Intel expects to beat its 2025 deadline to overtake its biggest rival in advanced chip manufacturing with Taiwan's TSMC into 2026 and beyond. News 

Intel anticipates surpassing TSMC in producing the fastest chips in 2021.

(Reuters) – Intel said on Wednesday it would miss a 2025 deadline to overtake its biggest rival in advanced chipmaking, giving new details of plans to maintain that lead against Taiwan’s TSMC through 2026 and beyond. Intel was scheduled to make the announcement in San Jose, Calif., at the first technology conference for Intel Foundry, the contract manufacturing operation it has set up to compete with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Intel says it plans to take back TSMC’s production of the world’s fastest chips later this year with Intel 18A…

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YouTuber Marques Brownlee called it "frightening" and "threatening" to see an AI doing his job. (@sama) News 

YouTubers divided over OpenAI’s video tool Sora: ‘It’s scary’

Last week, OpenAI, a US company, introduced a new tool capable of creating lifelike video clips from minimal text inputs, sparking concerns among content creators that their jobs may soon be taken over by artificial intelligence. Reactions to the tool called Sora have varied from overwhelming enthusiasm to alarm about the future direction of the industry. YouTuber Marques Brownlee called AI doing its job “scary” and “threatening.” On the other hand, Caleb Ward, one half of the AI duo Curious Refuge, told his YouTube followers that he couldn’t wait to…

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AI experts are calling for more regulation around the creation of deepfakes. (Pixabay) AI 

‘Leading figures in AI call for increased regulation of deepfakes in public letter’

A group of artificial intelligence experts and industry leaders, including pioneering figure Yoshua Bengio, have penned an open letter advocating for increased regulation on the development of deepfake technology due to its potential societal dangers. “Today’s deepfakes often involve sexual imagery, fraud or political disinformation. As AI advances rapidly and makes deepfakes much easier to create, safeguards are needed,” the group said in the letter, which was drafted by AI researcher Andrew Critch. researcher at UC Berkeley. Deepfakes are realistic images, sounds and videos created by artificial intelligence algorithms, and…

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Google says is built from the same research and technology that was used to create Gemini. (Google) AI 

Learn about Gemma, Google’s new family of AI models for open-source developers

Google has introduced its newest advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) known as Gemma shortly after unveiling Gemini Pro 1.5 Pro a few days earlier. Created by Google DeepMind, Gemma is a collection of lightweight and accessible AI models that utilize the same research and technology as Gemini. Announcing Gemini, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet posted on X: “Introducing Gemma – a family of lightweight, top-of-the-line open models built from the same research and technology used to create Gemini models.” Google announces Gemma Google has introduced Gemma in two…

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New features include a more modern layout, improved action buttons, and the ability to play a mix of video content. News 

These Users Can Now Access New Channel Pages on YouTube TV App

YouTube has released a new look for content producers’ channels in its TV application. The goal is to improve the user experience and make the content more accessible on the big screen. New features include a more modern look, improved function buttons and the ability to play video content. In its video about the changes made to content providers’ pages, YouTube said that the update focuses on providing a more immersive look and easier access to Subscription. The new design comes after the company revealed new data showing that the…

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Most companies have decided to end the work-from-home setup and people will now have to also tackle the challenges posed by the threat of AI. AI 

TCS Chief Clarifies: AI Won’t Replace Jobs, But Employees Must Return to Office for Work Opportunities

People who are used to working from home in India, their time is up and companies are now ready to invite their employees back to the office as things go back to pre-pandemic state. TCS is one of the many tech companies asking their employees to return to the office, meaning many people will have to move back to the metros. Tech companies also give a clear warning to their employees that if you don’t come to the office, the chances of hikes and promotions are slim. Speaking on the…

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WhatsApp realises the need to prevent fake news from spreading widely in the country and it wants to help people from getting deepfake content. News 

WhatsApp Introduces New Service to Combat Deepfake Threat in India with Fake News Helpline

WhatsApp continues its efforts to curb fake news and misinformation on the platform in India, and now it has launched a helpline to cater to those needs. The helpline will be offered in the form of a WhatsApp chatbot to users in the country starting in March. Meta is partnering with the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) to roll out this service in the country. The helpline informs and warns users about possible deepfake threats and content floating on the messaging platform from other sources. Without sharing specifics about the chatbot/helpline,…

