Lossless audio represents a media file that collects all parts of an analogue wave in its groove. This means the listener will be able to enjoy the audio, exactly how the producers wanted it to be heard. News 

Apple Music: Latest Updates and Developments

Apple Music received a major upgrade in 2021 when it introduced lossless audio, which presents a music file or song in its purest version. Thanks to this feature, IOS users can now listen to original music on their devices. Lossless audio represents a media file that collects all the parts of an analog wave in its groove. This means that the listener can enjoy the sound exactly as the producers intended it to sound. Most audio compression methods result in losing a certain amount of information from the source file.…

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Apple is expected to be hit by a ban on its App Store rules that govern some musicstreaming services and a potential hefty fine from European Union regulators, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday. News 

Spotify Puts Apple in Another Antitrust Battle in EU

(Reuters) – Apple is expected to face a ban from App Store rules governing certain music streaming services and a possible hefty fine from European Union regulators, Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday. EU officials are finalizing a decision that would ban Apple’s practice of preventing music services from pushing their users away from the App Store to alternative subscription options, the report cited people familiar with the investigation. The decision is due early next year, and Apple could be fined up to 10 percent of its annual sales, Bloomberg reported.…

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Apple iOS 17.2 update for iPhone users has come out this week but some of the features have been delayed till next year. News 

Two new features will be released in iOS 17.2 in 2024.

The iOS 17.2 update has finally been released this week, and many iPhone users have been waiting to try out the new features that have been teased through the iOS 17.2 beta for the past few weeks. iPhone 15 Pro users get a new status video feature, while all iPhone users get a new Journal app, among other system improvements. However, some of you may have missed that two features that were expected with the iOS 17.2 update didn’t actually come out. AirPlay for hotels During the WWDC 2023 keynote,…

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Apple has released its list of the most streamed music tracks in India for 2023. Check the list here to catch up on any music you might have missed this year. News 

The Hits of 2023: Check Out India’s Top 25 Apple Music Streams!

With 2023 coming to an end in about a month, Apple, like previous years, has released its list of the 20 most listened to songs on Apple Music in India and around the world. Along with this list, Apple Music now also displays a 2023 Replay Roll that includes your most popular albums, top artists, and most played songs. You can find Apple Music Replay 2023 in this detailed guide. Let’s take a look at the top 25 music tracks streamed in India in 2023. These consist of different genres…

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Apple Music Replay 2023 is now available. Here are the steps that will help you find yours so you can check your most-listened-to tracks and more. News 

Replay the Best of 2023 with Apple Music!

Apple Music Replay 2023 is now available to active subscribers of the popular service. For the uninitiated, the iPhone maker introduces Apple Music Replay to its subscribers at the end of each year, similar to Spotify Unwrapped. This feature provides music listening statistics, including your favorite artists, Most Played Songs, and more. Basically, it serves as a summary of your year-long musical experience. It also shows goals like whether you’ve listened to 1,000 or more songs. But it’s important to note that unlike Spotify Wrapped, Apple’s version is more muted…

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Apple Music users could access all their playlist and album using voice commands by paying a small monthly fee. News 

Say Goodbye to Siri: Apple Closes the Door on Apple Music Service

Apple’s latest tryst with the Siri voice assistant has ended two years after its launch. Back in October 2021, the company announced a special Siri voice offer for Apple Music users, and it’s now being shut down, probably because people didn’t really want to spend $5 (roughly Rs. 413) on this special plan. It was recently noticed that the Apple Music Voice plan is no longer listed on the Apple Music subscription page, which more or less confirms its disappearance. In fact, Apple has created a support page to inform…

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New subscribers get 6 months of Apple Music free with a new iPhone or eligible AirPods, HomePod, or Beats. (Pixabay) News 

Score 6 Months of Free Apple Music Access on Your iPhone and iPad

If you are a music lover who relies on earphones and headphones to groove to songs every day, you are in for a treat. Apple is offering a fantastic opportunity to access Apple Music, which boasts over 100 million songs and is constantly updated, completely free of charge. This offer allows new subscribers to enjoy 6 months of complimentary access to Apple Music when purchasing a new iPhone or eligible AirPods, HomePod, or Beats. Let’s explore how you can make the most of this opportunity. Apple Music free for 6…

