Apple is finally entering the AI arena with its next iOS version expected to pack a host of features that point in that direction. News 

What iPhone Users Can Expect from the Upcoming iOS 18 Update

iOS 17.4 beta was released earlier this month, but all eyes are already on the big iOS update that will be released later this year. The iOS 18 version promises to be a blockbuster update for iPhone users, not only because of the new features, but also its overall design might see a big change. Apple is planning something big with the next version of iOS, and here we tell you about the possible features that will be available to iPhone users in 2024. iOS 18 release date iOS 18…

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Apple is planning for its own version of AI features for iPhone users in 2024 but don't expect anything big. News 

No Major Design Upgrades Expected for iPhone 16 Models, AI-Centric Features Delayed Until Next Year

The new iPhone 16 series launching in 2024 won’t get major design changes as Apple seems to be focusing on consistency and functionality. We’ve already heard reports that the iPhone 16 models will have a new capture button for the camera that responds to touch and pressure. But without major design changes, the iPhone 16 series will be placed next to the iPhone 15 models and jokes will be made about its identical looks, just like the memes we see almost every year. Details about the lack of changes for…

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Apple is dissolving its Siri Data Operations Annotations team and asking the employees to join the corresponding branch in Austin. Here's what we know so far. AI 

Apple’s 121-Person AI Team to be Disbanded; Employees Required to Relocate or Risk Losing Jobs

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple is disbanding its 121-person artificial intelligence operations team in San Diego, leaving many employees vulnerable to layoffs. The team, known as “Data Operations Annotations,” will be moved to Austin, where it will be merged with the Texas branch. The team is responsible for processing Siri and its voice service queries. Initially, this team handled Siri queries, but became optional for customers in 2019, when the team was replaced by full-time employees. The team’s expertise includes knowledge of multiple languages – including Hebrew, English, Spanish,…

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Apple is planning to boost Siri with power of AI on the iPhone 16 models and a new mic will help deliver those results. News 

Siri’s Performance on the Next iPhone Could Be Enhanced with Improved Audio

The Apple iPhone 16 is reportedly going to be a tough AI device, and the company wants to give voice assistant Siri a new lease of life. The iPhone 16 series comes with the company’s new Ai chipset, which meets the requirements and trends of the industry. And now it is suggested that Apple wants to improve the audio performance of the iPhone 16 models, which could directly benefit the use of Siri for iPhone users. Information provided by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo points to Apple upgrading microphones in the iPhone…

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Apple Music users could access all their playlist and album using voice commands by paying a small monthly fee. News 

Say Goodbye to Siri: Apple Closes the Door on Apple Music Service

Apple’s latest tryst with the Siri voice assistant has ended two years after its launch. Back in October 2021, the company announced a special Siri voice offer for Apple Music users, and it’s now being shut down, probably because people didn’t really want to spend $5 (roughly Rs. 413) on this special plan. It was recently noticed that the Apple Music Voice plan is no longer listed on the Apple Music subscription page, which more or less confirms its disappearance. In fact, Apple has created a support page to inform…

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Through Siri on her iPhone, the user contacted her friend for help. (Unsplash) Gadgets 

Siri Saves Woman’s Life, Apple Watch Takes a Backseat

Apple has been consistently working on incorporating health and fitness tracking capabilities into its range of products, including the iPhone and Apple Watch. These features, such as Crash Detection, Fall Detection, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, and ECG, have proven to be life-saving by notifying users of health irregularities and even contacting emergency services. In a recent incident in the UK, Siri also played a heroic role in assisting an iPhone owner. What happened One fine morning, Shailja Ambrose woke up and went about her daily routine as usual,…

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OpenAI released its ChatGPT app in May, and already offers a voice-to-text capability that lets users talk to the bot. (AFP) AI 

ChatGPT Now Has Five Different Vocalizations Thanks to OpenAI

OpenAI, the artificial intelligence startup, is introducing a new capability to its ChatGPT app. This update allows the chatbot to respond to spoken questions and commands using its own speech. Within the next two weeks, users will have the option to select from five different personas, such as “Juniper,” “Breeze,” and “Ember,” to personalize the voice of the chatbot. By choosing a persona, ChatGPT will generate audio in that specific voice, enabling activities like reading AI-generated bedtime stories aloud. This feature will be accessible to subscribers of OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus…

