You may also see exactly how long you have to wait until you can skip the remaining ads. News 

YouTube Experiments with Longer Commercial Breaks on TV Apps

YouTube is currently conducting trials on smart TVs, Apple TV, and game consoles to explore a new advertising strategy. The platform is testing the concept of reducing the frequency of ad breaks while extending their duration on these devices, collectively known as connected TV or CTV experiences. The idea is to display ads in a way that fits better with each YouTube viewing environment. On mobile, you may be more inclined to watch content like Shorts in smaller chunks, so shorter, quick ad breaks may make more sense. However, YouTube…

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The move will impact podcasters' earnings and boost the company's bottom line. News 

White Noise Podcasters Allegedly Excluded from Spotify Advertising Program

According to Bloomberg, Spotify’s relationship with white noise podcast creators has been difficult, and the company appears to be intensifying its actions against them. Starting from October 1, white noise podcasters will no longer qualify for Spotify’s Ambassador Ads program. As part of the program, Spotify pays podcasters to read ads for the company’s own products. Its goal is to get more people to make presentations on the platform. Bloomberg previously reported that some white noise podcasters were making as much as $18,000 a month, largely due to Spotify itself…

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The ads, which were bought by a watchdog group, never ran. News 

European Commission Gives Green Light to Facebook Ads Inciting Violence

Once again, Meta is being accused of inadequate measures to curb the dissemination of hate speech and violent content through Facebook ads. A recent report highlights eight specific ads that were approved despite blatantly violating the company’s policies on hate speech and violence, and were aimed at European audiences. The report comes from watchdog Ekō, which is sharing its work to draw attention to the social network’s “substandard moderation practices” ahead of the Digital Services Act (DSA), which comes into force in Europe later this week. It details how the…

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The company says the feature “further powers brand discovery.” News 

TikTok Users to Be Exposed to More Ads in Search Results

One thing that can be relied upon is that humans will always find ways to incorporate advertisements into every aspect of our lives. A prime example of this is TikTok’s latest move to include ads in search results. Now, whenever you search for a hashtag, a particular user, or anything else on the platform, you will come across branded content. These ads are sourced from sponsored videos available on TikTok and serve as a means to enhance the discovery of various brands. Some users may find this annoying, but the…

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The video streaming platform is ready to take extreme action if you don't stop using ad blockers. News 

Ad Blockers Could Cause YouTube to Cease Functioning: Report

YouTube is currently experimenting with a policy that involves issuing three strikes to individuals who employ ad blockers. This was first spotted by a Reddit user, now the company has confirmed this test to Android Authority. “We’re running a small experiment globally that prompts viewers with ad blockers to enable ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium. Ad blocker detection is not new, and other publishers regularly ask viewers to turn off ad blockers,” a YouTube spokesperson said. The company also provided details on how the practice works, but noted…

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The company has been accused of 'ad fraud' and not delivering on what brands pay for. News 

Google denies allegations of breaching its own policies and deceiving advertisers

Google has refuted allegations of breaching its own regulations and deceiving advertisers regarding ad viewership on external websites, dismissing them as “highly inaccurate.” Through the Google Video Partners network and TrueView (an advertising product also used on YouTube), the company manages the placement of video ads on external websites and applications. According to The Wall Street Journal, Google tells brands that their ads will appear on “high-quality” sites, appear before the main video content and appear with audio. It also says that advertisers don’t pay if users skip ads. However,…

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They’ll be muted by default but can run for up to 90 seconds. News 

Uber to Launch Video Ads in Apps This Week

Uber has announced that it will soon feature video advertisements within its apps. These ads will be visible while waiting for a ride or during transit, as well as after placing orders in Uber Eats and in search results and other areas of Drizly. Additionally, some Uber cars will have tablets that display ads. Users in the US will start seeing video ads this week. Tablets showing ads are installed country-by-city. The company plans to roll out video ads in the UK, France, Australia and other markets later this year.…

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Britain's competition watchdog said Meta had offered to limit its use of other businesses' advertising data for its Facebook Marketplace. News 

Meta offers to limit the use of advertising data to resolve competition issues in the UK

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s competition watchdog said on Friday that social media giant Meta had offered to limit the use of other companies’ advertising data on its Facebook Marketplace service to address the regulator’s competition concerns. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced that it intends to accept commitments that include the option for advertisers to opt out of having their data used to improve the Facebook Marketplace advertising platform. Michael Grenfell, the CMA’s director of enforcement, said: “Meta’s unfair use of the data of businesses that advertise on its…

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Meta-owned Instagram has announced that it now allows for advertisements in search results via its Marketing API (Application Programming Interface). News 

Instagram serves ads in search results via Marketing API

Meta-owned Instagram has announced that it now allows ads in search results through its Marketing API (Application Programming Interface). With this new addition, users will be able to update their apps to enable their clients to create and preview ads in Instagram search results via the API. “Starting today, we now allow ads in Instagram search results through the Instagram Marketing API. “This new ad placement will be available on all current Marketing API versions and does not require an upgrade,” Meta said in a blogpost on Wednesday. “This would…

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Social media giant Meta Platforms Inc joined the generative AI product race on Thursday, saying it would begin testing artificial intelligence-powered ad tools that can create content like image backgrounds and variations of written text. News 

Meta to test AI-powered advertising tools for content creation: what it means

Social media giant Meta Platforms Inc joined the generative artificial intelligence product race on Thursday, saying it will begin testing artificial intelligence-based advertising tools that can create content such as image backgrounds and variations of written text. A select group of advertisers will be invited to try out the tools in a “testing playground,” which the company calls an AI sandbox, Meta executives said at a news conference in New York. Administrators decline to specify how many advertisers will have access to the space at the outset, saying only that…

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Meta is also evolving the programme by testing a new payout model that pays creators based on the performance of their public reels, not the earnings of ads on their reels. News 

Meta expands the ads on rolls test with a new performance-based payment model

Meta (formerly Facebook) has announced that they are updating and expanding the Ads on Reels test (or monetization program) on Facebook to allow more content creators to monetize their interesting reels. The company announced that it will start testing the program on Instagram in the coming weeks. Meta is also developing the program by testing a new payment model that pays content creators based on the performance of public reels, not based on revenue from ads on reels. “This means creators can focus on creating engaging content while we optimize…

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The Google Ads blue label features a blue circle with ridges and a checkmark inside it, reports Search Engine Land. News 

Google Now tests blue checkmarks for verified ads: Report

Inspired by Twitter and Meta, Google is now experimenting with displaying blue checkmarks in search ads from certain advertisers verified by Google Ads. Google Ads’ blue label has a blue circle with ridges and a check mark inside, Search Engine Land reports. Blue badges are part of Google’s ongoing advertiser verification program. SEO analyst Khushal Bherwani was the first to spot Google testing blue checkmarks for verified advertisers. “Google now shows a verified blue tick icon on sponsored posts. From proven business,” he wrote on Twitter. Google has yet to…

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