WhatsApp's new reply bar feature allows users to easily interact with another user's status update, without the need to swipe up. News 

WhatsApp is experimenting with a new feature called ‘Reply Bar’ for status updates.

WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to keep the user experience fresh and updated. Now, the newest feature that is expected to come soon to the Meta-owned app is a reply bar for status updates. As reported by WABetaInfo , this feature, which is currently in beta, allows users to easily interact with another user’s status update. Because it is always visible, it can increase interaction, eliminating the need to swipe up on the answer menu. In a way, this is quite similar to Instagram where you can reply directly…

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Two sunspots pose M-class solar flare threat. Know details, as per NASA. (NASA) Space 

Details of two sunspots that NASA warns could release M-class solar flares towards Earth

Solar activity has been consistently bombarding Earth in recent months. In July, it was discovered that 2023 had already surpassed a 21-year record for the highest number of sunspots, exceeding scientists’ initial predictions. The increasing number of sunspots directly correlates with the intensity of the solar peak, indicating a higher likelihood of solar storms. These storms are triggered by the release of coronal mass ejections (CME) particles during solar eruptions, also known as solar flares, which originate from the unstable magnetic fields within sunspots. In a noteworthy development, the NASA…

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European Union policymakers and lawmakers have passed world's first comprehensive set of rules regulating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in tools such as ChatGPT. AI 

Landmark AI Regulation Bill Approved in Europe

BRUSSELS: European Union policymakers and lawmakers on Friday agreed on the world’s first comprehensive set of rules governing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in tools such as ChatGPT and biometric surveillance. In the coming weeks, they will work out details that could change the final legislation, which is expected to take effect early next year and take effect in 2026. Until then, companies are encouraged to sign a voluntary AI agreement to implement the main obligations of the rules. Here are the main points agreed: HIGH RISK SYSTEMS So-called…

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Apple is reportedly planning to fly a few people from Apple Stores in the US to its Cupertino headquarters to train them for upcoming launch of the Vision Pro headset. Gadgets 

Apple Store employees to receive ‘Vision Pro’ training to streamline headset setup for customers.

As Apple prepares to release its Vision Pro headset next year, it’s already preparing to train Apple Store employees to help them understand how to use the Vision Pro and eventually sell it, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports. According to the report, Apple plans to fly a few people from Apple Stores in the US to its Cupertino headquarters for training. When they return, they also train other Apple Store employees. These seminars are being scheduled right now, and the actual training will begin in January, next month. Visiting Apple employees…

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Google Gemini AI tech was announced recently and we even got a glimpse of the AI tech through a demo video but was it working in real time? AI 

Google Admits That the Gemini AI Demo Video Was Not Authentic

Google finally showed off its AI capabilities and potential challenger to ChatGPT recently, and it made its case with a strong demo video showing off its AI prowess. Many people were immediately impressed with Gemini and how quickly it responded to queries and how intelligently it could pick up cues that made for an impressive presentation. However, Google has admitted that the demo video didn’t show real-time results, in fact some of Gemini’s movements were timed to give you the impression that the AI was quickly responding to queries. The…

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After months of waiting, Indian PS5 owners can now finally get their hands on the PlayStation VR2 system as it is finally available in the country. News 

Price, Specs of PlayStation VR2 in India Revealed as Sony Launches it After Global Release

Earlier this year, Sony launched the PlayStation VR2 in the global market, but its arrival in India was delayed until now as the company has finally brought it to the Indian market. The gaming giant quietly listed the product on its e-commerce portal ShopAtSc and recently posted on X (formerly Twitter) to announce its availability in India. There is no waiting period; you can visit the Sony website and place your order. Conquer colossal peaks, overcome fearsome machines and uncover a hidden danger to the world of Horizon in the…

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iMessage works on iPhones and that's how Apple wants the messaging service to run for years to come. News 

Learn more about Apple’s decision to close down the iMessage app for Android devices.