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Siri, turn on Bioweapon Defense Mode. News 

Tesla’s iPhone App Now Allows Control of Vehicle Through Siri

The latest version of Tesla’s iOS software now allows for easier control of your Tesla vehicle using your iPhone. With the integration of Shortcuts actions, common tasks can now be performed through Siri, in addition to on-screen taps and widgets. This means that you can use Apple’s voice assistant to perform simple tasks like opening trunks or windows, as well as accessing special modes such as Bioweapon Defense Mode. So, if you’ve ever wished to activate this mode by simply talking to your phone, now you can. Hotkeys also enable…

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Race towards 'autonomous' AI agents grips Silicon Valley (REUTERS) AI 

Silicon Valley Accelerates Development of Autonomous AI Agents

A new generation of AI assistants, equipped with advanced technology similar to ChatGPT and its competitors, is emerging, intensifying the competition in the field. This comes approximately ten years after the introduction of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa. These new AI helpers possess enhanced autonomy, taking the capabilities of virtual assistants to a whole new level. Experimental systems running on GPT-4 or similar models are attracting billions of dollars as Silicon Valley races to capitalize on advances in artificial intelligence. The new assistants — often called “agents” or “co-pilots”…

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Cook and other tech executives have been curious to try the popular AI chatbot and most of them have words of praise and caution. AI 

Tim Cook Reveals Apple’s Utilization of ChatGPT for Enhancing Siri

During an interview this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed both enthusiasm and concern regarding the potential of AI. He revealed that he had experimented with the OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT to gain insight into its capabilities and applications. Cook discussed the vast possibilities of AI and shared his observations from his experience with the chatbot. “Oh, of course, I’m using it. Yes, I’m excited about it. I think there are some unique applications for it, and you can bet it’s something we’re looking at closely,” Cook said in an interview…

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Apple may drop support for the 'Hey Siri' trigger phrase at WWDC 2023, requiring users to only say 'Siri' to invoke the voice assistant. News 

Apple May Discontinue ‘Hey Siri’ Activation Phrase At WWDC 2023

The phrase ‘Hey Siri’ was introduced by Apple in 2014 as a means to activate their virtual assistant, Siri. It has gained significant popularity over the years, largely due to its references in popular culture and the tech industry. Now, as MacRumors reports citing Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the iPhone maker may announce that it will end support for its “Hey Siri” trigger that helps summon Siri during a hands-free event at WWDC 2023. That opportunity is next week,” Gurman tweeted. . today. First announced by Gurman in November of last…

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Apple has been relying on Siri for its machine learning strategy but might need a Plan B to battle ChatGPT. News 

Former Apple engineer claims Siri will never catch up to ChatGPT in the AI chatbot race: Here’s why

AI chatbots are at the top of the market right now, and the likes of ChatGPT have stepped up this competition with giants like Microsoft and Google keeping an eye on it. But most of you are wondering, where does Apple stand in this battle? And will we see Siri become an obvious contender against the popular AI Chatbot. Well, according to a former Apple engineer, Siri will never be the answer for the company in its quest to become a leading force in the AI circuit. John Burkey knows…

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In December last year, it was reported that the iPhone maker was planning to launch its TV application on Android smartphones soon. News 

Apple fixes Siri Remote bug with new tvOS update

Tech giant Apple has released the tvOS 16.3.3 update, which includes a fix for the Siri remote bug. The tvOS 16.3.3 update can be downloaded over-the-air through the Apple TV’s Settings app by going to System and then Software Update, reports MacRumors. Apple TV owners who have enabled automatic software updates will automatically receive the tvOS 16.3.3 update. This update is limited to the third generation Apple TV 4K only. “This update fixes an issue where the Siri Remote can become unresponsive on Apple TV 4K (3rd generation),” the company…

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Siri can read and reply to Telegram messages. News 

Telegram adds support for Siri to read and reply to messages

Telegram’s latest beta now supports Siri’s message announcement feature on the headphones. IPhone and iPad users can now use Siri to listen to and respond to Telegram messages. This feature has been rolled out in the Telegram beta app. Telegram showcasing this feature makes it the first third-party app to enable Apple’s announcement messages with Siri, The 8-Bit reported. So far, only Apple’s Messages & Home app offers this feature. Apple has been making this Siri API available to developers for over a year now. This hands-free mode allows Siri…

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