Apple's new mixed reality headset could be headed to the country in the next few months, as it looks to halt the falling demand for iPhones. News 

Tim Cook confirms launch of Apple Vision Pro in China, but what about India?

The Apple Vision Pro headset will be available in China this year, and the update is said to have been shared by the company’s Tim Cook. Cook recently visited China, where he is rumored to meet with the Baidu team and launch a new Apple Store in the region. Cook’s Vision Pro for China update was released via Weibo, hinting at the headset’s availability in May or June of this year, which is just a few months away. China is a big market for Apple, but its fortunes in iPhone…

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Due to huge AI chip demand and low yields, Huawei has been forced to slow down the production of its smartphones. AI 

Huge AI Chip Demand Causes Slowdown in Huawei’s Smartphone Production

The soaring popularity of Huawei’s artificial intelligence chips, combined with manufacturing restrictions, has forced the Chinese tech giant to prioritize artificial intelligence and slow production of its premium Mate 60 phones, people familiar with the matter said. Huawei uses a single manufacturing facility that makes both Ascend AI chips and the Kirin chips that power rival Apple’s iPhone, three of the people said, two of whom said production has been hampered by a low yield rate — a proxy for manufacturing quality. But the global race for AI capabilities amid…

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Huawei is reportedly ending support for Android apps with the next version of Harmony OS in a bid to bolster its in-house software ecosystem. News 

Huawei’s In-House Harmony OS to Replace Android App Support

China’s Huawei Technologies won’t support Android apps on the latest iteration of its in-house Harmony operating system, domestic financial media Caixin reports, as the company looks to strengthen its own software ecosystem. The company plans to release a developer version of its HarmonyOS Next platform in the second quarter of this year and a full commercial version in the fourth quarter, it said in a company statement highlighting the platform’s launch event in its hometown. Shenzhen on Thursday. Huawei first announced its proprietary Harmony system in 2019 and prepared to…

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More brands are finally joining the foldable party and now it is time that buyers get more options, especially at a lower price range. News 

Will 2021 Bring Affordable Foldable Phones from Tech Giants? Worth the Wait?

The foldable market is finally coming to the party and not just limiting the segment to one brand like Samsung has been for years. But now we’re seeing more brands enter the arena, which means good news for shoppers in more ways than one. First, you get more options for folding, budget, and more to suit your needs. And yes, more brands means the technology is evolving to go further down the price chain, which means affordable foldables are on the way. According to new reports, Huawei and Samsung may…

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Huawei warns chipmakers of Oversupply due to growing global tension. (Bloomberg) News 

Chip Glut Crisis: Huawei’s Chipmaker Sounds the Alarm!

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. has cautioned that the anticipated revival of the smartphone market will be delayed by another year. Additionally, the company highlighted that geopolitical tensions are exacerbating an already significant surplus in global chipmaking capacity. The outlook contrasts with more positive comments from Samsung Electronics Co and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co that mobile demand will soon bottom out. China’s largest chipmaker reported its third straight quarterly revenue decline on Thursday, reflecting the depth of the recession and Washington’s widening campaign to rein in China’s technology sector. That result…

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Apple is definitely worried about the drop in sales of iPhone 15 which has allowed local giant Huawei to get more demand from consumers. News 

Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits China Amid Huawei’s Growing Market Share

Apple has seen huge demand for the new iPhone 15 series models in most countries except one of its key markets this year. Industry reports claim that sales of iPhone 15 models in China have been lower than last year, which appears to have prompted Apple CEO Tim Cook to make a surprise visit to the country. According to a Bloomberg report, Cook landed and went to the city of Chengdu, where he reportedly spoke to the players. The iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are aggressively targeted at…

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China's Huawei has drawn global attention for containing technology in its new phone that suggests the country has managed to overcome U.S. sanctions to rival Apple. News 

Can Huawei’s New Smartphone Compete With Apple?

