Sony has revealed the free PS Plus Essential games for March 2024. Check when they will be available and all the details you need to know. Gaming 

Full List of Free PlayStation Plus Essential Games for March: See Them Here

PlayStation Plus members, it’s that time again – Sony has announced the monthly free PS Plus Essential games for March 2024. This month, it’s introducing a diverse collection of four games from different genres, offering shooters, beat-em-ups and driving games. there is something for every style of play. These games are available from March 5th to April 1st. To play these games, you need a PS Plus Essential tier subscriber, priced at Rs 3,949 in India, and of course a PS4 or PS5 console. Although there are other levels (more…

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With the launch of GTA 6 looming next year and hardware sales slowing down, Sony could be preparing to launch a PS5 Pro variant this year. News 

Report: Sony may release PS5 Pro before GTA 6 launch in 2025.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been available for more than three years now, and as we approach the middle age of this console generation, speculation is mounting as to whether Sony is going to repeat what it did with the PS4 generation – that is, launch a mid-term update in the form of the PS5 Pro, which resembles the PS4 Pro, which followed the PS4 in 2016. Now, CNBC is reporting that it has received information from analysts that suggests that an “upgraded” version of the PS5 console will indeed be…

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Sony Float Run earbuds don't get noise cancellation, no support for advanced sound features either. So what do these earbuds offer for the price tag? News 

Sony’s Float Run Earbuds Offer a Unique Take on Your Listening Experience

Wireless headphones have become a fairly common product on the market in recent years. We’ve seen them go on-ear, over-ear, and now off-the-ear is the latest venture from brands. Sony is a big name in audio with the WH and WF-1000 series headphones and earbuds, which are market leaders. Now, the Japanese giant is all set to play with different shapes, which is why we are launching the new Float Run earbuds at Rs 10,990. Premium headphones have to offer quality sound, comfort and durability to last a few days.…

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Making its inaugural appearance on PlayStation Plus is 'Foamstars,' Square Enix’s vibrant online shooter reminiscent of Splatoon. News 

Full List of Essential Free Games for February Revealed for PlayStation Plus

It’s the start of a new month, and that means there’s good news for PS Plus subscribers. Sony has announced February’s PlayStation Plus games of the month. This time you have a choice of three new games, including the Day 1 release. Making its debut on PlayStation Plus is “Foamstars,” Square Enix’s lively Splatoon-style online shooter. In order to access the following games, it is important to be a PlayStation Plus Essential tier subscriber. However, it is a basic requirement. If you have the Deluxe or Extra tier, these games…

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Sony's latest mixed-reality headset will be solely targeted at developers working on 3D production software. News 

Sony Unveils Apple Vision Pro Competitor at CES 2024, Geared Towards 3D Content Creators

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, Sony has unveiled a new mixed-reality headset for creating 3D content. This announcement comes just as Apple has finally announced the release date of its own mixed reality system, the Apple Vision Pro. The headset, developed in collaboration with Siemens, is equipped with an XR head-mounted display with 4K OLED micro-displays. It also supports transparent functions and includes a couple of controls that are useful for interacting with 3D objects. It is important to note that Sony already has a VR gaming system, the…

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picture alliance via Getty Images News 

Guide on how to stream Sony’s CES 2024 press conference

The highly anticipated annual Consumer Technology Association (CES) trade show is just around the corner, transforming Las Vegas into a captivating hub of cutting-edge technology. Sony has scheduled a press conference on January 8 at 8PM EST, a day before the CES 2024 exhibitions commence. For those unable to attend in person, the event can be streamed live through Sony Square or the company’s YouTube channel. What are we waiting for Sony is particularly cautious about what it has in store, saying it will “introduce a variety of technologies and…

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Sony's PS5 sales have quickly surged past 50 million. Read on to find out how Sony achieved a quick turnaround after battling supply chain issues. News 

The Sudden Surge Explained: Sony’s PS5 Consoles Sold 50 Million Units

Sony has now announced that it has sold more than 50 million PlayStation 5 consoles worldwide. The PS5 was first released on November 12, 2020, and now it’s been a little over three full years since the console was released. This milestone is a significant achievement for the Japanese gaming giant as it seeks to maintain its lead against competitors like Xbox in the future. Most of the achievement is due to the recently increased inventory that Sony has been able to produce. In fact, the company has released a…

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Ryhsida ransomware gang, has released a total of 1.67 terabytes of Insomniac Games' data, comprising 1.3 million files. Here's what you need to know. News 

Insomniac Games Studio, Owned by Sony, Falls Victim to Hacking: Wolverine Gameplay and Employee Data Leaked on Darknet!

