Explore the Top 5 Glucometers for Effortless Blood Sugar Monitoring during Festive Seasons. (Pexels) Gadgets 

Effortless Blood Sugar Monitoring: Check Out the Top 5 Glucometers from BeatO CURV to Accu-Chek Instant!

During the festive season, it is crucial for individuals with diabetes to prioritize their health and well-being by closely monitoring their blood sugar levels. To aid in this endeavor, a glucometer, also known as a glucose meter, can serve as a reliable companion, providing a convenient and portable method to measure glucose levels in the blood. Equipped with essential components such as a digital meter, lancets, test strips, and tracking software, glucometers have advanced to become indispensable tools for effectively managing diabetes. In this article, we have curated a list…

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The Humane Ai Pin device is wearable in two parts: a square device and a battery pack that magnetically attaches to your clothes or other surfaces AI 

Introducing the Future of AI: Humane’s Wearable AI Pin!

Humane, a company founded by former Apple employees, has launched Ai Pin, a wearable device that could be an alternative to a smartphone. This little gadget attaches to your clothes so you can make calls, send messages, translate languages and browse the web. Human AI Pin Price Priced at $699, the company said the Ai Pin will be available for pre-order in the US starting November 16. The company told Wired that deliveries of the device will begin in early 2024. According to Reuters, “Humane is one of several Silicon…

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Despite the tacit consensus on the future of drivetrains, obstacles remain for electric cars to meet their emissions-reduction potential. (Bloomberg) Gadgets 

Electric Cars Powered by Batteries Are the Future

The increase in electric vehicles is truly remarkable. Over the past decade, Teslas have gone from cars for the uber-rich to cars for Uber drivers. All the major automakers have invested in electric cars, lowering prices and expanding the options available. According to BloombergNEF, more than 14 million electric cars will be sold globally this year, up from just 700,000 in 2016. And some 23 countries have now passed the crucial electric car tipping point – 5% of new car sales – after which adoption will begin. up dramatically. In…

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Noise is bringing its first smart ring in the premium category with features like PPG sensor, heart rate tracking and 7 days of battery. News 

Luna Launches in India, Bringing Smart Ring Technology to the Market With Impressive Features and Affordable Price

Noise is the latest Indian brand to enter the ever-growing smart ring segment with the launch of the Luna Ring this week. The Luna Ring is available in different sizes to fit comfortably on your finger. It comes with the boAt Smart Ring on the market, and brands like Samsung and Apple are expected to launch rings in the near future. The Luna Ring is available at a special price for people who purchased a priority pass from the company. The smart ring has numerous health sensors, it works with…

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Dyson Zone is a premium headphone that offers noise cancellation, features 11 mics and support hi-fi music quality. Gadgets 

Dyson Launches Noise-Cancelling Headphones in India: Price and Features Revealed

Dyson has entered the audio segment in India on Wednesday by launching the Dyson Zone headphones that support noise cancellation. The company claims to have spent over 5 years developing this product and promises features like ultra-low distortion, active noise cancellation and long battery backup. Dyson says its engineers have worked on the practical side of sound reproduction to deliver a high-quality sound experience. The design is equally focused on comfort at the forefront of its design. Dyson Zone Headphone Price in India The Dyson Zone headset is available at…

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They provide a middle-ground between regular earbuds and bone conduction's situational awareness. Gadgets 

OpenFit Offers Open-Ear Audio without Bone Conduction Technology

Shokz, a well-known player in the bone conduction headset market, has decided to switch things up with their latest release. Instead of bone conduction, they have introduced the Shokz OpenFit Bluetooth earbuds, which utilize “air conduction” technology. Priced at $179.95, these earbuds are designed to be worn just outside of the ear with an over-the-ear hook to ensure they stay in place. As a lifestyle headset, they offer the benefits of keeping your hearing open, remaining secure during movement, and being comfortable for extended wear. OpenFit seems to fill the…

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The headset comes with a stretchable 3D knitted fabric headband that fits around the users' heads behind their ears. But there is another strap that the company has not yet mentioned. Gadgets 

Apple Not Expected To Include Vision Pro Headband In Packaging

Apple, the tech giant headquartered in Cupertino, has revealed its much-awaited Vision Pro headset at WWDC 2023. The headset, which costs $3,499, is set to hit the market in the early months of next year. However, a recent report suggests that the company will not include the overhead strap in the retail package of the Vision Pro headset. With the ability to seamlessly switch between virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), the headset offers users a unique experience where digital images blend into the real environment. The headphones come…