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Chance the Rapper said he wants to celebrate a rap culture that “empowered a generation and gave voice to the voiceless. (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP) News 

Chance the Rapper to Talk About His Journey and Influence of Hip-Hop at Apple Store in Chicago

As part of an audio series commemorating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, Chance the Rapper will guide customers at the Apple store in Chicago through his personal hip-hop journey. Chance the Rapper is discussing becoming a rap star, the tech company announced Monday at Apple Michigan Avenue in his hometown. He will appear at the retail store on Wednesday at an event hosted by Today at Apple, which will offer free in-store tutorials on the devices and programs. The Grammy winner is expected to discuss hip-hop’s influence on his life,…

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The new feature will allow Apple Music subscribers to try out new tracks that may not have heard about. News 

Apple Music Offers New Discovery Feature Similar to Spotify

Apple Music has acquired a new personal radio station called “Discovery Station” designed to play music that listeners haven’t heard but might like. Discovering new music can be difficult, especially with services like Apple Music, which still lag behind Spotify’s algorithmic recommendations. However, Discovery Station may help close that gap, reports AppleInsider. On Monday, the new Discovery Station arrived for users without any kind of pop-up or official announcement. Users will see a new option under the Stations for You category of the Listen Now tab. Discovery Station appears to…

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It will never play the same song twice. News 

Apple Music Launches Discovery Station to Introduce Listeners to New Music

Apple has discreetly introduced a fresh addition to its music streaming service that has the potential to broaden your playlists and discover new artists. Known as “Discovery Station,” this personalized radio station selects songs from Apple Music’s collection that it believes will resonate with you. Unlike Spotify, which offers numerous algorithmic recommendations through its playlists, Apple’s music service has not fully embraced this approach, as highlighted by Apple Insider. An Apple spokesperson told us that Discovery Station will only play music you haven’t played on the service before, both from…

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The company is just the latest music streamer to hike prices. News 

Spotify Increases Cost of Premium Subscriptions

Spotify is set to increase the cost of all its Premium plans, meaning that enjoying uninterrupted music will become more expensive. In the US, the price of a Premium Single subscription will rise from $10 to $11 per month, marking the first price hike since Spotify’s inception over ten years ago. The Premium Family and Student plans will also see a one-dollar increase, now priced at $17 and $6 per month respectively. The largest increase will be seen in the Premium Duo plan, which will go up by two dollars…

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The new service will be replacing TikTok's other platform that will be discontinued later this year. News 

TikTok Unveils Music Platform to Compete with Apple Music and Spotify

In a bid to compete with industry giants Apple and Spotify, TikTok has introduced a music streaming service that operates on a subscription model. The music streaming service called TikTok Music has been launched first in Brazil and Indonesia. The service replaces ByteDance’s existing streaming service Resso (which is also available in India), which will be shut down in the two countries on September 5. Existing Resso users can transfer their accounts to the new application “with the push of a button”. “We’re excited to introduce TikTok Music, a new…

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Spotify is preparing to launch a new, more expensive subscription plan—internally called 'Supremium.' The the new tier will feature high-fidelity audio—matching Apple's Lossless streaming. News 

Spotify May Introduce High-Quality ‘Supremium’ Subscription To Rival Apple Music

Spotify, which is a highly favored music streaming application along with Apple Music, is known for its user-friendly interface and convenient playlist discovery. However, it has yet to provide a comparable Lossless audio streaming feature like Apple. Nevertheless, this may soon change. According to Bloomberg, Spotify is preparing to launch a new, more expensive subscription plan, internally dubbed “Supremium,” and that the new tier will feature high-quality audio that “will bring in more revenue and appease investors who have said the company should raise its prices.” The new tier is…

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The new Classical Music app is separate from the original Music app and now Android users can experience the catalogue. News 