Apple has decided to disable the iMessage application compatible with Android phones. iMessage is popular among iPhone users for its blue bubbles, but the company has maintained exclusive rights to its ecosystem, citing user privacy. The Beeper Mini app was released earlier this month and promised to be the best version of iMessage for Android users. The company claimed it was able to hijack Apple’s native iMessage service to send messages to Android, tricking Apple into thinking the message was coming from an iOS device. Many people suspected that Apple…

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The experiment saw the engine blast out a blue-and-orange flame 10-15 metres (30-50 feet) horizontally out of an open hangar door for around 10 seconds in the rural northern town of Taiki. (Representative image) (JAXA) Space 

New Space Chapter: Heading to the Moo-n in an Udder-ly Unique Way!

A start-up in Japan’s space industry has embarked on an innovative venture by conducting a test on a prototype rocket engine that utilizes fuel derived solely from cow dung, potentially marking a significant development. The experiment took place in the rural town of Taiki, where the engine emitted a blue-and-orange flame horizontally for approximately 10 seconds, covering a distance of 10-15 meters (30-50 feet) through an open hangar door. According to Interstellar Technologies CEO Takahiro Inagawa, the liquid “biomethane” needed was made entirely from cow manure from two local dairy…

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Experts are predicting the impact of a potential economic slowdown on automobile chips due to AI. (Unsplash) AI 

Chip market troubles pose threats beyond Nvidia Corp and AMD following AI euphoria.

Investors have been caught up in the AI stock frenzy this year, but this has overshadowed the challenges faced by the semiconductor market. While companies like Nvidia Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. have garnered much enthusiasm, the overall situation for investors is more complex. Recent earnings pointed to a slump in the industrial and network chip markets, while some on Wall Street are bracing for the impact of a potential economic downturn on automotive chips. Smartphone components and personal computers appear poised for recovery, according to Samsung Electronics Co.…

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US government to pass Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act of 2023. (Pixabay) News 

Not all instances of government secrecy about UFOs are negative

A potentially groundbreaking law is currently being considered by Congress, which, if approved, could go down in history as one of the most significant legislations in the United States. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer is the sponsor of the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act of 2023, which aims to promote openness regarding UFO-related matters. Despite enjoying substantial bipartisan backing, the bill’s fate hangs in the balance due to opposition from Republicans, making its passage uncertain. One early version of the bill creates, among other provisions, an expert panel to decide…

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Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, especially the former, could be set for a big upgrade, claims Mark Gurman. Check details. (Unsplash) News 

Mark Gurman predicts significant upgrades for Apple iPad Pro and iPad Air, including the introduction of M3 chip and OLED display.

Apple has been actively developing various new technologies recently. In 2023, significant updates were made to almost all Apple devices, such as the inclusion of the first-ever Action Button in the iPhone 15 series and the integration of the new M3 chip in MacBooks. However, there was an exception to this trend as Apple did not release a new iPad for the first time in its 13-year history. Instead, the company introduced a new accessory called the Apple Pencil USB Type-C for the existing iPad. Although there were rumors of…

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Asteroid 2010 XF3 belongs to the Aten group of asteroids, says NASA and it will come close to Earth. (Pixabay) Space 

NASA reveals that a large asteroid, comparable in size to an aircraft, will come close to Earth today.

NASA has a range of advanced technology equipment that is used to observe and monitor Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) like asteroids and comets. In November, there were many instances of asteroids coming close to Earth, and this trend seems to be continuing in December with another asteroid expected to pass by today, December 11. The asteroid was discovered by NASA’s Defense Coordination Office (PDCO), which is responsible for monitoring the skies and using various telescopes like NEOWISE, ALMA, Pans-STARRS1, and Catalina Sky Survey. Find out more about its close approach. Asteroid…

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Tang Tan, Apple's head of iPhone and Apple Watch design, is leaving the company in February. Here are all the details. News 

Departure of Apple’s Chief iPhone Designer Expected to Have Significant Impact on Company

Apple seems to be losing key people. Last week it was Steve Hotelling, a key person in biometrics at the iPhone maker, and now another key executive, iPhone and Apple Watch design director Tang Tan, is leaving in February of next year, according to Bloomberg. Bloomberg notes that this has led to internal “ordering in the company’s most critical product lines.” Tan currently reports to John Ternus, Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering. The immediate exchange details are unclear, but Tan’s responsibilities at Apple are managed by dividing them among…

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As Haas considers the potential downsides to artificial intelligence, he's determined that Arm's next chapter will see the company proving as essential to the generative AI revolution. (Pixabay) News 

