Microsoft is reportedly offering users the option to experience multi-platform titles, previously exclusive for Xbox consoles and PCs. News 

Complete List of Four Exclusive Xbox Games Coming to PS5

Earlier this month, there was widespread speculation about a possible change in Microsoft’s gaming strategy. Some reports hinted that Xbox might break with tradition by launching exclusive games for rival consoles like the Sony PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Today, Microsoft has officially put those rumors to rest by announcing four Xbox-exclusive games set to debut on rival consoles. The list of games available exclusively on PC and Xbox, now extending to Sony PlayStation systems and Nintendo Switch, includes: – Pentiment: Scheduled for release on PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch on…

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Sarah Bond, Xbox President says that the next-gen Xbox would mark “the largest technical leap you will have ever seen in a hardware generation." News 

Xbox President Hints at Biggest Technological Advancement Yet for Next-Generation Console

Recently, Xbox has been garnering attention for its new found strategy of making games available on multiple platforms. At least four games have been confirmed for rival consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. This move has many Xbox fans wondering if the company is moving away from the console business to focus solely on publishing. However, recent statements from Xbox President Sarah Bond suggest otherwise. During the “Updates on the Xbox Business” podcast, Bond shared insights on the next generation of Xbox consoles that will follow the…

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Unlike PlayStation and Nintendo, Xbox could be looking at making its games multi-platform, meaning Xbox games could one day launch on rival platforms like the PS5 and the Nintendo Switch. Gaming 

PS5 Could See Multiplatform Release of Xbox Exclusives, Including Indiana Jones Game

In the console wars, there is always a heated debate about whether one gaming platform is necessarily better than the other, and fans defend their console of choice. But ultimately, it all boils down to games – exclusive games. With Microsoft’s Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo in the game, the debate continues. Now it seems that Microsoft of the three could take a radically different approach, perhaps to exit this battle altogether. Unlike PlayStation and Nintendo, Xbox could aim to make its games cross-platform, meaning that Xbox games could one day…

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Thanks to the Xbox Developer Direct, we now have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Xbox camp in terms of its first-party lineup for 2024. News 

All Announcements from Xbox Developer Direct: Indiana Jones Gameplay, Hellblade 2 Release Date, and More

Microsoft’s Xbox Developer Direct, held earlier today, is officially over, revealing new gameplay and details about previously announced projects. And now we have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Xbox camp with its first lineup of… party games in 2024. Here’s everything that was announced today at the Xbox Developer Direct: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle gets a gameplay trailer We finally have a name for the Xbox and PC exclusive Indiana Jones game: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle. The gameplay revealed that the…

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Xbox Gaming CFO Tim Stuart hinted that Microsoft could soon offer a free tier of its xCloud service that will offer your free games in exchange of watching ads. Gadgets 

If you’re willing to watch ads, Xbox may offer free game play.

We’ve seen online streaming services offer content cheaply but full of ads. A good example of this is Netflix with its ad-supported plans. But what if a brand like Xbox could show you ads and in return offer you free game streaming? Well, that’s exactly what Xbox xCloud could soon offer. As TweakTown reported, Xbox Gaming CFO Tim Stuart hinted that Microsoft could soon offer a free tier of its xCloud service at the Wells Fargo TMT Summit held last month. Tim Stuart specifically focused on areas like Africa and…

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It will tell you how many hours you've spent gaming this year. Gaming 

Comparing your performance with other players in Xbox’s 2023 year-in-review recap

Xbox is providing users with a comprehensive overview of their gaming habits and preferences for the year. The 2023 recap showcases the total amount of time spent gaming on the Xbox system in the past year, highlights the most active month, displays the total number of achievements earned, and presents a pie chart illustrating the top genres enjoyed. This information can help users determine if their gaming preferences have evolved over time. Additionally, users will be able to view a list of the games they have played the most this…

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Microsoft has now released a new 'Compact Mode' for all Windows devices, but it is specifically designed for gaming handhelds like ROG Ally in mind. News 

Xbox App For Windows: Get Ready To Play On The Go With ‘Compact Mode’ On Your ROG Ally!

