Central agencies have noted the operation of numerous fraudulent websites soliciting donations and new apps have been created promoting Ram-themed gaming with monetary rewards. These entities exploit payment gateways on counterfeit domains via QR codes News 

Government sources warn that cyber criminals are targeting Ram Mandir devotees with fake websites and apps.

Central agencies involved in the fight against cybercrime have seen an increase in frauds trying to cash in on the Ayodhya Ram Mandir fervor, with fraudsters swindling substantial funds. The agencies have detected the activity of numerous fraudulent websites asking for donations, and new apps have been created that promote playing the Ram theme for money. These communities utilize payment gateways of fake domains using QR codes. Government sources said the central network complaint number is receiving increasing calls indicating this trend and the number of swipes is yet to…

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Apple is being forced to open iOS to other app stores in Europe and it could also give more reasons to developers to host their apps. News 

App Store Bundled Services May Receive Significant Discount from Apple in the Near Future

Apple has been accused of giving secret deals to platforms that help them keep some of their purchases, but the company may soon lure developers with a unique offer. Apple has reportedly launched a pilot program that gives App Store developers the freedom to offer their apps at special discounts if users make multiple orders. The deal doesn’t require the apps to be from the same developer, in fact you can pay for two different apps, and developers can collaborate and offer a special price for their respective apps. The…

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G20 India Mobile Application, by the Ministry of External Affairs, is available for both Android and iPhone users on their respective app stores. The app also offers info about the logo, theme and host cities for the G20 summit News 

G20 India Summit: All-in-One ‘App-t’ Platform for New Delhi Event

The government has launched the much-anticipated G20 India Mobile App, a comprehensive digital platform that will provide users with an immersive and informative experience for the upcoming G20 Summit in New Delhi. The app has several features that make the G20 Summit accessible to a global audience and enhance the experience of participants and foreign delegates. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ application is available for both Android and iPhone users in their app stores. In a press conference, officials told ReturnByte that till Tuesday 15,000 users had downloaded the app,…

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The new course includes 200+ tunes and 'hundreds of bite-sized lessons.' News 

Duolingo to Introduce Game-Based Music Education

Duolingo, the popular language learning app, has expanded its offerings to include math and will soon introduce music lessons, the company revealed. Users will have access to a vast library of over 200 songs and will be able to learn notes and play tunes through a series of bite-sized lessons. Duolingo’s gamified learning experience will provide an interactive platform for users to learn how to read and play music at any time, as stated by the company. “We know math and music, just like language, we cross cultures and connect…

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It builds on Whisk, an app it acquired a few years back. News 

Samsung Launches AI-Enabled Smart Recipe App

Samsung has fulfilled its promise by launching Food, an app that utilizes artificial intelligence and offers personalized food and recipe recommendations. The app is now available in 104 countries and eight languages. Samsung acquired Whisk, a food database app, a few years ago, and the newly launched app bears resemblance to a version of Whisk that was unveiled last year. Considering Samsung’s significant presence in kitchens with its smart appliances, the introduction of a food and recipe app appears to be a natural progression for the company. The app allows…

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You can display them forever or make them disappear at various times up to 48 hours. News 

Premium Subscribers Gain Access to Telegram Stories Feature

Telegram has introduced its highly anticipated Stories feature, but currently, it is exclusively accessible to Premium users, according to a statement made by the company on Twitter. CEO Pavel Durov had previously disclosed this forthcoming feature, which provides users with greater control compared to Stories on other applications. It allows individuals to choose the audience who can view their stories and determine their duration before they vanish. Several Twitter users have also confirmed witnessing the arrival of this new feature. Similar to the same feature in Facebook Messenger, Telegram stories…

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The tool, which had been in beta since March, makes it easy to share files between devices. News 

Google’s Nearby Share App for Windows Computers Now Available

Google has announced that its Nearby Share app for Windows PCs is now officially released. The app, which simplifies the process of sharing files between Android phones and Chromebooks, has been in beta testing for a few months and is now fully prepared for widespread use. According to Google, more than 1.7 million people installed the beta. They’ve used it to transfer over 50 million files, mostly photos and videos. Google has added some new features to Nearby Share for Windows as it officially rolls out the app. You will…

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Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has addressed some of the complaints so far. News 

10 million new users join Threads in seven hours

Meta’s new Twitter competitor, Threads, has achieved an impressive milestone by surpassing 10 million signups in just seven hours, as confirmed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a recent thread. Unlike Bluesky, which relies on invite codes, Threads is now accessible worldwide (excluding Europe), highlighting Meta’s remarkable scalability in comparison to other Twitter rivals. To mark the occasion, Zuckerberg tweeted for the first time in over a decade a classic Spider-Man breakup (proving that, unlike Elon Musk, he actually knows how memes work). “10 million signups in seven hours,” he added…

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The digital economy is now growing faster than the economy (Pexels) News 

Report Predicts India’s App Economy to Reach $792 Billion by 2030

According to a report commissioned by Broadband India Forum, the app economy in India is projected to reach USD 791.98 billion by 2030. This growth is expected to contribute 12 percent to the country’s estimated GDP of USD 6.59 trillion. The report, co-authored by ICRIER Senior Visiting Professor Rekha Jain and IIM Ahmedabad Professors Viswanath Pingal and Ankur Sinha, is based on the assumption that the app economy will grow at 2.5 times the GDP growth rate from 2030 onwards. The researchers defined the app economy as the economic activity…

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The app can generate instrumentals from your hummed tunes. News 

ByteDance Launches Ripple Music App for Creators

ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of TikTok, has launched a new app called Ripple that aims to simplify the process of composing and editing music for creators. Currently available only in the US and being tested in a closed beta environment, Ripple is designed to assist creators, particularly beginners and those who prefer simpler systems, in a similar way to portable smart digital audio workstations (DAWs). The app also aims to make it easier for creators to incorporate custom soundtracks into their short-form videos on TikTok and other platforms. Ripple…

