Virtual reality (VR) headsets are increasingly popular among adults and children, but there are concerns about the safety of young children using these immersive technologies. (Bloomberg) News 

What measures can parents take to ensure the safety of their children in the face of growing virtual reality grooming risks?

Adults and children are showing a growing interest in virtual reality (VR) headsets, which are becoming increasingly popular. These headsets are a component of extended reality environments that allow for more realistic and immersive experiences. VR provides access to computer-generated 3D worlds and games in a variety of environments and interactions. Sometimes this is loosely referred to as the “metaverse”. Most VR headsets have a minimum age limit of 10-13 years for safety reasons for augmented reality technologies in general and VR headsets in particular. But VR is increasingly being…

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Vistara to introduce virtual reality and augmented reality technologies. (REUTERS) News 

Vistara intends to utilize virtual reality and augmented reality technology for training objectives.

Vistara’s chief, Vinod Kannan, announced on Monday that the airline intends to incorporate virtual reality and augmented reality technologies into specific training exercises for their staff. Kannan stressed the importance of human intelligence, as there are certain situations that cannot be effectively managed by automated systems. The full-service airline, which celebrates nine years of flying on January 9, already uses chatbots to answer customer queries. Asked about the airline’s use of artificial intelligence, its CEO Vinod Kannan said that certain things have already been done. “We have a chatbot. We’re…

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Loft has been already been approved by regulators in Europe and is going through the approval process now with the US Federal Aviation Administration. (Unspalsh) News 

Is it Possible to Fly a Helicopter After One Hour of Virtual Reality Training?

The latest episode of Hello World presented a challenge: Can I visit Zurich, spend an hour in a modern flight simulator, and then fly a helicopter through the Swiss Alps the following day? It’s worth noting that I have no prior experience flying helicopters. Additionally, doesn’t this plan appear risky? In this episode Since I’m here writing this, the spoiler warning is obvious. You see, yes, a complete beginner can cruise the Matterhorn in a helicopter and survive if given the right tools… and help. The people at Loft Dynamics AG…

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The case being argued is that Amazon is a monopoly and is using its dominance to prevent competition from flourishing in the marketplace. (AP) News 

FTC Faces Lengthy and Difficult Road Ahead with Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit

With a lawsuit looming over its operations, Amazon is approaching Prime Day, one of its largest sales events of the year. The lawsuit alleges that the company is obstructing sellers from offering their products at lower prices on alternative platforms. The Federal Trade Commission’s long-awaited antitrust case is the agency’s most aggressive move yet to curb Amazon’s market power. The company has become synonymous with online shopping and fast deliveries. Under Chairman Lina Khan, the agency has not been shy about taking big swings at some of America’s biggest companies…

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Apple Vision Pro is the company’s first-ever spatial computer but isn’t available to the public yet. (Bloomberg) News 

Comparing Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3: A Look at the Mixed Reality Contest Between Two Tech Giants

Apple and Meta, two major tech giants, have both ventured into the realm of mixed reality. While Meta Platforms has already established itself in this field with its Metaverse and Meta Quest products, Apple has now joined the fray. During the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 on June 5, Apple unveiled its inaugural mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Despite their shared goal of enhancing mixed reality experiences, these headsets cater to distinct user demographics. Apple Vision Pro Developed by Apple’s Vision Products Group (VPG), a unit led…

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Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg is expected to unveil the next version of its virtual reality headset, the Quest 3. (AP) AI 

Mark Zuckerberg to Open Connect Conference with Emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

The Connect developer conference of tech giant Meta will commence on Wednesday, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who will emphasize virtual and augmented reality as well as artificial intelligence. The company, which renamed itself Meta two years ago, is expected to unveil the next version of its virtual reality headset, the Quest 3, and discuss AI chatbots and other tools and features designed to keep users engaged on Facebook and Instagram as competition from TikTok continues. . This remains Meta’s biggest challenge, said Insider Intelligence analyst Yoram Wurmser. “A lot…

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Know all about the new avatar creator customization tools, Horizon Feed, and other features Meta has added to its Quest VR headset. (Meta) Gadgets 

Meta Quest VR Headset Enhances User Experience with Avatar Creator, Horizon Feed, and More

Meta has released the Meta Quest v57 update for its Quest virtual reality headsets, introducing various new features and enhancements for users. Notably, the avatar creator has been significantly improved, allowing for greater customization options. Users can now personalize their appearance by adding highlights to their hair, selecting a specific base hair color using a slider, and even choosing the color of their eyebrows. This highly requested feature has been fulfilled by Meta. Announcing the new customization features, Meta said in a blog post: “With V57, we’re releasing a new…