BEIJING/SHANGHAI: A new line of smartphones launched by China’s Huawei Technologies has drawn global attention to the technology, which shows the company has managed to beat US sanctions and could return to rival Apple. In late August, the company announced the Mate 60 and Mate 60 Pro, and on Friday launched two more smartphones, the Mate X5, a new version of its foldable phones, and the Mate 60 Pro+. The Mate 60 starts at 5,999 yuan ($817.70), which is the same as Apple’s iPhone 14 in China. Here are some…

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It follows continued trade sanctions from the US. News 

China to Invest $40 Billion in Semiconductor Industry

According to Reuters, despite the United States’ ongoing attempts to restrict China’s chip manufacturing, their efforts may not yield significant results. China intends to establish a fund with the aim of strengthening its semiconductor sector. This state-supported initiative, which marks the third fund from the China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, seeks to generate 300 billion yuan ($41 billion) in funding. In 2014 and 2019, the previous two funds successfully raised 138.7 billion yuan ($19 billion) and 200 billion yuan ($27 billion) respectively. About 60 billion yuan ($8 billion) is…

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Huawei chip shows US curbs are porous, not useless (REUTERS) News 

Huawei Chip Proves US Restrictions Are Leaky, Not Ineffective

The release of Huawei Technologies Co.’s latest smartphone, the Mate 60 Pro, has sparked a renewed discussion on chip technology and China’s ability to bypass restrictions imposed by the US. This event highlights the ambiguous nature of the effectiveness of sanctions, as the true consequences are still uncertain. Efficient and fast connection speeds indicate that the new streamlined device is equipped with 5G wireless capabilities and an advanced system chip manufactured by Shanghai Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. 350 megabits per second. It is similar to fifth-generation mobile phone standards and…

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Testing by Bloomberg News of Huawei’s new $900-plus flagship model shows bandwidth similar to other 5G phones. (REUTERS) News 

Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro Demonstrates Impressive Wireless Speeds Comparable to Apple iPhones

Despite US tech sanctions, Huawei Technologies Co.’s latest smartphone has been labeled a Chinese breakthrough as more information emerges about the device. In various tests, the smartphone showcases wireless speeds comparable to Apple Inc.’s latest iPhones. Bloomberg News’ testing of Huawei’s new $900+ flagship model shows bandwidth similar to other 5G phones. This matches blog posts and videos posted on Chinese social media claiming the device has 5G capabilities. The device, which went on sale this week without the typical fanfare of a product launch, drew patriotic fervor as it…

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The U.S. Commerce Department had added Huawei to its export control list in 2019 over security concerns. The company denies being a security risk. News 

Trade Group Issues Warning Regarding Huawei’s Secret Network of Chips

Huawei Technologies Co is building a collection of secret semiconductor manufacturing facilities across China to help the company bypass US sanctions, a Washington-based semiconductor association warned, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday. The Chinese tech giant moved into chip production last year and is receiving an estimated $30 billion in state funding from the government, the semiconductor industry association said, adding that Huawei has bought at least two existing factories and is building three more. The US Department of Commerce added Huawei to its export control list in 2019 for security…

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Honor Magic V2 phones.Source: Honor Device Co. (Bloomberg) News 

Honor CEO Launches Foldable Phone to Compete with iPhone in China

Honor Device Co.’s CEO suggests that Apple Inc.’s lack of a foldable phone in its product lineup is giving competitors an opportunity to surpass the popular iPhone maker. On Wednesday, the Shenzhen-based company launched its latest foldable device, the Magic V2, which is less than 10mm thick. The phone has a standard glass display comparable to the iPhone 14 Pro on the outside and a 7.92-inch foldable OLED display on the inside. The Magic V2 starts at 8,999 yuan ($1,254.5) in China, the same price as the iPhone 14 Pro…

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China's Huawei Technologies is plotting a return to the 5G smartphone industry by the end of this year, according to research firms, signalling a comeback after a U.S. ban on equipment sales decimated its consumer electronics business.  News 

Huawei Set To Launch 5G Phones Despite US Ban, Reports Say

Research firms indicate that Huawei Technologies, based in China, is planning to reenter the 5G smartphone industry by the end of this year. This move signifies a comeback for the company, which suffered a significant decline in its consumer electronics business due to a ban on equipment sales imposed by the United States. Huawei should be able to source 5G chips domestically using its own semiconductor design tools as well as chip manufacturing from Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co (SMIC), three third-party technology research firms covering China’s smartphone sector told Reuters.…