Apple Classic Music App is now coming to Android Platform

The Apple Music Classical app is now available for Android users and you can now download it from the Google Play Store. Apple Music and Apple Music Classical are two separate iPhone apps. The main difference between the two apps is how Apple Music Classic handles metadata. Apple Music and Apple Music Classical for Android now have the same differences, according to 9to5Mac. Users can access Apple Music Classical with an Apple Music or Apple One subscription. The app includes ad-free classical music recordings with up to 192kHz/24-bit lossless audio…

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Apple Music and a host of other Apple Services, including Apple TV, are now functioning normally after a brief outage. News 

Apple services, including Apple Music and Apple TV, are up and running after a short outage

Apple Music and many other Apple services, including Apple TV, are now back to normal after a brief outage. According to Apple’s own Support System Status website, Apple services — including Apple Music, Apple TV, the iTunes Store and even the App Store — experienced brief outages between 8:13 a.m. and 8:44 a.m. today, May 19. that the outage affected “some users,” making services slow and unreliable for them. Fortunately, the outage seems to have been resolved and users are no longer reporting problems. Users also took to Twitter to…

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Apple Music Classical also features thousands of exclusive albums, including recordings by world-famous orchestras. News 

Apple Music’s classic app released on the App Store: What’s new and how to download

Cupertino-based tech giant Apple announced its new Apple Music Classical app, which is available on the App Store and can be downloaded for free. With Apple Music Classical, Apple Music subscribers can easily find any recording from the world’s largest catalog of classical music with a fully optimized search. Apple Music’s classic app also helps people better understand different music styles easily and provides detailed comparison with various information like biography and more. “Apple Music Classical is a dedicated app perfect for classical music experts as well as anyone new…

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Apple Music Classical will offer hundreds of curated playlists, thousands of albums, detailed biographies of composers, in-depth guides on significant works, user-friendly browsing tools and more. News 

Apple Music Classical will be released on 28 March with curated playlists and a large catalog for classical music lovers

Classical music lovers will soon get a new application from Apple, with which they can enjoy their favorite music. The app, called Apple Music Classical, will be released on 28 March and offers a versatile and curated experience for both iOS and Android users. The app is free for existing Apple Music subscribers. Apple Music Classical will be available worldwide in countries where Apple Music is offered, with the exception of China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, and those regions are coming soon. In terms of device compatibility, Apple Music Classical…

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Apple Inc is backing a music startup launched by one of its former executives. News 

Apple supports new music launch: Report

Apple Inc is backing a music startup launched by one of its former executives. Called Gamma, the company is the brainchild of former Apple Music Global Creative Director Larry Jackson and veteran music executive Ike Youssef. It positions itself as an alternative to traditional record companies. “Today’s culture-shaping artists create not only music, but also videos, films, podcasts, fashion and more,” Jackson said in a statement Wednesday. “They shouldn’t have to jump through so many hoops to express themselves. Gamma says it supports content creation — whether it’s music, video…

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The main task Shazam needs to do, which is identifying a song, has been prioritized with access to the previously Shazamed tracks that are in the drop-down drawer at the bottom of the home screen. (9to5Mac) News 

Shazam’s iOS interface has just been revamped and there is also a web beta.

Apple has revamped the Shazam app on iOS with a new modern look and a design language in line with recent UI updates on Apple Music. Now, when you launch the app on the iPhone, the screen is dominated by the center button, Shazam’s tap, with access to recently tagged music that can be viewed by swiping up. Apple has also added the ability to identify songs through the web browser for the very first time, which is available in beta at shazam.com. Apple announced last month that Shazam saw…

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Apple finished all of the music of 2020 on Apple Music with the top of the charts. (9to5Mac) News 

Apple Music 2020: WAP had the most read lyrics, Dance Monkey was the most shazamous song

This year is about to end, luckily and looking back, it’s all about having fun at home. Needless to say, music has been a big part of it all. Looking at 2020, Apple Music revealed the biggest songs and albums of the year with its Apple Music Top 100 rankings. This year, Apple also shared a list of the most played lyrics and most shazamed songs of 2020. Top song of 2020: The Box – Roddy Ricch Best Album of 2020: Sorry for being antisocial – Roddy Ricch Most read…

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