Here is a cheat sheet that reveals all you need to know about the current AI Act after the European Union was able to strike a historic deal. (REUTERS) AI 

Get a sneak peek at the AI Act cheat sheet before its implementation, as the European Union seals a groundbreaking agreement

Europe has reached a preliminary agreement on significant European Union (EU) regulations concerning the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI). This political accord is considered a significant milestone for the EU, and it is anticipated that the AI Act will now proceed through the remaining stages of implementation. According to reports, the main areas of disagreement within the bloc were the application of AI in biometric surveillance by governments and the regulation of AI systems like ChatGPT. With the agreement now established, it is important to understand the essential components of…

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Despite the tacit consensus on the future of drivetrains, obstacles remain for electric cars to meet their emissions-reduction potential. (Bloomberg) Gadgets 

Electric Cars Powered by Batteries Are the Future

The increase in electric vehicles is truly remarkable. Over the past decade, Teslas have gone from cars for the uber-rich to cars for Uber drivers. All the major automakers have invested in electric cars, lowering prices and expanding the options available. According to BloombergNEF, more than 14 million electric cars will be sold globally this year, up from just 700,000 in 2016. And some 23 countries have now passed the crucial electric car tipping point – 5% of new car sales – after which adoption will begin. up dramatically. In…

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TikTok app logo is seen in this illustration taken, August 22, 2022. (REUTERS) News 

TikTok Refuses to be Labeled as an EU Online ‘Gatekeeper’

On Wednesday, TikTok dismissed the European Union’s ruling to categorize the video sharing platform as one of the “gatekeeper” companies obligated to adhere to stricter regulations regarding their online operations. “We support the DMA’s goal of creating a competitive operating environment in Europe, but fundamentally disagree with this decision,” a TikTok spokesperson said in a statement. “We are very disappointed that market research was not conducted prior to this decision and we are evaluating our next steps.”

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The Apple Inc. logo is seen in the lobby of New York City's flagship Apple store January 18, 2011 (REUTERS) News 

European Union Takes Action to Limit the Power of Major Tech Companies

European Union regulators are launching new investigations into Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc. as part of their efforts to regulate the digital markets. These investigations have the potential to bring about substantial changes in the way these companies operate within the region. Alphabet Inc.’s Google Search, Apple’s App Store and Inc.’s marketplace are among 22 services subject to the EU’s Digital Markets Act, it was announced Wednesday. Now, companies such as Bytedance Ltd’s TikTok and Meta Platforms Inc.’s Facebook have six months to comply with the new rules or…

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The first phase of the European Union’s groundbreaking new digital rules will take effect this week. (AFP) News 

Europe’s Regulations for Tech Giants Google, Facebook, TikTok and Others to Take Effect – Explaining the Details

Some of the largest technology companies, including Google, Facebook, and TikTok, are currently confronting a significant initiative in Europe aimed at purifying the online content that users come across. The first phase of the European Union’s ground-breaking new digital rules comes into effect this week. The Digital Services Act is part of a technology-focused code drawn up by the 27-nation bloc, which has long been a world leader in cracking down on tech giants. The DSA, which the major platforms must begin on Friday, is designed to keep users safe…

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The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework gives Europeans a way to file a complaint about what US firms do with their data. News 

US Tech Companies Allowed to Keep European User Data on US Servers Under New Agreement

The European Union has approved a plan that will enable US tech giants to store data about European users in the US, following a court decision in 2020 that posed a threat to transatlantic e-commerce. The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, announced on Monday by the European Commission, allows Europeans to engage with a US court if they believe their data privacy rights have been violated by a US tech platform. President Joe Biden established the Data Protection Review Court through an executive order last year, which has the authority to…

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The company carried out steep job cuts less than six months ago. News 

Evernote Moving to Europe Following Reduction of US Staff

Evernote has made significant cuts to its workforce, with the majority of employees in the US and Chile being laid off. Bending Spoons, the app developer that acquired Evernote last year, announced that it plans to relocate most of the company’s operations to Europe. This latest round of layoffs comes after Evernote previously cut 129 positions due to the app’s lack of profitability. The exact number of employees affected by these recent layoffs has not been disclosed, but it has been observed that several software engineers who had been with…

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Meta is reportedly holding back from a Threads release in the EU's 27 countries as it sought clarity on the bloc's Digital Markets Act News 

Meta’s ‘Threads’ App Delayed in Europe Over Regulatory Issues

According to a reliable source, Meta’s newly developed Threads app, intended to compete with Twitter, will not be accessible in the European Union upon its launch this Thursday due to regulatory apprehensions. The app is seen as Twitter’s biggest challenge since Elon Musk’s takeover plunged the social media platform, hugely popular among politicians and celebrities, into chaos. A source close to Metal said on Wednesday that the tech giant was holding back Threads publication in the EU’s 27 countries as it seeks clarity on the bloc’s digital market law, which…

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Seven companies including Alphabet, Meta and Apple surpass the $7.5 billion revenue threshold. News 

Tech Giants Must Abide by EU’s New Digital Market Regulations

Seven companies, primarily consisting of major American tech companies, have informed the European Commission that they fulfill the requirements to be categorized as “gatekeepers” under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance (the owner of TikTok), Meta, Microsoft, and Samsung have stated that they satisfy the criteria established by the EU when the new legislation was enacted. Additionally, anticipates achieving gatekeeper status by the conclusion of this year and plans to inform the authorities accordingly. Gatekeepers are companies with an annual turnover in Europe of at least…

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Sweden's privacy protection agency, the IMY, said it had examined the use of Google Analytics by the firms following a complaint by a data privacy group News 

Sweden Worries Over Data Privacy as Google Analytics is Utilized

Sweden has issued an order to four companies, instructing them to cease using a Google tool that assesses and examines internet traffic. The reason behind this directive is that the tool transfers personal information to the United States. Additionally, one of the companies has been fined an amount exceeding $1.1 million. Sweden’s data protection agency IMY said it had investigated the use of Google Analytics by companies after a complaint was filed by the Austrian data protection group noyb (not your company), which has filed dozens of complaints against Google…

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A European Parliament committee voted to strengthen the flagship legislative proposal as it heads toward passage News 

How Europe is leading the world in building guardrails around artificial intelligence

Authorities around the world are racing to come up with AI rules, including in the European Union, where draft legislation reached a crucial moment on Thursday. A European Parliament committee voted to strengthen a flagship legislative proposal as it moves towards approval, part of a years-long push by Brussels to create artificial intelligence guardrails. These efforts have become even more urgent as the rapid development of chatbots like ChatGPT highlights the benefits—and the new dangers—that emerging technology brings. Here’s an overview of EU AI law: HOW DO THE RULES WORK?…

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