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Catch what happened in the world of AI today, February 21, 2024. (Pexels) AI 

5 AI developments you might have overlooked today: Reliance supports AI model, AI to forecast land suitability, and more

AI update: Today, a leading engineering institute in India is teaming up with BharatGPT to introduce a ChatGPT-inspired service called “Hanooman,” supported by Reliance Industries Ltd. Additionally, researchers utilized AI to forecast potential changes in agricultural land suitability by 2050. Stay informed about the latest developments in the AI industry on February 21, 2024. Confidence in supporting the development of the ChatGPT-style Hanooman service BharatGPT and its eight affiliated universities presented a teaser of their large language model similar to ChatGPT, Hanooman. The initiative is also backed by Reliance Industries…

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Apple continues to focus on the battery health of iPhone and making big changes will keep these users happy. News 

Apple Announces Improved Battery Life for iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Users

Apple says that people who bought iPhone 15 and 15 Pro models in 2023 can expect their models to last longer than originally reported. That’s right, the company has now surprisingly extended the battery life of these models, meaning the iPhones can handle more charge cycles without compromising quality and performance. The changes are thanks to the new iOS 17.4 version, as the new features in the Battery settings seem to allow Apple to extend the battery life of the iPhone, and in this case, people who bought the iPhone…

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The first-ever Neuralink patient has recovered fully, Elon Musk said. (REUTERS) News 

Elon Musk announces successful recovery of first Neuralink patient who can control PC cursor with thoughts

Billionaire Elon Musk’s Neuralink has started experimenting on humans after conducting extensive testing on animals. The neurotechnology company recently received approval from the FDA and successfully implanted a chip in a patient’s skull during its first clinical trial. Despite the high risks involved, Musk claims that the recipient has fully recovered from the procedure. Neuralink’s first human subject is recovering Speaking about Spaces on X, Elon Musk shed some light on the current condition of the first Neuralink patient. Musk said, “Progress is good. [The patient] appears to have made…

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When signing up for Signal, you can now create a unique username so that your phone number isn't revealed. News 

Signal Introduces Usernames to Enhance Privacy of Phone Numbers

Encrypted messaging platform Signal publishes usernames in chats to keep your phone number private. As a new default, the phone number is no longer visible to everyone in Signal. “People who have your number saved in their phone contacts will still see your phone number because they already know it,” the company said in a statement. You can now create a unique username to use instead (you still need a phone number to sign up for Signal). “A username is not a profile name that appears in chats, is not…

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Lava has teased a new device, expected to be called the 'Blaze Curve.' Here's what we know so far. News 

Lava’s Upcoming Phone Possibly Named ‘Blaze Curve’; Anticipated Release in March

India’s domestic smartphone maker Lava might be gearing up to launch a brand new smartphone in the Indian market. It is still unclear what the name of the smartphone will be, but according to a recent report, it could be named Blaze Curve and retail around Rs 20,000. Lava itself has also shared a teaser on its official X account that hints at a new phone. It is likely that the teaser depicts the Blaze Curve. Curve will lead the way!Coming Soon#LavaMobiles #ProudlyIndian— Lava Mobiles (@LavaMobile) February 20, 2024…

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Asteroid 2024 CE8 belongs to the Apollo group of Near-Earth Asteroids, according to NASA. (Pixabay) Space 

NASA reports that an Apollo-group asteroid the size of an aircraft will pass by Earth; Find out more about the close encounter.

Following the recent close encounter with Asteroid 2024 CK5, NASA has issued a new warning about four approaching space rocks that will pass by Earth tomorrow, February 22. Although some of these asteroids may come closer to Earth than the Moon, they are not expected to pose any danger. However, space agencies are closely monitoring their orbits to ensure the safety of our planet. Learn more about the upcoming asteroid flyby. Asteroid 2024 CE8: Details NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) has named the asteroid Asteroid 2024 CE8. It…

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With the launch of GTA 6 looming next year and hardware sales slowing down, Sony could be preparing to launch a PS5 Pro variant this year. News 

