Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, December 4. (Unsplash) AI 

Don’t Miss Out: 5 AI Developments You Need to Know About Now!

Today, December 4, witnessed significant advancements in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Amazon revealed its intention to enhance its Amazon Future Engineer initiative by introducing advanced coding and AI modules in 100 schools in Karnataka. Simultaneously, the Delhi High Court requested the Indian government to provide a response to a public interest litigation (PIL) concerning deepfakes. Additionally, the CEO of Nvidia pledged to prioritize the supply of AI processors to Japan, considering the country’s substantial chip investment of $13.6 billion and the global demand for such technology. All this…

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IBM suspended advertising on X after a report found its ads were appearing alongside content promoting Adolf Hitler and Nazis Gadgets 

X Corp’s ‘Outrageous’ Lawsuit: Hate Speech Watchdog Demands Dismissal

A nonprofit that monitors online hate speech urged a US federal judge to throw out Elon Musk’s X Corp’s “ridiculous” lawsuit to suppress free speech. X, formerly Twitter, sued the Center for Countering Digital Hate in July, accusing it of trying to drive away advertisers with a “scare campaign” that featured hate speech and other harmful content that appeared to be prevalent on the platform. According to the complaint, X lost tens of millions of dollars in advertising revenue from “false and misleading” research reports the center published to create…

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Shantanu Narayen (C), Chairman and CEO of Adobe Systems addresses the gathering on the first day of the three-day B20 Summit in New Delhi. (AFP) AI 

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen Highlights India’s Potential to Lead in Artificial Intelligence

India’s advancements in technology are evident through the success of local tech giants such as TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, and HCL Tech. Additionally, numerous other companies, both large and small, have played a significant role in enhancing India’s digital presence. A notable recent accomplishment was the Chandrayaan-3 mission, where the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully landed a lander and rover on the moon, surpassing Russia’s unsuccessful Luna-25 spacecraft attempt. All this was probably on the mind of Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen, who on Friday lauded what India had…

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International Business Machines said on Wednesday it would host Meta Platforms' artificial intelligence language program on its own enterprise AI platform, watsonx. AI 

IBM Unveils Llama 2 on Watsonx AI Platform for Businesses

International Business Machines announced Wednesday that it will host Meta Platforms’ artificial intelligence language program on the company’s own artificial intelligence platform, watsonx. IBM’s watsonx, which helps businesses integrate artificial intelligence into their workflows, is giving some customers early access to Facebook parent Llama 2. Since the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT late last year sparked interest among consumers and businesses, businesses have increasingly sought to bring AI into their processes to improve efficiency and bring advanced features. The enterprise software vendor said the release of Meta’s open-source AI model will…

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The open-source model will serve as the basis for future forest, crop and climate change-monitoring AI. Space 

IBM and NASA Collaborate to Create Global Planetary Data System for Earth Sciences

In 2024, NASA predicts that its Earth science missions will produce approximately 250,000 terabytes of data. To effectively analyze this vast amount of satellite data, IBM, HuggingFace, and NASA have joined forces to develop an open-source geospatial foundation model. This model will serve as the groundwork for a new generation of climate and Earth science artificial intelligence systems. These AI systems will be capable of monitoring deforestation, forecasting crop yields, and tracking greenhouse gas emissions. In this project, IBM used the recently released as a base model of NASA’s…

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Amazon, Google and Microsoft are just some of those cutting jobs. News 

2023’s Major Tech Industry Job Cuts

The tech industry is facing significant challenges due to a struggling economy, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and notable business mistakes. As a result, job cuts were observed in 2022, but unfortunately, the number of layoffs has increased in 2023. Keeping track of these developments can be challenging, so we have gathered all the major layoffs in one comprehensive report, which will be regularly updated as the situation progresses. June Spotify layoffs Spotify continued its January layoff plans and announced in June that it would cut 200 jobs from its podcast…

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IBM said on Monday it will acquire technology spend management platform Apptio from Vista Equity Partners for $4.6 billion in cash, in the latest deal to bolster its capabilities in cloud and automation. News 

IBM Acquires Apptio for $4.6 Billion

IBM announced on Monday that it will purchase Apptio, a technology spend-management platform, from Vista Equity Partners for $4.6 billion in cash. This acquisition is part of IBM’s ongoing efforts to enhance its cloud and automation capabilities. IBM shares were slightly lower in premarket trading. IBM said it will finance the deal with cash and expects the deal to close in the second half of 2023. The deal came about at a time when companies are cutting their technology budgets in challenging macro conditions. IBM cut about 3,900 jobs at…

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Amazon, Google and Microsoft are just some of those cutting jobs. News 

2023’s Major Tech Company Layoffs

The tech sector is facing a challenging time due to the convergence of a struggling economy, the COVID-19 outbreak, and some apparent business errors. Unfortunately, the number of job losses has increased in 2023, following the cuts made in the previous year. Keeping track of these developments can be difficult, but we have collated all the significant layoffs in a single location and will keep updating this article as the situation progresses. June Spotify hairstyles Spotify continued its layoff plans in January and announced in June that it would cut…

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IBM's empanelment will enable India's public sector - government agencies at central and state levels, and public sector companies across all sectors, to tap into the industry's most secure and open cloud platform for stimulate innovation and growth. (REUTERS) News 

IBM has been nominated as a cloud service provider by MeitY

IBM said on Tuesday it has secured full cloud service provider engagement from the Ministry of Electronics and Informatics (MeitY), which will allow the tech major to work with public sector companies and government agencies. . The company recently announced a significant investment in its hybrid cloud strategy with the launch of IBM Cloud Satellite which would allow customers to securely deploy cloud services in public and private cloud. “… a key milestone for IBM Cloud – a milestone that reiterates our commitment to supporting the vision of the Government…

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Lumen Technologies, formerly known as CenturyLink, will be a Cloud Satellite partner and deploy the service to 180,000 corporate sites. (REUTERS) News 

IBM Expands Hybrid Cloud Service Targeting Banks and Healthcare

The extended offering, called IBM Cloud Satellite, allows customers to control how they store their information, some of which is kept internally in what is known as the private cloud, and other data is stored in public clouds such as Inc’s AWS or Microsoft Corp’s Azure Blue. Lagging behind cloud services, IBM is targeting highly regulated industries such as banking and healthcare, which have been slow to adopt internet storage solutions due to security and scale concerns. For these industries, integrating public and private clouds has proven to be…

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Airtel Accelerates Open Hybrid Cloud Network Deployment with IBM and Red Hat (MINT_PRINT) News 

Airtel and IBM complete first phase of open hybrid cloud network deployment

IBM and Bharti Airtel on Tuesday announced the competition for the first phase of Airtel’s Open Hybrid Cloud Network, which is built with the hybrid cloud and cognitive enterprise capabilities of IBM and Red Hat. Airtel says the deployment will allow the company and its partners to deliver new applications using the cloud network. The new platform also paves the way for improved performance, automation, availability and scaling, the company said. When fully implemented, Bharti Airtel’s open hybrid cloud network will help millions of partners and customers across industries to…

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