Using the new Google Photos sync feature, anybody with a OnePlus or Oppo phone can get their locally-stored photos combined with the cloud media. News 

Google Photos is now compatible with the photo gallery on OnePlus and Xiaomi phones.

Google Photos users can now back up their photos and videos stored locally on phones from brands like OnePlus and Oppo. That’s right, the native Gallery app on OnePlus and Oppo phones allows you to sync content with your Google Photos account, meaning all your media content is seamlessly available on devices linked to the same Google Account. Trusted tipster Mishaal Rahman spotted the feature this week, and we were able to independently verify the feature on a OnePlus phone. The integration seems to have made it to the ColorOS…

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Google Photos lets you back up the pictures and videos from the device to the cloud and you have it free as well News 

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Google Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide

We’ve all accidentally deleted important photos at some point in our lives, but it’s a relief when we can get them back. Usually, when you delete an image from Google Photos, it is automatically moved to the Trash folder. Deleted photos that have been backed up will remain in the trash for 60 days, while unbacked photos will remain in the trash for 30 days. You can only recover photos and videos if they are still in your Trash folder. Once you have emptied the Trash folder, its contents cannot…

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Google Photos is now getting the AI love as users will finally get a chance to stack up all the relevant photos in one album among others. AI 

Google Photos Utilizes AI to Organize Your Gallery and Arrange Calendar

Google and AI have been in the news lately, and it’s time for AI-powered features to make their way into Photos. Google believes that its millions of users have a stacked photo library that could use some cleaning, and what better way to get AI to do the heavy lifting smartly and quickly. The company’s latest use of artificial intelligence appears to remove images and videos and group them into a single folder. Similarly, if you have documents or screenshots in the library, AI will redirect them to another safe…

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Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean up storage on the Google Photos app and desktop. News 

Step-by-Step Guide on Clearing Google Photos Storage

Many smartphone users often face problems of insufficient storage space. The high-quality photos and videos on our phones take up a lot of space and highlight the need for good storage management. In fact, many users often turn to Google Photos to seamlessly organize their media files. However, constantly running out of storage is still a problem, mainly due to the limited free space provided by Google, which is limited to 15GB. But fear not! You still have the option to clear your storage at any time through the Google…

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Google could soon bring the ability to allow a cloud-based service to make its entire contents available to the Android Photo Picker. News 

Adding photos from the cloud to apps may soon become effortless for Android users.

If you’re on Android, you know that importing photos from Google Photos in some apps isn’t the best experience, but from the looks of things, it looks like Google is working on adding a new “cloud media app” to Android Photo Picker, as reported by Android Authority. For the uninitiated, Google introduced a new “Photo Picker” app starting with Android 13 that allows users to choose exactly which photos are shared with the app. However, this feature lacks support for cloud photos stored in services such as Google Photos, causing…

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Your search for a Google Photos alternative comes to an end with Proton Drive, which also has high security with its end-to-end encryption. (Proton Drive) News 

Introducing Proton Drive, a secure alternative to Google Photos for storing your images with end-to-end encryption

Proton Drive, an alternative platform to Google Photos, offers Android users a seamless and secure way to store their images. While Google Photos is widely popular due to its pre-installation on Android smartphones and automatic media file backups, this convenience often prevents users from exploring other platforms with unique features and enhanced security. Proton Drive stands out by providing end-to-end encryption for stored images, ensuring privacy and protection. Proton Drive, a Google Photos alternative Proton Drive is built by Proton, a company known for its secure email and VPN services.…

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Google Drive lets you save files, photos and videos but the privacy feature isn't the best in the market and users now have another option. News 

New Rival Emerges for Google Photos, Ensuring Enhanced Photo Security

Android users have relied heavily on apps like Google Photos to capture and recreate their memories. In fact, some of the iPhone users prefer to use Google’s photo platform instead of Apple’s app. But now Android users have more reasons to consider using other apps to store their photos, especially since they promise better protection for your content. Proton is a well-known email client that offers its users a high level of privacy, and now its own version of Google Drive is getting a new update that lets you automatically…

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Google Photos' new AI-powered features let you create quick highlight videos, and it barely takes any time at all. Here's what you need to know. News 

Google Photos Offers Quick Creation of Highlight Videos

There must have been many times when you wanted to create a quick highlight video for your social media feed but felt too lazy to get started. Or maybe there are too many videos and photos from a certain vacation and you just want your phone to pick the best ones. Well, with new AI-powered features in Google Photos, you can create quick highlight videos on the fly — and it won’t take much time. This could be a recent holiday, your child’s birthday, or perhaps if you want to…

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Google Photos is testing a sharing shortcut that simplifies sharing albums with your partner. (Hindustan Times) News 

Google Photos Unveils Upcoming Features in Leak

Google is continuously improving its apps to provide users with a better experience and prevent them from switching to alternative applications. Recently, a leaked report has revealed potential additions to Google Photos that could be quite intriguing. Currently, Google is testing various exciting features that aim to enhance the sharing of photos and videos, improve organization, and assist users in staying updated on significant events. According to a report by, these features were discovered by app expert assembledbug, who analyzed the code behind the Google Photos app. He posted…

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The system creates more relevant scrapbook montages and even snappy headlines. News 