Earlier this month, it was reported that Insomniac Games, Sony’s first-party studio behind games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Ratchet and Clank, was hacked. The hackers demanded a whopping $2 million ransom to refrain from handing over the stolen data. As reported by CyberDaily, the group responsible, called the Ryhsida ransomware gang, has now released a total of 1.67 terabytes containing 1.3 million files because the condition is not met. This information includes gameplay clips of the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine game for PS5, the studio’s future plans until 2023,…

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After months of waiting, Indian PS5 owners can now finally get their hands on the PlayStation VR2 system as it is finally available in the country. News 

Price, Specs of PlayStation VR2 in India Revealed as Sony Launches it After Global Release

Earlier this year, Sony launched the PlayStation VR2 in the global market, but its arrival in India was delayed until now as the company has finally brought it to the Indian market. The gaming giant quietly listed the product on its e-commerce portal ShopAtSc and recently posted on X (formerly Twitter) to announce its availability in India. There is no waiting period; you can visit the Sony website and place your order. Conquer colossal peaks, overcome fearsome machines and uncover a hidden danger to the world of Horizon in the…

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More companies could soon move to the 1-inch camera sensors as people are excited by its capabilities in low light. News 

Another flagship phone may soon feature Sony’s 1-inch camera sensor.

Smartphone cameras have progressed over the past 18 months to the point where you can expect a 1-inch sensor on these premium phones. Sony released the 1-inch IMX890 sensor, which has been a part of high-end brands, and even the likes of Vivo and Xiaomi have adopted the technology. And soon market giants like Samsung may enter the 1-inch sensor battle. New reports suggest that the company’s Galaxy S25 lineup could see a big change from its own camera sensor to a Sony sensor, which could give it more power…

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The Sony INZONE H5 wireless gaming headset comes in two colours -- Black and White. News 

Sony INZONE H5: Get Ready to Game On with Wireless Audio!

On Tuesday, the Japanese technology giant Sony released a new gaming headset – INZONE H5. The latest addition to Sony’s headset lineup offers 28 hours of battery life, AI-based noise cancellation, 360-degree surround sound technology, and a lightweight design. and more. Sony INZONE H5 wireless gaming headset: price, color and availability Priced at Rs 15,990 in India, the INZONE H5 will be available at Sony retail stores, ShopatSC portal, major electronics stores and other e-commerce sites in India from 30/11/2023. The Sony INZONE H5 wireless gaming headset is available in…

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It's not the Vita successor we were looking for. Gaming 

Unraveling the Mystery of the PlayStation Portal: Engadget Podcast Investigates!

Sony’s upcoming gaming device, the PlayStation Portal, is an unusual gadget that has limited functionality. Priced at $200, it can only stream games from the PlayStation 5 and lacks essential features such as Bluetooth audio support. In a discussion with CNET’s Scott Stein, Cherlynn and Devindra express their confusion and disappointment with the Portal. While it does perform well in streaming games from the PS5, its high cost and cumbersome design make it suitable only for dedicated PS5 enthusiasts, who may still want to wait for a discounted price. Listen…

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Sony WF-1000XM earbuds series has grown and matured over the years but what does the new version bring to the premium table? Reviews 

Sony WF-1000XM5 Earbuds Review: Is This the Ultimate Listening Experience?

Sony makes some of the best audio equipment on the market, and while we don’t like the company’s naming strategy, the products speak for themselves. The Sony WF-1000 series offers TWS headphones that are a quality copy of the WH-1000 range of headphones. Here we have Sony WF-1000XM5 launched in India at Rs 24,990. This is the next iteration of the WF1000 family, which seems to have been given a lot of thought and feedback from previous customers. The company explained that the new headphones are lighter and have a…

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A new report claims that Sony's recently announced slimmer PS5 variants could launch on November 10. Here's what we know so far. News 