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China firmly opposes some EU countries' ban on Huawei and said the European Commission has no legal basis nor factual evidence to prohibit the Chinese telecom giant, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Friday. News 

China Demands Equal Treatment After EU Imposes Ban on Huawei and ZTE

On Friday, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry expressed strong opposition to the ban on Huawei by certain EU countries and stated that the European Commission lacks legal grounds and factual proof to prohibit the Chinese telecommunications company. ZTE, which was also mentioned as a risky supplier by EU industry director Thierry Breton, criticized the decision to ban its devices on the Commission’s network and in EU countries. On Thursday, Breton urged more EU countries to join the 10 that have restricted or banned Huawei and ZTE from using…

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The country's cybersecurity council warned of "high risk" to local networks from non-Western suppliers. News 

Portugal is considering the ban of Huawei from its national 5G networks

Portugal could become the latest country to ban Huawei and other Chinese companies from building 5G networks. As reported by Bloomberg, the Portuguese government recommended this week that domestic operators be banned from acquiring 5G equipment from outside the European Union or from countries that are not part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Operation and Development (OCED). In a statement released Thursday by Portugal’s Supreme Cyber Security Council, the government said companies outside those jurisdictions pose a “significant risk” to…

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Huawei's third-gen foldable is ready to compete with the best in the business. News 

The Huawei Mate X3 shows that a foldable phone can be stylish and powerful

Huawei has operated under the radar since it was banned from using Google’s App Store in the global market, but the company continues to show its quality with products such as the new Mate X3 foldable device. Huawei also has a precedent in this segment, making its debut with the Mate X line a few years ago, but its limitations have made the product a tough sell in Europe and even the Indian market. The latest Mate X3 foldable seems to give us a glimpse into the future of this…

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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd's founder said that the company has replaced more than 13,000 parts in its products that were hit by U.S. trade sanctions. News 

A Huawei executive says thousands of parts banned by the U.S. have been replaced in its devices

(Reuters) – The founder of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd said the company has replaced more than 13,000 parts in its products targeted by U.S. trade sanctions, according to a speech published by a Chinese university on Friday. According to a transcript posted by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said that in the past three years, Huawei has replaced 13,000 components with domestic Chinese substitutes and redesigned 4,000 circuit boards for its products. He said circuit board production had “stabilized.” The remarks, which Reuters could not independently confirm,…

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The P40 comes with two selfie cameras (Huawei / News 

Huawei quietly launches the new version of the P40

Huawei has quietly presented a new version of its flagship P40. The latest version comes with LTE connectivity. Interestingly, the new model was launched almost a year after the launch of the main flagship series. In terms of specifications, Huawei P40 LTE comes with a 6.1-inch display with Full HD + resolution and a standard 60Hz refresh rate. The display also comes with a built-in fingerprint reader. ‘screen. The phone is also IP53 certified. It runs on Kirin 990 4G internal chipset. It has 8 GB of RAM and 128…

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Analysts believe the Murata chief's position is too conservative. (Pixabay) News 

Apple supplier Murata expects half a billion 5G phones in the new year

Murata Manufacturing Co., the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramic capacitors for Apple Inc. and other smartphone brands, expects demand for fifth-generation wireless devices to exceed 500 million handsets during the month. next fiscal year, relying on a rush to replace Huawei Technologies Co. in the global consumer arena. Apple, Samsung Electronics Co. and its Chinese rivals Xiaomi Corp., Oppo and Vivo are fighting over the components of their devices, hoping to fill a void as Huawei’s mobile business shrinks under the weight of US sanctions. President Norio Nakajima said in…

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Xiaomi said it took market share in China and Europe as rival Huawei Technologies faced US sanctions that hit its supply chain. (REUTERS) News 

Xiaomi raises $3.9 billion in capital deal

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp has raised $3.91 billion in a deal that includes Hong Kong’s largest top-up, according to a conditions sheet seen by Reuters. Prospective investors have been told that the price is expected to be HK $23.70 per billion shares that are sold as part of the deal, according to the list of conditions. The price is in the lower end of the range the company reported on Tuesday when it announced the deal would be between HK $23.70 and HK $24.50. At HK $23.70, the placement…

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