Google Photos Enhances Memories View with AI-Generated Content

Google Photos has received a significant update that incorporates generative AI into its popular Memories feature. This feature already generates scrapbook montages using users’ photos and videos, but now these montages will be more personalized, organizing them based on the user’s life. Enhanced AI algorithms will categorize the images into relevant groups, such as a recent vacation, and create an appealing title for the montage. While the app already performs these functions to some extent, the update is expected to bring about a substantial improvement. However, as with any AI…

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The new service shutting down next month caters to old Google data from apps like Hangout, and Gmail among others. News 

Google to Discontinue Album Archive in One Month

The Album Archive, a product from Google, is the latest to be discontinued without user input. This tool was useful for storing past conversations, videos, and pictures. Google used to have a lot of popular apps, and Album Archive was the best tool for keeping old data. However, starting July 19th, Google will remove the content available through the album library, which means it’s time to start exporting your data and backing it up somewhere else. Google will inform users of the news this week via email and advise them…

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Google Photos is getting updated to include an option to create cinematic photos on demand. Here's how the feature works. News 

Google Photos Offers Instant Cinematic Photo Effects

Thanks to Google’s machine learning algorithms, Google Photos is renowned for its convenience. One of its popular features is the cinematic photo effects, which were introduced in 2020. These effects automatically add depth and movement to photos, giving them a cinematic and immersive look. According to Android Police, the feature is now being updated to allow users to create cinematic photos on demand. Now, users can find an option to create cinematic images by tapping the Add-ons button in the Google Photos Library tab. And to convert a regular photo…

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Magic Editor can also create new content when repositioning an image to change the way cropping and resizing works, and it is functionality that is likely to expand beyond Pixel phones in the future. News 

Google I/O 2023: Google Photos Adds New AI Feature ‘Magic Editor’ – Why It Matters

At Google I/O 2023, US tech giant Google introduced a new AI-based editing feature called “Magic Editor” for Google Photos, which allows users to make significant changes to their images. This feature includes enhancing the sky, moving objects or people in the photo, and removing people from the background. It will be available to pre-selected Pixel users later this year. According to Google, Magic Editor can perform complex edits automatically by adjusting specific parts of an image to remove unwanted objects, change composition by repositioning the subject, and updating elements…

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iOS 16.3.1 is causing an app breaking bug in the Google Photos app—leading to the Photos app crashing immediately when opened. News 

iOS 16.3.1 causing app-breaking error for Google Photos users: Report

iOS 16.3.1 is now available for all iPhones that have updated to iOS 16, but if you use Google Photos, you may want to consider delaying the update. According to a report by 9to5Mac, iOS 16.3.1 causes an app crash bug in Google Photos, which causes the Photos app to crash immediately upon opening. Several people on social media have reported experiencing issues with their Google Photos app. In particular, the app seems to crash immediately after launching it after their recent iOS 16.3.1 update. After update ios 16.3.1 and…

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Cinematic photos in Google Photos (Google) News 

Google Photos adds cinematic 3D effect, new collage designs and more

Google is adding a new feature to Photos that aims to bring your photos to life. Google Photos is also getting new collage designs and features in its Memories section. Cinematic photos are coming to Google Photos, and these essentially add a 3D effect to your photos. To do this, we use machine learning to predict the depth of an image and produce a 3D representation of the scene, even though the original image does not include the depth information from the camera, said Google explained in a blog post.…

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New update of Google Photos (HT Tech) News 

Google Photos now lets you set “Memories” as your live wallpaper for your phone

Google Photos has a new update which allows you to set new live wallpapers in the “Memories” section. This will activate an auto-updating live wallpaper that will select photos from your Google Photos memories. The new feature was rolled out with version 5.22 of Google Photos and is available for download from the Google Play Store. This basically adds a new Memories section under live wallpapers on Android smartphones. Select this option to extract photos from your Google Photos memories and the carousel will update regularly. Google uses machine learning…

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Google Photos new collage designs (Google) News 

Google Photos Adds New Collage Designs Under “Latest News”

Google Photos, in addition to storing photos, also uses machine learning to edit photos and videos. He has now introduced new collage designs that will appear in Recent Highlights. The new update started rolling out earlier this week. The top Google Photos carousel shows old photos in an Instagram Stories-like interface. There is a titled Recent Highlights where Google selects the best of your recent photos. Here, several photos taken on the same day or on the same occasion are clubbed together in a collage. Right now, Google Photos has…

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Google Photos App Store sheet. (Hindustan Times) News 

Whats the cheapest way to save those phone photos now that Google Photos is going to get paid

If you’re used to storing your photos and videos in Google’s cloud for free, this week brought some bad news: the days of unlimited storage are numbered. As of June 2021, you’ll still get 15 gigabytes of free storage, but beyond that you’ll have to pay more. As the heady days of free data storage come to an end, what’s the most economical way to store photos or any file from your smartphone? Should you continue to upload your snapshots to the cloud or store them on a computer? Should…

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Google mentioned that the timeline will roll out quickly on the Google Photos map. (HT Tech) News 

Google Maps introduces the Trips tab to recall previous vacations

Google Maps will soon roll out a new Trips tab in the timeline on Android that can present customers with a summary of previous vacations and full kilometers traveled. According to Mashable, Google Photos will quickly receive the timeline as well which can allow customers to see the paths they’ve taken during the day, alongside the images. Users can view and share previous travel routes and dining locations. They will also have the option to get confirmations, in their Gmail by tapping the Trips tab on the desktop website,…

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