Apple Watch users have been sharing their concerns across different forums and it seems the company is hearing their pleas Gadgets 

Say Goodbye to Overheating and Battery Drain: Apple Watch Users, Here’s How!

Apple Watch users have complained of issues such as overheating, which also appears to have caused the battery to drain. We haven’t heard about how Apple plans to fix these issues for users, but now, according to a report, the company is offering a new watchOS update to improve the situation for Apple Watch users. MacRumors’ report cites an internal Apple memo in which the company has talked about fixing these issues with an update to the watchOS 10 series that will be released soon. The company has not shared…

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Google Pixel 8 series has launched in India this year along with the Pixel Watch 2 which suggests the company is serious but here are some that won't launch News 

Google Will Not Introduce These 5 Products In India

Google has launched several products in India this week, and the list includes the new Pixel 8 series phones and the Pixel Watch 2 smartwatch. After a short hiatus, Google has started focusing on India like other markets, which is a refreshing change that people have welcomed. However, it is still difficult to argue that India would get everything good from Google, for example the Pixel Fold and the Pixel tablet did not enter the country. And that’s not all, Google has decided that some of the best parts of…

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Google, at its Made by Google 2023 event, launched the Pixel Watch 2 with a slew of upgrades and new features. Check all the features and details here. Gadgets 

Google Pixel Watch 2 Unveiled With Enhanced Fitness Monitoring and Quad-Core Processor: See Price and Specifications

Google has finally launched the second-generation Pixel Watch 2 during its Made by Google 2023 event alongside the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones. The watch has several updates and features compared to the previous generation model, despite its similar appearance – the same curved glass front and circular dial. Last year, when the Pixel Watch launched alongside the Pixel 7 series, it didn’t debut in India. However, this year the Pixel Watch 2 will also be available in India. The watch also doubles down on its fitness-focused features…

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A new leak suggests that the Pixel 8 Pro may come with a free Pixel Watch 2 as a pre-order bonus. Here are the details. Gadgets 

Leaked Promo Suggests Pixel 8 Pro Could Include Free Pixel Watch 2: Here’s What We Know

Leaks and rumors regarding the Google Pixel 8 series are increasing as we quickly approach next month’s October 4 launch date. While most of the alleged specs, pricing, and color options have already been leaked, a new leak suggests that the Pixel 8 Pro may include a free Pixel Watch 2 as a pre-order bonus. According to tipster Kamila Wojciechowska, Google will bundle a free Pixel Watch 2 with the Pixel 8 Pro in the US as a pre-order bonus for customers. However, this information is based on leaked promotional…

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Pixel Watch 2 will be launching in India this year and the new smartwatch could see major upgrades with the health features. Gadgets 

Google Pixel Watch 2 to Feature Advanced Health Monitoring Including Thermometer: Get the Details

Google could use the Fitbit acquisition to improve the features of the upcoming Pixel Watch 2 smartwatch. Google is releasing the second-generation Pixel Watch early next month, and while the company has been teasing the product’s design, we’re slowly learning more about the features the Pixel Watch 2 could include this year. Google is likely to use a Snapdragon W5 series chip to power the new smartwatch, which will come with Wear OS 4.0 out of the box. But as with all wearables, all eyes are on the Pixel Watch…

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Google did not launch the Pixel Watch in the country but this year, the company is bringing all the big guns to the market for consumers. Gadgets 

Google Pixel 8 Series and Pixel Watch 2 to be Released in India

Google has shared not one but two pieces of good news for Indian consumers this week. The company officially shared a teaser for the launch of the Pixel 8 series in the country and now it has also given us some positive news about the launch of the Pixel Watch 2 in India. That’s right, the second generation Pixel Watch is the first Pixel smartwatch to be launched in the country. The official teaser here not only gives us a glimpse of the Pixel Watch 2 but also gives us…

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Google Pixel Watch 2 was reportedly listed on the Google Play Console—revealing its key specifications and more. Here are the details. Gadgets 

Google Play Console Lists Pixel Watch 2 With Improved Chipset

The Pixel Watch 2 has leaked through the Google Play Console, confirming that the watch will use the Qualcomm SW5100 chipset, which is a Snapdragon W5 paired with a Qualcomm Adreno 702 GPU, as reported by 9to5Google. This means that Google will upgrade the Pixel Watch’s processor from the original model Exynos 9110 to a newer, faster processor. However, the Pixel Watch 2 is expected to have the same 2GB of RAM as the current model, but will run on WearOS 4, which includes a backup feature. Additionally, Google is…

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The company seems to be going out of schedule by directly focusing on the new Android 14-based One UI version. News 

Samsung Launches Android 14 Beta Update For Select Devices

Samsung is entering the market focusing on the latest version of Android 14 for its Galaxy smartphones. The company is bringing the One UI 6 beta program to South Korea, the United States, and Germany, giving them an early look at the new version. According to reports, Samsung will offer Android 14 beta for the new Galaxy S23 models, which includes vanilla, Plus and Ultra versions. The company also wants to use the optimized nature of Android 14 to bring it to its tablet lineup in the coming months. The…

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The second-gen Pixel Watch from Google could get an upgrade SoC and a bigger battery this year. Gadgets 

India May See Launch of Google Pixel Watch 2, Rumored Features Revealed

Google could finally bring its Pixel Watch to the Indian market this year. Several reports suggest that the Pixel Watch 2 variant could get a date with Indian consumers when it is expected to launch alongside the Pixel 8 series later this year. Google hasn’t officially shared plans for the Pixel Watch 2 so far, but various leaks and rumors have given us a good idea of the second-generation Pixel smartwatch and how it plans to improve on its predecessor. The Pixel Watch 2 is expected to launch in both…

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Google continues to push new features for its phones and watch via the Pixel Drop update. Gadgets 

June 2023 Pixel Update Brings Exciting New Features For Google Phones and Watches

The latest Pixel Drop update from Google, released in June, offers a range of feature updates for both Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch. While previous Drop updates have been incremental, this latest release is packed with new features, including improvements to calling, camera functionality, connectivity, and more. Pixel Drop June update for Pixel phones If you have one of the compatible Pixel phones, the June 2023 Pixel Drop will include several updates for your device. First, you have support for emergency notifications from Google Assistant. This is like tracking…

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Google Assistant is also getting updated voice options. News 

Pixel Phones Get Enhanced Car Crash Detection and More New Features

In a recent system update, Google has introduced several new features for Pixel smartphone users. The car crash detection feature has been significantly enhanced, as it now not only notifies emergency services but also shares real-time location information with emergency contacts. Additionally, the update has made it simpler to initiate emergency sharing or schedule a safety check by enabling voice controls. The recording feature has received a major update, with the new ability to export transcripts to Google Docs and create labels based on the speaker so you can easily…

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It comes as part of a wider set of updates. Gadgets 

Google’s Pixel Watch Now Offers Continuous Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Compared to its rivals, Google’s Pixel Watch is a recent entrant in the market and needs to enhance its features. In this regard, Google has revealed an update for the Pixel Watch that will enable it to track blood oxygen levels. The watch will keep a tab on your oxygen saturation while you sleep and alert you of any fluctuations. Blood oxygen tracking is already available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch, and Fitbit trackers, all of which are owned by Google. Some of Fitbit’s features were integrated into…

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