Alphabet's Google on Friday criticised a potential order from EU antitrust regulators to sell part of its lucrative adtech business, saying it was disproportionate and not right for its advertising partners. News 

EU Break-up Order Faces Criticism from Google

BRUSSELS: Alphabet’s Google on Friday criticized a potential order by EU antitrust regulators to sell part of its lucrative ad technology business, saying it was disproportionate and not right for its advertising partners. The comments by Google CEO Oliver Bethell and its vice president of global advertising Dan Taylor came after the US tech giant responded to EU charges brought against the company in June. “We oppose the sale. We don’t think it’s the right outcome for this case. We think this is a very efficient part of our business,”…

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Google Drive lets you save files, photos and videos but the privacy feature isn't the best in the market and users now have another option. News 

New Rival Emerges for Google Photos, Ensuring Enhanced Photo Security

Android users have relied heavily on apps like Google Photos to capture and recreate their memories. In fact, some of the iPhone users prefer to use Google’s photo platform instead of Apple’s app. But now Android users have more reasons to consider using other apps to store their photos, especially since they promise better protection for your content. Proton is a well-known email client that offers its users a high level of privacy, and now its own version of Google Drive is getting a new update that lets you automatically…

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YouTube has introduced the ability to pause the comments section without getting rid of the ones already posted. Here's how it works. News 

Creators on YouTube can now choose to temporarily disable comments if they need a break.

YouTube comments are an interesting place. Not only do content creators get feedback on their content, you also get to know different opinions of people on that topic. However, sometimes moderation is an absolute necessity. Now the video giant has introduced the option to pause the comment section without getting rid of the ones that have already been sent. Simply put, users can still see comments that have already been added, but cannot add new ones. This enables two things in practice: – Provides greater flexibility in how YouTube users…

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iPhone only supports apps downloaded from the App Store but Apple has a different rule for apps that are being tested by developers. News 

Read here to learn about the significant security issue posing a hacking risk for iPhone users.

Apple makes high claims about the privacy and security of its platforms, including iOS for iPhone users. But recent developments suggest the company may have a clear loophole that hackers can exploit without warning. Developers can preview their apps in the App Store using the TestFlight program, where Apple is lenient with apps released for testing. And hackers have reportedly realized the possibility of pushing spyware through the third-party keyboards you can use on iPhones. Details of these attacks have been shared by Certo Software, a UK-based cyber security company.…

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Microsoft didn’t report the transaction to the agency because the investment in OpenAI doesn’t amount to control of the company under US law. (AP) News 

US and UK regulators may scrutinize Microsoft’s OpenAI partnership following $13 billion investment.

According to an individual familiar with the situation, the US Federal Trade Commission is investigating Microsoft Corp.’s investment in OpenAI Inc. to determine if it potentially breaches antitrust regulations. The inquiries are preliminary and the agency has not opened a formal investigation, according to the person, who declined to be named due to the confidential nature of the matter. Microsoft did not report the deal to the agency because an investment in OpenAI does not imply control of the company under U.S. law, the person said. OpenAI is a non-profit,…

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The minister highlighted the magnitude of government interventions aimed at ensuring national security, safeguarding public order, and maintaining sovereignty and integrity News 

Chandrasekhar reveals that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter received numerous content directives under IT Act in the last 5 years.

Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar revealed during the ongoing session of Parliament the startling figures of government directives to major social media platforms to remove, edit or block content under the Information Technology Act, 2000. Released by Chandrasekhar in the last five years, it highlighted the extent of the government’s efforts to ensure national security, safeguard public order and preserve sovereignty and integrity. The statistics revealed by the minister outlined a significant number of guidelines that are specifically targeted at platforms such as Facebook, Instagram,…

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Over the past three years, a staggering number of illegal telecom setups — 35 in FY 2021-22, 62 in FY 2022-23, and 65 in FY 2023-24 — have been unearthed, with reports of individuals being defrauded through these channels News 

MoS Devusinh Chauhan reveals a significant increase in fake call centres, rising from 35 to 65, during Parliament session.