Report: Sony may release PS5 Pro before GTA 6 launch in 2025.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been available for more than three years now, and as we approach the middle age of this console generation, speculation is mounting as to whether Sony is going to repeat what it did with the PS4 generation – that is, launch a mid-term update in the form of the PS5 Pro, which resembles the PS4 Pro, which followed the PS4 in 2016. Now, CNBC is reporting that it has received information from analysts that suggests that an “upgraded” version of the PS5 console will indeed be…

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Despite growth in some categories, India's PC market experienced an overall decline in sales in 2023. News 

IDC Reports 6.6% Decline in India’s PC Market in 2023, HP and Lenovo Dominate Market Share

India’s traditional PC market (including desktops, laptops and workstations) shipped 13.9 million units in 2023, down 6.6 percent from a year earlier, with HP as the market leader, a new report released on Tuesday showed. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the desktop category grew by 6.7 percent (year-over-year), laptops and workstations fell by 11.1 percent (year-over-year) and 14 percent (year-over-year). year), respectively. “Low market sentiment post-pandemic led to lower consumer demand, leading to a sharp correction in shipments in the second half of 2022 and the first half…

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The latest celebrity deepfake targets Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, in a bid to promote a betting app. Here's what you need to know. News 

Warning! Viral Video of Virat Kohli in Betting App Advertisement is a Deepfake

We’re all aware of the capabilities of generative AI, from scripting movies to producing lifelike videos using tools like OpenAI’s Sora. However, a byproduct of this scourge of the Internet is the rise of deep fakes and the spread of misinformation. Recently, numerous deepfake videos featuring various celebrities have gone viral and have been accepted at face value by many unsuspecting individuals. The latest target is none other than Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Fraudsters are said to be using Kohli’s deepfake to support fake advertising, especially betting apps where Kohli…

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Check out the newly introduced generative AI features in Abode Acrobat. (Abode ) AI 

Abode incorporates generative AI into Acrobat PDF management tool; Explore key features

Abode Acrobat, known for its exceptional features, security, and user-friendly interface, has now incorporated an AI-powered conversational engine to further improve its capabilities. Users can now interact with the tool through voice commands. The new AI features are designed to revolutionize the way digital documents are managed, with the generative AI feature allowing users to quickly comprehend lengthy documents. Discover the benefits of this AI integration for Abode Acrobat users. Adobe Acrobat’s creative AI features According to Adobe’s blog post, its PDF management tool Acrobat has an AI assistant that…

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Microsoft faced complaints from Edge users who noticed their Chrome data copied without taking their permission. Here's the reason that happened. News 

Microsoft has put an end to Edge browser’s unauthorized copying of Chrome tabs.

Microsoft recently made a big mess when the Edge browser picked up tabs from Chrome without users’ consent. The company blamed the problem on a bug that accidentally copied data from the Chrome browser. But now Microsoft has finally confirmed that the issue has been fixed, which means that the Edge browser will only pick up data from Chrome if you give it permission to do so. It all started when reports claimed Edge was duplicating some users’ Chrome tabs after they upgraded to the latest version of Windows and…

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Tech companies are gradually investing their resources in AI and this brand has decided the mobile business has enough to keep people happy. AI 

This Brand Will No Longer Produce Phones, Embracing AI as the Future

Phone brands are starting to focus on AI, but one company has decided that phones don’t make sense anymore and is fully investing in AI for the future. Meizu is a company that has confirmed its plans to exit the smartphone business and is ready to put all its eggs in the AI basket. Meizu wants to focus on an AI-powered operating system tailored for mobile devices and even launch its first AI-enabled hardware product in 2024. Meizu has proven its hardware with phones launched around the world, but the…

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The first human patient implanted with a brain chip from Neuralink appears to have fully recovered and is able to control a computer mouse, informed Musk. News 

Musk Announces Neuralink Success: First Human Patient Controls Mouse Using Mind

(Reuters) – The first human patient implanted with Neuralink’s brain chip appears to have fully recovered and is able to control a computer mouse with his thoughts, the startup’s founder Elon Musk said late on Monday. “Progress is good and the patient appears to have fully recovered with no adverse effects that we are aware of. The patient is able to move the mouse on the screen just by thinking,” Musk said at the Spaces event on social media. platform X Musk said Neuralink is now trying to get as…

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