and tablets that will be updated to HyperOS…

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More companies could soon move to the 1-inch camera sensors as people are excited by its capabilities in low light. News 

Another flagship phone may soon feature Sony’s 1-inch camera sensor.

Smartphone cameras have progressed over the past 18 months to the point where you can expect a 1-inch sensor on these premium phones. Sony released the 1-inch IMX890 sensor, which has been a part of high-end brands, and even the likes of Vivo and Xiaomi have adopted the technology. And soon market giants like Samsung may enter the 1-inch sensor battle. New reports suggest that the company’s Galaxy S25 lineup could see a big change from its own camera sensor to a Sony sensor, which could give it more power…

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Priced at 499 yuan (around Rs 5,957), the Redmi Watch 4 is available in Elegant Black and Silver Snow White colour options in China. Gadgets 

Xiaomi’s Redmi Watch 4: Get Ready to Be Wowed By Its Features and Price!

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi introduced the new Redmi Watch 4 smartwatch in conjunction with the Redmi K70 launch event in China. The new Redmi Watch 4 features an AMOLED panel with Always-On Display support, a 470mAh battery, and runs HyperOS. Redmi Watch 4 smartwatch: price, colors and availability Priced at 499 yuan (roughly Rs. 5,957), the Redmi Watch 4 is available in stylish black and silver snow white colors in China. The Redmi Watch 4 offers users a variety of strap options, including metal, leather, or nylon options. It…

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