Communications Minister Devusinh Chauhan, responding to inquiries made during the winter session of parliament, shed light on the proliferation of fake call centers that engage in fraudulent activity. Over the past three years, there have been a staggering number of illegal telecoms flats discovered – 35 in 2021-22, 62 in 2022-23 and 65 in 2023-24, and reports of individuals being defrauded through these channels. The Minister said, “Such illegal arrangements are used to bypass International Long Distance Operators (ILDOs) for anti-national activities, cyber crimes and financial fraud etc.” According to…

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Priced at Rs 6,299, the Infinix Smart 8HD leaves little room for complaints. However, the question remains: Will it capture the attention of the masses? News 

Infinix Smart 8HD: Affordable and Loaded with Features

When we talk about smartphones in the Rs 10,000 range, there isn’t much to get excited about, except for the value proposition. The phones tend to be on the weak end, getting almost no software support in the long run, and certainly not representing the best of technology. However, to be a good smartphone under Rs 10,000, a phone doesn’t need to do any of these things; Instead, it should provide a balanced experience and then try to introduce additions. This is exactly what the Infinix Smart 8HD does. It’s…

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Meta's long-awaited privacy feature with default end-to-end encryption has now been rolled out on Facebook Messenger to enhance user confidentiality. (Meta) News 

Facebook Messenger now has default end-to-end encryption for enhanced security.

Meta Platforms has finally delivered on its commitment to implement default end-to-end encryption for private conversations and calls on Facebook Messenger. The company claims that this encryption ensures that only the sender and receiver can view the message’s content. Originally introduced as an optional feature in 2016, end-to-end encryption for personal chats and calls will now be the norm, signifying a major achievement following a lengthy development period. Comprehensive renovation Loredana Crisan, vice president of Messenger, said, “This has been years in the making because we’ve taken our time to…

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Password managers help you avoid the tedious process of knowing all the details for your accounts but are they safe? News 

Security Experts Issue Warning About Using Password Managers on Your Phone

Remembering all the passwords for your accounts is a difficult task, and that’s where password managers help you keep all your passwords in one place. However, security experts have warned of a major problem with password management that could expose your credentials to any bad actors who can exploit a loophole in these apps. This was reported by researchers at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) in Hyderabad, India, during the Black Hat conference in Europe. So what is the problem with password managers that affects millions of users?…

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Google says it has been removing these dangerous loan apps from the Play Store but the problem clearly needs more attention. News 

Know more about the Android apps in India that Google has removed for spying on users.

There have been serious concerns about predatory lending apps in India and other countries, forcing Google to take drastic measures to remove them from the Play Store to prevent millions from accidentally downloading the apps and exposing them to potential extortion and other abuses. Now, a new security report says that Google has been forced to remove several apps that have been downloaded by more than 12 million across the world, including India. These Android apps were disguised as loan apps on the Play Store, but their fraudulent nature carries…

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WhatsApp Self-destructing Voice Messages will add an extra layer of privacy for WhatsApp users who want to share sensitive or confidential information without the risk of sharing it to wrong people. (REUTERS) News 

What are the advantages of using WhatsApp’s self-destructing voice messages?

In the current era of rapid digital communication, the significance of privacy and control over shared content is growing. Numerous messaging apps are now integrating features that empower users with more control, and among these features, the WhatsApp “View Once” mode for voice messages is gaining popularity. According to a report by The Verge, WhatsApp has expanded its “View Once” feature to include voice messages. It allows users to send voice notes that disappear after listening. This update adds an extra layer of privacy for users who want to share…

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Infinix has launched the Smart 8HD smartphone in the Indian market, with the price and the 'Magic Ring' feature being major highlights. Here are the details. News 

All Details, Price, and Specifications of Infinix Smart 8HD with ‘Magic Ring’ Released in India

Infinix has expanded its range of budget smartphones in India with the launch of the Infinix Smart 8HD. This device features several industry firsts, including the Magic Ring feature, reminiscent of the iPhone’s Dynamic Island cutout that debuted with the iPhone 14 Pro, and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with flash. Infinix Smart 8HD Price in India The Infinix Smart 8HD is priced quite aggressively in the Indian market considering its specifications. After bank offers, you can buy the phone for Rs 5,669. However, you will need an Axis Bank credit…

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The Apple team was scheduled to meet Indian cyber security watchdog CERT-In by the end of November. (REUTERS) News 

Meity official states that Apple officials hold meeting with CERT-In regarding warning notification issue.

