Alibaba's cloud service said it suffered a near twohour long disruption affecting customers in mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States on Monday, its second outage within a month. News 

Alibaba Cloud Experiences Another Service Interruption – Twice in One Month!

Alibaba’s cloud service said on Monday it suffered a nearly two-hour outage that affected customers in mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States, the second outage in a month. The impact was mainly felt in several Alibaba Cloud database management products, including versions of PostgreSQL, Redis, and MySQL. Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Virginia in the United States were among the eight regions. “At 9:16 a.m. Beijing time (0116 GMT) on November 27, 2023, Alibaba Cloud monitoring detected anomalies in the console and OpenAPI access of database products,” Alibaba…

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Before that surprise decision to shut down the Alibaba Quantum Computing Lab, the firm was in the midst a complicated six-way split. (AP) News 

Alibaba’s Quantum Computing Dream Ends: Lab Closes in Cost-Cutting Move

Alibaba Quantum Computing Lab, based in Hangzhou, China, has been closed down as part of the company’s efforts to improve its financial performance. In a statement on Monday, an Alibaba spokesperson revealed that the company will be donating its equipment to Zhejiang University. The closure of the lab will unfortunately lead to the loss of approximately 30 employees. However, Alibaba may assist some of these individuals in finding positions within the same university, according to an anonymous source familiar with the situation. The Chinese e-commerce leader is in the midst…

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Li Jiaqi recorded sales of 9.5 billion yuan ($1.3 billion) on Oct. 24, the first day of the annual Singles’ Day shopping festival.( Representative image) (Pexels) News 

Fragile Consumers Feel the Heat as Top Chinese Livestreamer Cools Off

China’s consumption outlook can be easily observed by examining the largest livestreamer in the country. Li Jiaqi, known as the “lipstick king” for his ability to sell cosmetics, recorded sales of 9.5 billion yuan ($1.3 billion) on Oct. 24, the first day of the annual Singles’ Day shopping festival, which ended on Saturday. A report by the Southern Metropolis Daily, which did not say where it got the information. That’s down from 21.5 billion yuan on the first day last year, it said. Separately, Caixin said sales of Li’s beauty…

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Ant Group has received the green light from the Chinese govt to launch its AI products. (AFP) AI 

Ant Group’s Bailing LLM Gets the Green Light from Chinese Government!

According to Reuters, there has been a significant growth in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, with notable advancements taking place. In a recent update, Chinese tech giant Alibaba revealed that its affiliate company Ant Group has obtained approval from the Chinese government to introduce products utilizing its AI Large Language Model (LLM) known as Bailing. Stay informed about this recent breakthrough in the AI field. Alibaba has recently been one of the most visible names when it comes to artificial intelligence. The company has recently launched many AI products and…

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Know what’s happening in the AI universe today, August 25. (Pixabay) AI 

Alibaba Unveils AI Models, Microsoft President Cautions on AI: 5 Developments You Might Have Missed

In the latest AI news, Microsoft President Brad Smith cautioned about the potential risks of fast-paced AI development, drawing parallels to the early days of social media. Conversely, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna expressed optimism, stating that AI has the potential to enhance productivity and reduce business expenses. All this and more in our AI review today. 1. Alibaba launches two AI models With the growing demands of artificial intelligence, Alibaba launched two artificial intelligence models on Friday. According to a CNBC report, the two models, called Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat, are…

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The first phase of the European Union’s groundbreaking new digital rules will take effect this week. (AFP) News 

Europe’s Regulations for Tech Giants Google, Facebook, TikTok and Others to Take Effect – Explaining the Details

Some of the largest technology companies, including Google, Facebook, and TikTok, are currently confronting a significant initiative in Europe aimed at purifying the online content that users come across. The first phase of the European Union’s ground-breaking new digital rules comes into effect this week. The Digital Services Act is part of a technology-focused code drawn up by the 27-nation bloc, which has long been a world leader in cracking down on tech giants. The DSA, which the major platforms must begin on Friday, is designed to keep users safe…

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Alibaba's cloud computing division said it has become the first Chinese enterprise to support Meta's opensource artificial intelligence (AI) model Llama, allowing its Chinese business users to develop programs off the model. AI 

Alibaba Cloud Offers AI Model Llama to Clients Through Acquisition of Meta: Report

Alibaba’s cloud computing division has announced that it is the inaugural Chinese enterprise to endorse Meta’s open-source artificial intelligence (AI) model, Llama. This endorsement enables Chinese business users of Alibaba to create programs based on the Llama model. This month, Meta released Llama2, a commercial version of Llama, to offer businesses a powerful free alternative to the expensive proprietary models sold by OpenAI and Google. At the time, Meta said Llama2’s primary partner was Microsoft, but it would be available through other partners as well. “Alibaba Cloud has today released…

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Ant invested nearly 20.5 billion yuan ($2.8 billion) in R&D last year, doubling the company’s annual spending on such efforts compared with 2019. (REUTERS) AI 

Ant Group Developing Advanced Language Model Technology with Support from Jack Ma

Ant Group Co., which is supported by Jack Ma, is working on advanced language model technology to fuel ChatGPT-like services, as part of a group of Chinese firms vying for an advantage in the field of next-generation artificial intelligence. The project, known as “Zhen Yi”, is being created by a dedicated unit and will utilize in-house research. An Ant spokesperson confirmed the news, which was first reported by Ant competes against companies including its affiliate Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Baidu Inc. and SenseTime Group Inc. Their efforts mirror developments…

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Alibaba Group Holding Ltd on Tuesday unveiled Tongyi Qianwen, an AI large language model similar to GPT that it plans to integrate into all of the company's business applications in the near future. News 

Alibaba unveils Tongyi Qianwen, an AI model similar to ChatGPT

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd on Tuesday unveiled Tongyi Qianwen, a GPT-like major artificial intelligence language model that it plans to integrate into all of the company’s business applications in the near future. It will first be integrated with DingTalk, Alibaba’s workplace messaging app, and can be used to take meeting notes, write emails and draft business proposals, the company said in a statement. It will also be added to Tmall Genie, Alibaba’s voice assistant. Alibaba Cloud plans to open up Tongyi Qianwen to its customers to build their own custom…

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Alibaba founder Jack Ma has returned to China, ending a more than yearlong stay overseas that was viewed by industry as reflecting the sober mood of China's private businesses and troubled policymakers trying to spur the economy. News 

Jack Ma returns to China as the government tries to quell private sector fears

HONG KONG/BEIJING: Alibaba founder Jack Ma has returned to China, ending a stay abroad that lasted more than a year, which the industry said reflected the sober mood of restive policymakers trying to boost China’s private companies and economy. The return of China’s most famous entrepreneur could help quell concerns among the country’s private sector companies after two years of draconian regulations. His public appearance underpins the government’s softening tone toward the private sector as leaders try to shore up an economy that has been weighed down by three years…

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