Sony May Release PS5 Slim Model on November 10: Get the Facts Here

Earlier this month, Sony introduced slimmer versions of the PS5 to the world. The updated models offer the same graphical fidelity and gaming performance, but in a smaller form factor. More specifically, the volume is reduced by more than 30% and the weight by 18% and 24%. Sony announced that both disc and digital versions will be released later this year in November, in time for the holiday season. However, they did not give an exact release date. Now, a report from Billbill-kun, known for predicting free PS Plus games…

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PS Plus Deluxe and Extra users, this month, get a slew of new games this month including action RPGs, episodic horror, soulslike games, and more. News 

PlayStation Announces October’s PS Plus Games: Here’s The Lineup

Sony has revealed new games for the PS Plus games list in October. In particular, these games will be available for PS Plus Deluxe/Premium and PS Plus Extra subscribers from October 17. This month, users will get a selection of games that include action RPGs, episodic horror games, soul-like games and other classic titles for PS Plus Premium and Deluxe subscribers. PS Plus catalog games for October (Deluxe/Premium and Extra) Gotham Knights | PS5 Disco Elysium – The Final Cut | PS4, PS5 The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes…

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With the Sony Pictures Core app, PS5 and PS4 owners will be able to rent more than 2,000 movies right on their console, and those subsided to PS Plus Premium/Deluxe get 100 movies for free. News 

Sony Pictures Launches Core App on PS5 and PS4; PS Plus Premium Members Receive 100 Free Movies

Sony has announced that it will rename its Bravia Core app to Sony Pictures Core, and it will also be coming to the PS5 and PS4 consoles. This new service allows PS5 and PS4 owners to rent over 2,000 movies directly to their console. The list of movies coming to the service includes Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Uncharted, The Equalizer, No Hard Feelings, Bullet Train and Ghostbusters: Afterlife and more. Additionally, Sony has also revealed that PS Plus Premium or Deluxe subscribers will receive 100 movies…

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Sony PlayStation and SIE's CEO, Jim Ryan, is retiring from the company after spending 30 years with it. Here's what you need to know. News 

Sony Announces Retirement of PlayStation Chief Jim Ryan and Appointment of Interim CEO

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan will retire in March 2024 after more than 30 years of service. Sony has announced that Hiroki Totoki, the current president and chief financial officer of Sony Group Corporation, will serve as interim CEO. Jim Ryan took over the role of CEO of PlayStation in 2019, succeeding John Kodera. He first joined Sony in 2004 at Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Since then, Ryan has had a distinguished career in a number of leadership positions, including President of SIEE, Director of Global Sales and Marketing…

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The new Sony WF-1000XM5 earbuds come with better noise cancelling and offer a comfortable fit in the ear. News 

Sony India Releases WF-1000XM5 True Wireless Earbuds With Active Noise Cancellation: Price and Features

Sony’s big TWS headphones have hit the market in India on Wednesday. The new WF-1000XM5 TWS earbuds were announced globally earlier this year and now the Indian market is getting a taste of the earbuds. The new headphones continue Sony’s industry-leading noise cancellation and also offer premium sound quality in this format. The company has made certain design improvements to provide better comfort and improve the quality of voice calls. Sony WF-1000XM5 Headphones Price in India The Sony WF-1000XM5 earphones have launched in India at a price of Rs 24,990,…

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Sony has announced a new State of Play event for today, September 14, where it is expected to showcase several games, including indie and several third-party games. News 

Sony’s PlayStation State of Play Showcase Reveals Indie Titles, Third-Party Games, and More

Sony has announced a new State of Play event today, September 14, where it is expected to showcase several games from various genres. According to Sony, the broadcast will focus on “previously announced games coming to PlayStation consoles,” covering “indie and PS VR2 highlights to upcoming major titles from our third-party partners.” What Not to Expect This event follows the PlayStation Showcase held earlier this year in May, during which the gaming giant revealed Bungie’s Marathon revival, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and even hardware announcements, including a new handheld remote gaming…

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Sony PlayStation Plus subscription has multiple tiers that come with access to older games and option to play games over the cloud. News 

Sony Raises Price of One-Year PlayStation Plus Plan

Sony PlayStation Plus subscription prices will increase if you take an annual plan from the company. The new price of PlayStation Plus annual packages has come into effect from September 1. The PlayStation Plus subscription offers a wide range of benefits for PS gamers, and you have different tiers of the plan that have their own benefits. Sony will take care of PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium annual subscriptions, which were previously $60, $100 and $120. With the PS Plus Essential package, players get two free downloadable games per…

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