On Thursday, a senior government official stated that a team from Apple’s cyber security department has held a meeting with watchdog CERT-In to address the matter of warning notifications being sent to certain opposition leaders. Last month, several opposition leaders claimed to have received a warning from Apple about “state-sponsored attackers attempting to remotely compromise” their iPhones and alleged government hacking. Minister for Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) Rajeev Chandrasekhar had said that Apple will have to respond to the announcement made by their global cyber security team. The Apple…

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Apple and its suppliers aim to build more than 50 million iPhones in India each year, within the next two to three years, with additional tens of millions of units planned thereafter. (Bloomberg) News 

India to be the manufacturing hub for Apple, producing over 50 million iPhones, accounting for 25% of its global annual production.

According to a recent report, Apple has ambitious intentions for India, as it plans to manufacture up to 50 million iPhones annually in collaboration with its suppliers. This figure represents a significant portion, approximately 25 percent, of the global iPhone production. Over the next two to three years, Apple intends to enhance its factories in India to meet the rising demand for iPhones. Furthermore, once the initial production target is achieved, the company aims to further increase the quantity, adding tens of millions of additional iPhone units to its lineup.…

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Meta has finally added support for tags on Threads, allowing users to easily find topics. However, these are not hashtags. Here's what's different. News 

Threads Introduces Hashtag Support, But There’s a Surprising Catch

Meta has finally added support for tags in Threads. Yes, they’re not exactly hashtags, but they work differently than how some other platforms like Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter) work as reported by Adam Mosser. “The ability to tag your post with a topic is now globally enabled to categorize your posts and make it easier for others to find and join the conversation,” said Adam Mosseri at Threads. How are tags different from hashtags? Mosseri says tags are a simpler version of hashtags because they don’t make…

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Google Files' Smart Search feature is currently under testing, and it allows users to search for files like images and PDFs depending on what is inside them. News 

Google Files to Introduce Content-Based Search for Images and PDFs in the Near Future

There must have been times in your life when you wanted to find an important file on your mobile device but failed to create or save it because of the random file name you chose. This can cause a lot of frustration and therefore waste valuable time. But what if there was a solution that could mitigate this problem by letting you search what’s in the file? Yes, the search giant is working on a Google Files feature that will let you do just that. As reported by Android Police,…

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Prepaid SIM card users needed to submit multiple documents to get a new SIM card for many years in India but that will be changing soon. News 

From 2024, Indians will not be required to provide documents for obtaining SIM cards.

How many times have you had to carry documents, IDs and photos to get a SIM card in your phone? Well, the Indian government is all set to stop carrying papers and filling forms to get a SIM card from 2024 onwards. The Department of Telecom (DoT) has already issued a notification confirming the changes, whereby the country’s telcos will completely end the paper-based Know Your Customer or KYC process. For years, telcos have talked about the paperwork involved in issuing SIM cards, and they also believe that going digital…

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Elon Musk had admitted that he enjoys playing video games in his free time but the X chief clearly has a type. News 

Elon Musk’s Fondness for Video Games Doesn’t Extend to GTA 6: Find Out Why

Elon Musk is busy with several businesses these days, but he still has time to enjoy leisure activities like playing video games. But X Chief is not going to play Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 which will be released in 2025. The popular GTA series is a global hit and even the 2-minute trailer for GTA 6 got more than 80 million views in 24 hours. So why doesn’t Musk want to play this series? Answering the X poll, Musk admitted that he doesn’t like the crime in the GTA…

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WhatsApp's 'View Once' audio messages will be auto-deleted once they are played. Here's how this new feature works. News 

WhatsApp introduces feature allowing users to send audio messages that delete themselves after being played once.

WhatsApp is finally rolling out support for “look once” voice messages that disappear after being heard. This is an addition to the app’s already existing feature that allows you to send “View Once” photos and videos. Yes, although the naming is confusing, this works exactly as you would think. With this WhatsApp feature, the voice messages you send will be automatically destroyed when they are played back. Meta points out that this would add extra privacy to users. This can be especially useful when you’re sharing security-sensitive information, such as…

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