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Troughton Smith conducted his experiment using the Apple Music app, but any app and seemingly any controls could be used. Gadgets 

Apple Vision Pro Could Transform Any Surface Into a Touchscreen Display: Get the Details

According to a developer for Apple Vision Pro, the headset has the ability to generate controls and displays that can be projected onto any surface within the user’s room. AppleInsider reports that developer Steve Troughton Smith has discovered the ability to select a surface from the headset’s view and then position any app so that it appears to be on that surface. Troughton Smith ran his experiment using the Apple Music app, but any app and seemingly any controls could be used. “So if Apple’s virtual keyboard for Vision Pro…

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The McLear Ring looks exactly like a jewellery which you can customise and wear on any of your fingers and simply tap on any contactless POS to make payments. So, instead of tapping your credit card on the POS unit, you will be tapping your ring to pay. Gadgets 

India to Offer ‘Smart Wedding Rings’ with Swipe Payment Feature

McLear has introduced a unique wedding ring in the UK that is not only attractive but also loaded with real cash. This innovative ring allows you to make payments by simply swiping it instead of using your credit card. The company, in partnership with Transcorp, is now planning to introduce this technology in India. The Ring uses RFID technology and a smartphone app to store the data of your credit or debit card, making payments hassle-free. The McLear Ring looks exactly like a piece of jewelry that you can customize…

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5 ways smartwatches can enhance your health. (Pixabay) Gadgets 

5 Smartwatch Strategies for Achieving Optimal Health

Smartwatch technology has made significant strides, transforming messaging, entertainment, and crucially, health and safety. These small gadgets offer a range of features, from helping users reach their fitness targets to issuing emergency notifications during health emergencies. Additionally, they can play a vital role in enhancing overall health on a daily basis. While it’s crucial to recognize that smartwatches can’t replace professional medical advice or a comprehensive safety plan, wearable technology has made it easier to track certain illnesses and get emergency help faster. So here are five ways smartwatches can…

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Logitech M240 mouse will now be available for purchase at Logitechat in Graphite, Rose and off-white colour options. Gadgets 

Logitech Unveils M240 Bluetooth Mouse In India: Cost & Accessibility

Logitech, a tech company headquartered in Switzerland, has introduced the M240 Silent Bluetooth Mouse in India. According to the company, this wireless mouse is simple to connect. Logitech M240 mouse: price, colors and availability Priced at Rs 1,595 in India, the Logitech M240 mouse is now available for purchase from Logitech in graphite, rose and off-white color options. Features of the Logitech M240 mouse With fast and easy Bluetooth technology, the M240 can be seamlessly connected to any computer or tablet. It has a wireless range of up to 33…

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The move raises safety and health concerns. Gadgets 

Meta Reduces Age Recommendation for Quest Headset from 13 to 10

Meta is broadening the reach of Quest headsets by welcoming preteens to join the community. The social media giant plans to reduce the minimum age for Quest 2 and 3 accounts from 13 to 10 in the near future, with the introduction of parent-managed accounts. Children will require their parents’ consent to establish accounts, install applications, and restrict access to existing software. Parents will also be able to establish time restrictions. The company says it will implement strict data protection controls. Meta offers “age-specific” app store experiences, such as recommendations…

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When and where to find the best deals, plus what to expect out of the shopping event. Gadgets 

What to Expect from Amazon Prime Day 2023

With Amazon Prime Day approaching, it’s wise to start planning what items you’ll be searching for during the sale. From electronics to apparel to household essentials, a wide range of products will be discounted, and Prime members will have access to all the deals on Amazon’s website. ReturnByte will be highlighting the top tech deals available on Amazon and other platforms, but it’s crucial to be prepared beforehand to ensure you get the most out of this year’s Prime Day. When is Amazon Prime Day? It is still unclear when…

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HAMMER Fit+ smartwatch is available for purchase from June 12, 2023 and is priced at Rs.2399. ( HAMMER) Gadgets 

