Apple Watch Series 9 has a new chip and AI features but you also get double-tap gesture to take calls or activate Siri.Gadgets 

Discover How Apple Watch Series 9 Is Different From Other Smartwatches With Tap Gestures

Apple has been waiting for the launch of the iPhone 15 series this month, but the company had other weapons in its arsenal, including the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2. Apple changed the dynamics of the industry over the years when it decided to remove the headphone jack from iPhones, and all other brands followed suit .

Likewise, Apple brought the Dynamic Island notch with the iPhone 14 Pro, and now we’ve seen Android phones offer similar features. The company understandably claims that the new double-tap gesture on the Apple Watch Series 9 is a refreshing addition to its smartwatch that will help millions.

But here’s the thing, Apple isn’t the first to offer this feature, and the Apple Watch Series 9 isn’t the first device to have support. In fact, this bearing goes to its closest competitor, Samsung, which has offered tap gesture support on the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 and the latest Watch 6 series. The feature is offered through the One UI 5 Watch version, which is based on the Wear OS 4 platform jointly developed by Google and Samsung.

Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatches launched in the last 2 years have this gesture support that allows users to control various settings simply by making a fist, tapping the thumb with the index finger, and more. Samsung calls its feature Universal Gestures.

These are not enabled by default, but you can go to the Settings page on your Galaxy Watch 4/5/6 and look for the feature in the Accessibility section. When you enable it, Samsung gives you several options such as “shake”, “nod” and “knock-knock” gesture modes for the smartwatch.

The base Apple Watch Series 9 is priced at Rs 41,900, while the Watch Ultra 2 starts at Rs 89,900 in India. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series is also available in the country for over Rs 40,000.

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