Earlier this year, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in his letter to shareholders that generative AI will be a “big deal” for the company. (AFP)Reviews 

Amazon Introduces Generative AI to Summarize Product Reviews

Amazon is introducing a fresh generative AI capability that condenses product reviews for the convenience of its customers.

The feature, which the company began testing earlier this year, is designed to help shoppers determine at a glance what other customers have said about a product before spending time reading individual reviews. It picks up common themes and summarizes them in a short paragraph on the product information page.

The company wrote in a blog post on Monday that AI-generated reviews are now available for US mobile shoppers on a “broad” range of products. And it could be expanded to more shoppers and other product categories “over the coming months” based on customer feedback, said Vaughn Schermerhorn, Amazon’s director of community shopping.

The Seattle-based company has been looking for ways to integrate more AI into its product offerings as the generative AI race heats up among tech companies. Amazon hasn’t released its own high-profile AI chatbot or imaging tool. Instead, it’s focused on services that allow developers to build their own generative AI tools on its cloud infrastructure, AWS.

Earlier this year, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in a letter to shareholders that generative artificial intelligence will be a “big deal” for the company. He also said on an earnings call with investors last week that “each” of Amazon’s businesses currently has a number of creative AI initiatives underway, including its device unit that powers products like the voice assistant Alexa.

In addition to AI-generated reviews, the company announced Monday that it will also offer a product discovery feature that allows customers to highlight common themes in reviews.

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