Leaked details hint at AMD's Zen 5 CPUs delivering a substantial 40% performance jump, setting the stage for a major shift in desktop computing. (Unsplash) News 

AMD Zen 5 set to deliver significant performance upgrade for Ryzen 9000 CPUs

Recent leaks indicate that AMD’s Zen 5 Ryzen 9000 CPUs may deliver a remarkable 40% boost in performance compared to the current Ryzen 7000 processors. This news has generated significant excitement as the release of the next generation of desktop processors is expected in late 2024. Leaked information Well-known leaker Kepler_L2, known for accurate predictions, shared insights on the Anandtech forums that Zen 5 cores can offer up to 40% better performance than their Zen 4 counterparts. These claims, posted by Twitter user @3DCenter_org via Videocardz, point to a significant…

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World Computer Literacy Day is observed annually on December 2 to promote digital literacy, especially amongst marginalised groups. News 

2023 World Computer Literacy Day: 10 Facts, Quotes, Messages, and More!

World Computer Literacy Day 2023: World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated annually on December 2. It is celebrated to celebrate the development of information technology and to promote digital literacy, especially in marginalized communities. World Computer Literacy Day was started in 2001 by the Indian multinational skills and talent development company NIIT Limited (National Institute of Information Technology). The company was then dedicated to educating women and children by providing them with computer literacy skills. Since its inception in 1981, NIIT has spread to more than 30 countries. World Computer…

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Deployment of an earlier version was halted last year after some soldiers experienced nausea and dizziness wearing it in combat testing. (Representative image) (AP) News 

US Army Approves Redesigned Microsoft Combat Goggles

In an interview, Assistant Army Secretary Doug Bush stated that Microsoft Corp. has made significant changes to its combat goggles, transforming them from a large helmet to a more streamlined flip-up visor. This alteration aims to enhance the likelihood of soldiers accepting the $22 billion project. Bush expressed concerns about the previous design and the way soldiers wore the goggles, even if the technology itself was functioning effectively. A new version of the Integrated Visual Augmentation System headset is designed to project battlefield information, including the locations of friendly forces,…

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displays a new Toshiba tablet hybrid at the opening of Taiwan's Computex 2013, one of the world's largest IT exhibitions, in Taipei. (Photo: AP/Wally Santana) AI 

Intel Identifies Glass as a Crucial Component in the Competition to Fuel Artificial Intelligence

Intel Corp. is placing its bets on an unconventional substance, glass, to assist in managing the escalating artificial intelligence workloads of computers worldwide. Intel researchers argue that as processors grow in size and complexity, their capacity to communicate with other computer parts will become a bottleneck. To address this issue, the company proposes employing glass-based substrates, positioned between the chip and connecting components, as the solution. For Intel, the chip pioneer now chasing Nvidia Corp. for the limelight, the new approach offers a chance to show its ability to innovate…

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Imports of items like laptops and tablets will be subject to payment of import duty, the government stated. (REUTERS) News 

Government Imposes Immediate Ban on Importation of Laptops, Tablets, and Servers

The Indian government has implemented immediate restrictions on the import of laptops, tablets, and servers, according to a notice issued on Thursday. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced this crackdown, stating that the import of laptops, tablets, all-in-one personal computers, ultra small form factor computers, and servers falling under HSN 8741 will now be “Restricted.” Importation of these items will only be permitted with a valid license for restricted imports. Previously, the import of goods such as personal computers, microcomputers, automatic data processing machines and mainframe computers was…

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Race towards 'autonomous' AI agents grips Silicon Valley (REUTERS) AI 

Silicon Valley Accelerates Development of Autonomous AI Agents

A new generation of AI assistants, equipped with advanced technology similar to ChatGPT and its competitors, is emerging, intensifying the competition in the field. This comes approximately ten years after the introduction of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa. These new AI helpers possess enhanced autonomy, taking the capabilities of virtual assistants to a whole new level. Experimental systems running on GPT-4 or similar models are attracting billions of dollars as Silicon Valley races to capitalize on advances in artificial intelligence. The new assistants — often called “agents” or “co-pilots”…

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The company is turning to partners instead. News 

Intel to Discontinue Production of NUC Mini PCs

Intel has announced that it will no longer produce its own mini PCs, known as Next Unit of Compute (NUC). The chip designer has confirmed that it is ending its “direct investment” in the NUC business and will instead focus on supporting partners to develop the NUC PC market. However, Intel will continue to fulfill its existing commitments, including providing support for NUC systems that are already in the hands of customers. The company does not explain why it is discontinuing production of first-party NUCs. There’s no doubt, however, that…

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Researchers created a new design for computer memory. (Representative Image| Pixabay) AI 

Research Uncovers Innovative Computer Memory Design to Cut Down on Energy Usage

A new computer memory design has been developed by researchers that has the potential to enhance performance and reduce energy consumption in internet and communication technologies. These technologies are predicted to consume almost 30% of the world’s electricity in the next decade. The study was published in the journal ‘Science Advances’. A team led by the University of Cambridge created a device that processes information in the same way as synapses in the human brain. The devices are made of hafnium oxide, a material already used in the semiconductor industry,…

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