Arm CEO Rene Haas Expresses Concern Over Humans Potentially Losing Control of Artificial Intelligence

Rene Haas, CEO of Arm Holdings Plc, expressed his concern about humans becoming less capable than machines. He emphasized the need for an override or backdoor to ensure the system can be shut down when contemplating artificial intelligence. Haas, who spoke to Bloomberg in a wide-ranging interview from the company’s Cambridge, UK base, knows a thing or two about machines. He estimates that 70% of the world’s population touches products designed for the arms in some way. It’s a reminder of the company’s rare status as a British-born global tech…

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Google's NotebookLM AI is a note-taking app that is now accessible to all in the US. (Google) AI 

Google introduces NotebookLM AI, revolutionizing note-taking with groundbreaking capabilities

Google has made the NotebookLM AI note-taking app available to all users in the United States. The app, which incorporates a powerful large language model, was first introduced at the I/O conference in May and underwent testing with a select group of users known as “Project Tailwind.” NotebookLM stands out by utilizing a specialized dataset, enabling users to extract highly relevant information. This feature is particularly useful for tasks like creating research papers, as it can draw insights exclusively from a specified set of PDFs. It’s important to note that…

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A vendor selling Street Sense, a local paper that covers issues related to the homeless and employs unhoused individuals as its vendors, holds up her sign saying she can accept donations from cashless apps like Venmo and CashApp, (AP) News 

Advancements in technology are empowering the homeless to progress in the cashless society

John Littlejohn reminisces about a time when many individuals had a few extra dollars to purchase a copy of Street Sense, a community newspaper that focuses on topics concerning homelessness and provides employment opportunities for those without homes. Today, he notices that fewer people are walking around with change. Even well-meaning people who want to help are likely to pat their pockets and apologize, he said. “I’d be here for six or seven hours and I wouldn’t get more than $12 to $15,” said Littlejohn, 62, who had been homeless…

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The Apple Messages app in the Apple App Store on a smartphone. (Bloomberg) News 

Apple prohibits third-party apps that allowed Android users to utilize iMessage for communication with iPhones.

On Saturday, Apple Inc. announced the discontinuation of third-party applications that allowed Android devices to utilize the iMessage service for communication with iPhone users. The iPhone maker said in a statement that it took steps to protect our users by blocking technologies that use fake credentials to access iMessage. It added that “these technologies posed significant risks to users’ security and privacy, including the potential for exposure of metadata and enabling unsolicited messages, spam and phishing attacks.” The company said it will continue to make changes in the future to…

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Tata Group plans to build one of India’s biggest iPhone assembly plants in Hosur. (Bloomberg) News 

Tata to establish a new iPhone manufacturing facility in India, aiming to accelerate Apple’s growth in the country; Expected to create job opportunities for 50,000 individuals.

Tata Group, a conglomerate, intends to construct a large-scale iPhone assembly facility in India, aligning with Apple Inc.’s objective to expand its manufacturing operations in the South Asian nation. Tata wants to build a plant in Hosur in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, according to people familiar with the matter. The plant is likely to have about 20 assembly lines and employ 50,000 workers within two years, according to the people, who declined to be named to discuss the unannounced plans. The goal is to have the site up…

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Sam Altman, chief executive officer of OpenAI. (Bloomberg) News 

Blow-by-blow account reveals that drawn-out tensions led to the ouster of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

OpenAI’s board made a surprising move by dismissing Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman just before Thanksgiving. However, the board provided minimal information, only stating that Altman, the head of the AI startup, had not been consistently transparent with the directors. The statement, devoid of details, was the opening flight in a power struggle that was played out almost entirely behind closed doors. Privately, Altman and the board debated what to say publicly and when, according to people familiar with the situation. At one point in discussions about Altman’s possible return…

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WhatsApp users are now getting the message which informs them about the end of free storage for their chats and photos. News 

WhatsApp Announces Expiry of Free Storage by 2024

WhatsApp data will start counting in Google Drive storage from the beginning of 2024, while WhatsApp beta users on Android will start seeing the changes this month. We managed to get the latest WhatsApp beta version for Android and noticed that the message now pops up in the chat backups section of the WhatsApp settings. A new popup says that WhatsApp backups will start using your Google Drive storage over the next few months. The message is coming this week to WhatsApp beta version for Android. As you can…

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