Nothing's new sub-brand CMF is expected to launch a new pair of wireless earbuds and a new smartwatch on September 26. Here's what we know so far. Gadgets 

CMF to Unveil New Smartwatch and Wireless Earbuds on September 26: Get the Details Here

On September 26, CMF, a newly created sub-brand of London-based startup Nothing, will launch budget-oriented products with a focus on design. Although the brand has not revealed the exact details of the launch, it has previously hinted that it will introduce an affordable smartwatch and truly wireless headphones. CEO Carl Pei has stated that CMF offers products that are designed with improved accessibility and share the “common DNA” of Nothing. CMF products are available through Flipkart, Myntra, online stores and others. According to a report by 9to5Google, the initial lineup…

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The smartwatch debuts two years after its predecessor. Gadgets 

Garmin’s Venu 3 Smartwatch Tracks Sleep Patterns

Today, Garmin is introducing the Venu 3 and Venu 3S smartwatches, which prioritize sleep-tracking and customization. Notably, these watches include a proactive sleep coaching feature and the ability to detect naps. This sets them apart from other popular smartwatches, such as those from Apple, Samsung, and Google, which only track sleep during the night. With the Venu 3 series, users can now have peace of mind knowing that their daytime sleep can also be monitored, if desired. The company’s new sleep coach takes into account, among other things, the user’s…

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The voice assistant will only work on smartwatches running Wear OS 3 and later. News 

Google Assistant to be Removed from Older Wear OS Devices

In the near future, Google plans to discontinue its support for Assistant on smartwatches operating on Wear OS 2. A message in the latest version of the Wear OS companion app states, “Google Assistant support on this watch is ending soon. Please switch to a newer watch that is compatible with Google Assistant and runs Wear OS 3 or a later version.” The companion app is only required for devices running Wear OS 2 or earlier versions of the operating system. Wear OS 3 devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch…

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Samsung Galaxy foldables, smartwatches and tablets are likely. News 

Samsung Unpacked 2023: Unveiling New Summer Products

Samsung’s summer Unpacked event is scheduled for July 26th, earlier than usual, and is expected to be remarkable. Alongside the highly anticipated Galaxy Z foldable phones, the company has hinted at the unveiling of new smartwatches and tablets, making it a potentially jam-packed presentation. The question remains whether Samsung will showcase significant transformations or merely minor updates. Let’s delve into what we believe Samsung is likely to showcase in Seoul. How to watch Samsung Unpacked July 2023 It’s easy for you to watch Unpacked if you’re an early riser. Samsung…

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Until now, little to nothing was known about the next-generation Galaxy Watch 6 series, but now new renders of the watches have leaked. Gadgets 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic: First Look

Samsung has announced that it will hold its Galaxy Unpacked event in late July, during which it is anticipated to reveal its latest foldable devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, as well as new Galaxy Buds. Additionally, the company is expected to introduce the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Pro, which have received less attention. Until now, not much was known about the next generation of Galaxy Watches, but now new renders of the watches have leaked thanks to WinFuture. Based on the…

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There’s AMOLED displays, improved weather mapping and much more. Gadgets 

Garmin introduces top-of-the-line smartwatches for deep-pocketed explorers

Garmin just announced new smartwatches aimed at explorers and fitness enthusiasts. However, these are high-end devices with high-end specs and correspondingly high-end price tags. First, the Epix Pro series. The main advantage of these watches is that they have a bright and sharp AMOLED display, which is a design choice that Garmin has started to embrace and offers a vivid image without draining too much battery life. There’s also a built-in flashlight with multiple intensities and flash mode, a red-only display option for darker conditions, and plenty of advanced fitness…

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A switch to a Snapdragon chip could solve complaints about longevity. Gadgets 

Google Pixel Watch 2 is said to significantly improve battery life

Any complaints you had about the Pixel Watch’s battery life may disappear with the sequel. Sources who spoke to 9to5Google claim that the Pixel Watch 2 will switch from Samsung’s 2018 Exynos 9110 to one of Qualcomm’s much newer Snapdragon W5 models. While the new smartwatch’s battery shouldn’t be significantly larger, longevity should be greatly improved – and it’s said that it could last more than a day with the always-on display on, if that wasn’t possible. before. The Pixel Watch 2 is also said to use the same health…

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ChatGPT is everywhere these days and now it is time to have it on the wrist. News 

Amazfit smartwatch brand lets you get answers from ChatGPT on your wrist

What if we tell you that you can now experience using ChatGPT on a smartwatch? Properly. A company called Amazfit, which manufactures high-quality smart watches, has now integrated the popular AI Chatbot into its platform. The brand is owned by its parent company Zepp Health, which offers Zepp OS for its wearable devices. The new update delivered to Zepp OS integrates an Open AI chatbot that gives you answers on your wrist. ChatGPT on Smartwatch: How it works So how does the new update enable ChatGPT on the smartwatch? Amazfit…

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Apple is reportedly considering adding a camera to the top of their Watch, according to a new patent. The camera would be similar to the wristcam but would sit in a slight protrusion above the display. News 

New patent reveals Apple’s plan to add a camera to future Apple Watch models

As smartwatches get bigger and more advanced, especially with Apple’s recently launched Apple Watch Ultra, we may be asking ourselves if they could offer more functionality to our wrists. We’ve seen sci-fi movies and popular media with computers on our wrists — essentially replacing smartphones and other gadgets like cameras — and it looks like Apple is working to make this a reality. According to AppleInsider, Apple is considering adding a camera to the top of its watch, according to a new patent. The camera would be similar to the…

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The team which was big part of the success of Pebble smartwatches now has a different focus. News 

The makers of the Pebble Smartwatch now want to release a compact Android phone

Pebble smartwatches were popular and now their creators want to enter the smartphone segment with a unique focus. The team behind Pebble wants to make a compact Android phone that could take over the mantle of the discontinued iPhone 13 Mini. Eric Migicovsky has started a community focused on phone design and production. Eric’s team claims they have over 38,000 signatures for the product to be rolled out. To be fair, he has no business standing, but Eric and Co. have been designing the phone behind the scenes and claim…

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The smartwatch offers multiple health-centric sensors and a wide range of sports modes. News 

Amazfit GTR Mini Smartwatch with AMOLED Display and 14-Day Battery Life Launched in India: Price, Features

Amazfit has launched a new premium smartwatch in the Indian market this week, which is part of the GTR series. The new GTR Mini smartwatch joins other GTR wearables in the country and promises the ideal blend of style and substance. The Amazfit GTR Mini gets a curved AMOLED screen, supports both Android and iOS devices, and you’re promised a couple of weeks of battery life. Amazfit GTR Mini India Price The Amazfit GTR Mini smartwatch is priced at Rs 10,999 and is available in three colors Black, Pink and…

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In a recent tweet, Pei admitted that he bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro but doesn't quite know what to use it for. He said, that it "feels kind of useless.” News 

Are smartwatches useless? That’s what Nothing founder Carl Pei thinks

Carl Pei, the tech entrepreneur who founded Nothing and helped make OnePlus a successful brand, recently shared his thoughts on smartwatches. In a recent tweet, Pei admitted that he bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro, but doesn’t really know what to use it for. He said it “kind of feels pointless.” Pei’s candid admission of his own use of a smartwatch raises an interesting question about the broader appeal of these devices. He also expressed his curiosity about how other people use their smartwatches. Got the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro…

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