With the rise in popularity of PC gaming handhelds like the ASUS ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go, the Xbox app on PC was in dire need of an update. Fortunately, Microsoft listened to people and has released a new Compact Mode for all Windows devices. This feature is perfect for small screens such as those on handheld devices. It makes the Xbox app easier to use by collapsing the sidebar into icons, giving you more space to view content. If you’re using a handheld like the ASUS ROG Ally…

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Xbox gamers have been able to use third-party controllers and accessories for a long time but could that be about to change? Gaming 

Xbox May Discontinue Certain Gaming Controllers

Microsoft is taking Apple’s cue and starting blocking unauthorized third-party Xbox controllers. The company is said to have shared this bad news with the millions of Xbox gamers who have been using controllers that don’t come with the Designed for Xbox sticker. A report by The Verge has been quoted as saying that several posters have been found with a warning about these third-party Xbox controllers. Blocking third-party devices has been Apple’s thing for years, when iPhone chargers and cables were strictly made to charge the iPhone, while other accessories…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, October 23. (Unsplash) AI 

Canva Introduces AI Tools, Paytm CEO Invests in AI, and More: 5 Things You May Have Missed About AI Today

Morgan Stanley analysts have forecasted that the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) could bring advantages to both Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. Additionally, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder and CEO of Paytm, has revealed intentions to invest Rs. 300 crore in India’s AI and electric vehicle industries through the VSS Investments Fund. Furthermore, Canva has introduced AI-driven K-12 education products as a component of its Canva for Education platform. All this and more in today’s AI review. 1. Xbox, Sony benefit from the introduction of artificial intelligence As the artificial…

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Plans for an Xbox Series X console without a disc drive have been found in the documentary evidence from Microsoft's recent legal battle with the FTC. Here's what we know. Gaming 

Leaked Details of Microsoft’s Disc-Free Xbox Series X and New Controller Revealed

It’s been almost three years since the release of the Xbox Series X/S consoles, and as we slowly approach the console’s mid-life, new plans have surfaced in the release for an alleged disc drive-less Xbox Series X console. documentary evidence from Microsoft’s recent legal battle with the FTC. As spotted by The Verge, the new console looks like a cylindrical version of the currently-outgoing Xbox Series X, but without a disc drive—which is essentially a digital version of the Xbox Series X—and 2TB of storage instead of 1TB, but the…

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It launches initially in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Gaming 

Xbox’s System for Reporting Abusive Voice Chat to be Implemented This Week

Microsoft is preparing to introduce a new feature on Xbox consoles that allows users to report abusive voice content. Initially announced in July, this feature enables gamers to submit any inappropriate comments they encounter while playing multiplayer games. The system records a 60-second clip that is saved on the console, and users have a 24-hour window to file a report. This feature will be included in the September update for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, but it will initially be available only in select English-language markets, including the US,…

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Xbox chief Phil Spencer agreed to let Larian only offer split-screen co-op on the Series X. Gaming 

Baldur’s Gate III to Launch on Xbox After Series S Agreement

Baldur’s Gate III, which has been hailed as the summer’s standout game, has yet to be released on consoles. Larian Studios, the developer, has adopted a patient approach, prioritizing the game’s readiness before launching it on different platforms. Following its successful debut on Windows after leaving early access, Baldur’s Gate III will be available on PlayStation 5 and macOS starting September 6th. Although the specific release date for Xbox remains uncertain, Larian has now officially announced that the expansive RPG will arrive on Microsoft’s consoles later in the year. The…

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There's also a broader Pro release with haptics and a headphone jack. Gaming 

Razer Launches Xbox-Themed Kishi V2 Controller with Colorful Design

Razer is set to launch a special version of its popular Kishi V2 mobile gaming controller specifically designed for Xbox. This edition will be offered in two variants, one compatible with iPhone and the other with Android phones, and will incorporate numerous Xbox-focused features. Notably, the controllers will showcase recognizable Xbox branding and a cohesive white color scheme. Xbox integration isn’t just cosmetic. There’s updated companion software that takes full advantage of the brand partnership, including full integration with Game Pass and new haptics to match AAA Xbox games. This…

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It will be available for the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. Gaming 