Hammer Fit+ Smartwatch Launches with Price Tag of Rs. 2399

Today marks the launch of the HAMMER Fit+ smartwatch, which aims to provide users with a comprehensive fitness management experience. Boasting a sizable 1.85″ display with a brightness of 500 nits, the smartwatch also offers robust Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers, and a microphone for crystal-clear calling. The smartwatch calculates important health metrics to monitor breathing, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and menstrual cycle. In addition to being a measure for monitoring the user’s health, it also ensures data protection. The in-app GPS allows you to track your route…

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Along with the Rail ANC, it unveiled the $80 Rail with hands-free voice control and more. Gadgets 

Skullcandy’s $100 Earbuds Offer Comfort and Customizable Audio Quality

Skullcandy, recognized for its affordable wireless earphones such as the Smokin’ Buds priced at $20, is expanding its product range with a new line called Rail. The line includes both ANC and non-ANC versions, which are priced below $100 and come with features commonly found on pricier wireless earbuds. The first model is the Rail ANC, with adjustable 4-microphone active noise cancellation and “Stay-Aware” mode when you’re outdoors. It also has a “Smart Mic” option that reduces background noise so others can hear you better. You get up to 10…

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Google and Samsung started working on WearOS last year and now the WearOS 4.0 version looks to be evolving to become more useful. Gadgets 

Transferring Smartwatch Data Without Resetting Now Possible With WearOS 4.0

Thanks to the collaboration between Google and Samsung, WearOS has been revitalized with the introduction of the new WearOS 3.0 version, which supports a range of smartwatches. The latest news is that WearOS 4.0 is on the horizon, and it is rumored to include a convenient feature that will simplify the process of switching between smartwatches for users. The WearOS version was part of the Google I/O 2023 line-up last month, and some new features appear to simplify the use of Android smartwatches. Samsung is one of the first OEMs…

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Apple Vision Pro is the company’s first-ever mixed-reality headset. (Apple) Gadgets 

Is Apple Vision Pro Worth the $3499 Price Tag? A More Affordable Option on the Way

During WWDC 2023, Apple surprised everyone by introducing its first-ever AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro, with the phrase “One more thing…”. While VR headsets like the Meta Quest 3 and HTC Vive Focus 3 have been available for some time, the Vision Pro has impressed people with its advanced features, including gesture controls, multiple cameras and sensors, and more. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the Vision Pro “seamlessly blends the digital world with the real world.” In addition to the headset’s unveiling, Apple also shocked people with its price…

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Apple launched the Vision Pro headset earlier this month and the cheaper version could have a different focus. Gadgets 

Apple Vision Pro Headset May Receive an Affordable Version

The Apple Vision Pro headset boasts advanced technology and a realistic experience, but its high price tag of $3,500 (approximately Rs 2.8 lakh) makes it unaffordable for most consumers. As a result, it comes as no surprise that Apple plans to release a more affordable version of the headset. According to Bloomberg, this budget handset could hit the market by the end of 2025, which is still a few years away. It’s likely that the cheaper version could be the vanilla Apple Vision, while the Pro moniker will remain with…

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This 5.11 channel Dolby Atmos / DTS:X soundbar claims to deliver cinematic surround sound with Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force PRO Front Surround. Gadgets 

Sony Unveils HT-S2000 Dolby Atmos Soundbar With 5.1 Channel in India

Sony, the renowned tech company from Japan, has introduced its latest HT-S2000 Dolby Atmos soundbar in India. This soundbar provides a three-dimensional surround sound experience, even when playing stereo content. The centre speaker is equipped with a built-in dual subwoofer that produces deep bass. Additionally, this soundbar is compatible with the new Home Entertainment Connect app. Sony HT-S2000 Dolby Atmos Soundbar Price and availability Priced at Rs 42,990 in India, the Sony HT-S2000 soundbar will be available for purchase starting June 9 at all Sony retail stores and the ShopatSC…

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In an Apple developer Platforms of the State video, the Vision Pro headset can be seen connected to a USB dongle—and this has sparked a debate online as to what it could be. Gadgets 

Apple Vision Pro Headset and Unknown USB Adapter Revealed in WWDC 2023 Video

The recently launched Vision Pro headset by Apple at WWDC 2023 has received a significant response, with people expressing diverse opinions. A video on the Apple developer Platforms of the State showcases the Vision Pro headset connected to a USB dongle, leading to an online debate about its purpose. The video shows what the USB-C adapter looks like plugged into the right side of the Vision Pro headset. And — as MacRumors spotted — in one shot, the adapter appears to have a USB-C cable that leads to Mac Studio…

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