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There's no card reader necessary. News 

Venmo Enables Tap to Pay Feature on Android Devices

PayPal is introducing a new feature that allows local stores to accept payments using only a smartphone. This tap to pay feature will be available for Venmo and Zettle businesses in the US, enabling them to accept various contactless services and cards, including digital wallets, without the need for a card reader. This means customers can make payments without having to use their physical wallets. According to PayPal, the setup process for this feature is quick and can be completed within minutes. Initial setup is free. PayPal says it will…

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Parent company SiriusXM says you have until August 29th to find a new listening platform. News 

Stitcher to Cease Operations in August

Stitcher, the well-known podcasting app and web service, is set to cease operations on August 29th, as stated in an FAQ on its website. The closure seems to be aimed at consolidating its user base into the larger SiriusXM platform, which acquired Stitcher for $325 million in 2020. “SiriusXM, the owner of Stitcher, is focused on incorporating podcasts into its flagship SiriusXM subscription business,” the endnote reads. “Subscribers will be able to listen to podcasts on the SiriusXM app and see a completely new listening experience later this year.” The…

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Users can choose to display them forever or make them disappear within 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours. News 

Telegram to Introduce Timed Story Expiry Feature in April

Pavel Durov has announced on his Telegram channel that the messaging service will introduce its own version of Stories next month. Despite initial reluctance due to the feature’s ubiquity, the company has responded to user demand and developed a highly customizable version. The messaging service’s Stories feature looks just like Messenger, as they appear as expandable bubbles at the top of the conversation list. Users can determine who can see their messages and make them publicly viewable, only to their contacts (with exceptions), only to a select few contacts, or…

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You can measure fever with the FeverPhone app. (Pexels) News 

Transform Your Smartphone into a Fever Detector with this App!

A smartphone is a versatile device that can perform almost any task. It can be used for banking, education, health tracking, and more. With a range of health and fitness apps available, users can monitor their heart rate, count steps, and log workouts. By connecting a wearable device like a fitness band or smartwatch, users can track their health parameters. Previously, a thermometer was the go-to medical equipment for measuring fever. However, a new app can now turn your smartphone into a thermometer, eliminating the need for a separate device.…

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Smartphones are already have the built-in tech to support these health-related features. News 

Transform Your Smartphone Into A Thermometer With This App

Did you know that you don’t have to own an expensive phone like an iPhone to access important health features? A new app called FeverPhone has been created by researchers at the University of Washington that can transform any phone into a thermometer. There are already plenty of wearables on the market, such as the Apple Watch, with the feature, but it doesn’t come cheap, meaning the technology is limited to a premium audience. But if you have an app that can read body temperature, anyone with a smartphone can…

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Domino's pizza app introduces ‘Domino's Pinpoint Delivery’ for address-free orders. (Hindustan Times) News 

Domino’s Pizza Introduces ‘Pinpoint Delivery’ Feature for App Orders Without an Address

Domino’s Pizza, the well-known food chain, has introduced a fresh addition to its app called Domino’s Pinpoint Delivery. As per Business Insider’s report, this feature is designed to provide greater ease to users by allowing deliveries to be made to any location without requiring an address. Customers can now relish their preferred pizzas at public spots like parks, baseball fields, and beaches without the hassle of locating the nearest landmark to place their order. Availability limited to the United States Currently, the new Pinpoint Delivery feature is only available to…

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Nine new categories offer charts that display top shows and episodes. News 

Apple Podcasts Update Enhances Content Discovery in Preferred Genres

Apple has introduced new features to its Podcasts app on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, which simplify the process of discovering content in preferred genres. The app now offers nine additional subcategories, including Mental Health, Relationships, Self-Improvement, Personal Journals, Entrepreneurship, Documentary, Parenting, Books, and Language Learning, in addition to existing subcategories such as True Crime and Sports. Apple has been focusing on mental health for the past few years and recently introduced a Journal app that lets you document your emotions. Additionally, the company recently introduced a mood tracking feature as…

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It will come with all the updates the iOS app has gotten since it launched. News 

Cruise unveils Android app for autonomous ride-hailing

Cruise has recently introduced an Android application for ride-hailing, enabling individuals in San Francisco to request one of its autonomous taxis even if they do not own an iPhone. According to the self-driving car firm, 20% of its waitlisters use Android, and a social media survey revealed that an Android app was one of the most frequently requested updates. The Android app from Cruise will include all of the enhancements that have been made to the iOS app since its inception, such as the ability to place a movable pin…

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Government has rejected all allegations of a CoWin data breach. (CoWin) News 

Union Minister Rejects Allegations of CoWin Data Breach

Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar responded to numerous reports claiming a significant CoWin data breach by providing a detailed rebuttal on Twitter. It was previously claimed that the CoWin data breach had leaked the information of many people who had given their personal information while taking the Covid vaccine. A huge number of people had registered with CoWin by providing their identity proofs like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport and many more. CoWin is an application developed as an IT solution to implement the COVID-19 vaccination in India. According to the…

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It's in Apple's newest products, just not on the lips of its executives Tuesday. AI 

What AI Technologies Were Featured at WWDC?

Since the release of ChatGPT last November, generative AI has become a mainstream phenomenon, comparable to Pandora’s infamous opening of the misery box. Startups and industry leaders are now racing to incorporate this smart feature into their existing code stacks and integrate the transformative potential of machine-generated content into their apps. In the current hype cycle, it is essential to promote genAI accomplishments to stand out amidst the flood of customizable chatbots and self-producing Powerpoint slide sellers in the market. If Google’s latest I/O conference or Meta’s new dedicated development…

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