‘LeBron James Era Begins with ‘NBA 2K24′ Release and New Updates’

As the basketball season draws near, NBA 2K24 New Gen presents a fresh chance to immerse oneself in the virtual action. In July, 2K provided initial insights into the game, but they have now revealed additional information about the upcoming NBA 2K24 on September 8th. One exciting addition is the LeBron Era, which traces LeBron James’ transition from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat in 2010, seamlessly connecting with the existing Modern Era. NBA 2K23 previously introduced the Magic vs. Bird Era, Jordan Era, and Kobe Era to the…

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They're Microsoft's answer to Sony's custom PS5 covers. Gaming 

Xbox Series X Console Skins to be Released, Featuring ‘Starfield’ and Camouflage Designs

For a while now, Sony has been providing personalized plates for the PlayStation 5, with their latest offering featuring a Spider-Man 2 design. Following suit, Microsoft has also joined the trend of customization, selling official wraps for the Xbox Series X, after previously giving away customized Xbox Series S units through contests. In addition to two camo colors, Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo, a Starfield-inspired wrap is available. Pre-orders for scarves are now open. The $50 Starfield will ship to the US, Canada, and Europe on October 18th, while the…

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Microsoft stopped the production of Xbox 360 in 2016 and a year later launched Xbox Game Pass. (Unsplash) News 

Microsoft to Close Xbox 360’s Online Marketplace in 2021

In an announcement on Thursday, Microsoft revealed its plans to discontinue the online store and marketplace for Xbox 360 next year. This decision comes as the company shifts its focus towards its newest consoles and the Game Pass subscription service. The Xbox 360 Store and Xbox 360 Marketplace will shut down on July 29, 2024, and players using the old console will not be able to purchase and download new games, according to a post on the Xbox website. However, Microsoft allows users to play Xbox 360 games they have…

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You'll still be able to buy backwards compatible games on the Xbox One and Series X/S. Gaming 

Xbox 360 Marketplace to Shut Down in 2024

Microsoft has announced the official closure date for the Xbox 360 store. Starting from July 29, 2024, users will no longer have the ability to purchase games, expansions, or any other content through the Xbox 360 console or Marketplace. However, it is important to note that any original Xbox or Xbox 360 games and DLC that are compatible with the newer Xbox One or Series X/S consoles will still be accessible for purchase through their respective storefronts. You can still buy Xbox 360 games and other content from the console’s…

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Xbox's enforcement Strike System will give players clarity on how their online activity affects their account to curb harassment and bullying. Gaming 

Xbox Introduces Updated System to Enhance Account Visibility and Security

Xbox is introducing a new enforcement alert system that helps players understand how enforcements work, how multiple orders affect their accounts, and how they affect their account status. This is also done to reduce harassment and cyberbullying. The new system issues warnings for each enforcement, and the severity of the warning depends on the inappropriate behavior. This means that every Xbox player now has access to a history of where they have affected their account. Simply put, the new system gives players more clarity on how their online behavior affects…

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Players who strike out won't be able to use Xbox's social or multiplayer features for an entire year. Gaming 

Xbox Introduces Eight-Strike Suspension System

Microsoft is aiming for increased transparency in its enforcement of Xbox community standards by implementing an eight-strike suspension policy, effective immediately. Every enforcement action will now involve strikes, with the Xbox Safety team determining the number of strikes based on the seriousness of the violation. Each strike will lead to a suspension from Xbox’s social features. Account suspensions are scaled according to the number of warnings. After two strikes, the player is suspended for a day. When a player hits four strikes, Xbox freezes their account for a week. Hit…

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The fifth and final act in its series first came out in 2020. Gaming 

‘Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition’ to be Released on PS5, Xbox Series X and S

It is truly gratifying when a beloved game is finally available on your preferred gaming console. The recent case in point is the highly acclaimed Kentucky Route Zero: TV Version by Cardboard Computer, which will soon be released on the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. Annapurna Interactive, the game’s publisher, has released a trailer in anticipation of its launch. In 2013, Cardboard Computer first released Kentucky Route Zero, a “magical realistic adventure game” that focuses on a highway beneath a series of caves and the creatures that move…

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