WhatsApp for Android is poised to catch up with iPhone with the introduction of voice message transcription. (Bloomberg)News 

Voice transcription feature may be added to WhatsApp for Android, converting voice messages to text.

WhatsApp users on Android may soon be delighted as a new feature seems to be coming to the platform – voice message transcription. This feature, already present on WhatsApp for iPhone since last year, allows users to easily convert voice messages into text, enhancing communication accessibility and convenience. Now, it is set to be introduced on WhatsApp for Android.

Transcription of voice messages in WhatsApp

Voice messages have long been a popular feature on WhatsApp, allowing users to quickly convey messages without typing. However, sometimes recipients are unable to listen to these messages for various reasons, such as in a noisy environment or due to hearing impairment. Transcription of voice messages addresses this problem by providing a text version of the message, ensuring that users can still receive and understand the content even if they cannot listen to it.

TheSpAndroid discovered the inclusion of voice message transcription in WhatsApp for Android in the code of the latest beta release, version The code specifically mentions support for voice transcription and indicates that users may need to download an additional 150MB of data to enable the feature. This discovery suggests that the feature is currently under development and could be rolled out to users in the near future.

We are waiting for the Android version of WhatsApp to be implemented

While the exact release date of the feature is not known, its imminent arrival is undoubtedly welcome news for Android users. The addition of voice message transcription improves the accessibility and usability of WhatsApp, allowing users to communicate more effectively in different scenarios and circumstances.

As WhatsApp continues to evolve and introduce new features such as voice transcription, it is solidifying its position as one of the leading messaging platforms worldwide. Whether users send text messages, voice messages, or now transcribed messages, WhatsApp remains a versatile and indispensable means of communication.

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