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The one-of-a-kind zone will showcase the ‘Digital India’ journey since 2014 through an immersive experience in the form of interactive displays and virtual reality simulations AI 

G20 Summit Highlights Digital India with UPI, Aadhaar, Bhashini, and the Introduction of ‘Ask GITA’ at the ‘Digital India Experience Zone’

The ‘Digital India Experience Zone’ at the upcoming G20 Leaders Summit in New Delhi will be a standout attraction showcasing India’s ‘digital’ journey since 2014. The transformative potential of digital public infrastructure, or DPI, is highlighted through a platform developed over seven years. a country that empowers digital economy – Aadhaar, UPI, DigiLocker, DIKSHA, Bhashini, ONDC and eSanjeevani. In addition to providing visitors with immersive experiences such as interactive displays and virtual reality simulations, the unique zone features a kiosk showcasing the GITA (Guidance Inspiration Transformation and Action) app where…

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There'll be 4K, 180-degree fight streams and a virtual Octagon. News 

Meta to Unveil UFC-Inspired Virtual Reality Experience in Horizon Worlds

Meta has announced a partnership with UFC to introduce live mixed martial arts (MMA) in virtual reality (VR) on Horizon Worlds. According to a Quest Blog post viewed by The Verge, this immersive experience will be available from November and will allow UFC Fight Pass subscribers to watch MMA fights in 4K resolution and 180-degree VR capture. Meta also mentioned that viewers can enjoy the action individually or with friends, and have the option to switch camera angles during the fights for the optimal viewing experience. Users can also chat…

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The plan costs $8 per month or $60 per year. Gaming 

Meta’s Quest+ Subscription Offers Monthly Access to Two Virtual Reality Games

Meta is venturing into the gaming subscription industry with the introduction of Meta Quest+. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has revealed that the plan will provide users with access to the “top-rated games on the platform” for a monthly fee of $8 or an annual fee of $60. The subscription is now available on Quest 2 and Quest Pro, and it will be available on Quest 3 when it is released in the autumn. Those who register for Meta Quest+ before the end of July will only be charged $1 for…

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Unity CEO John Riccitiello speaks on AI and gaming's future (AP) AI 

John Riccitiello Discusses AI and the Future of Video Game Software with an Insider

During his career spanning over 20 years, starting from his tenure as the head of Electronic Arts in 1997, John Riccitiello, the CEO of Unity, a video game software company, has witnessed the transformation and changes in the video game industry. Unity Software Inc. was founded in Denmark and is now based in San Francisco. It’s partnering with Apple to help bring games to its upcoming virtual reality headset, the Vision Pro. Riccitiello recently spoke with The Associated Press about how artificial intelligence is changing the way video games are…

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Meta said that parents will retain control over their children's accounts for the Quest 2 and Quest 3 headsets and promised that preteen access will be limited to “age-appropriate” apps deploying virtual reality, or VR. (AFP) Gadgets 

Mark Zuckerberg Invites Preteens to Experience Virtual Reality with Facebook’s Quest Headset

Despite growing concerns about children’s excessive use of social media, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram intends to launch a digital portal that will allow children as young as 10 years old to access virtual reality via the Meta Quest headset. Meta Platforms, which oversees the social media empire created by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, said in a blog post on Friday that it is lowering the minimum age for a Quest account from 13 to 10. The Menlo Park, Calif., company framed the move later this year as…

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The move raises safety and health concerns. Gadgets 

Meta Reduces Age Recommendation for Quest Headset from 13 to 10

Meta is broadening the reach of Quest headsets by welcoming preteens to join the community. The social media giant plans to reduce the minimum age for Quest 2 and 3 accounts from 13 to 10 in the near future, with the introduction of parent-managed accounts. Children will require their parents’ consent to establish accounts, install applications, and restrict access to existing software. Parents will also be able to establish time restrictions. The company says it will implement strict data protection controls. Meta offers “age-specific” app store experiences, such as recommendations…

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Meta will automatically scan and remove messages that go against its code of conduct. News 

Meta’s Horizon Worlds to Introduce Text-Based ‘World Chat’ Feature

Meta is aiming to enhance the social aspect of its VR-based Horizon Worlds by introducing mini-games and granting access to younger teens. The company has recently launched a new feature called world chat, which enables users to send messages to other participants in the same world session. Meta has also assured users of stringent security measures for this new feature. A voice chat feature is already available, but this works just like a regular text messaging app. The screenshot (below) shows a classic group text message interface involving multiple users.…

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The device doesn't have a release date yet. News 

Canon Develops Prototype for 180- and 360-Degree VR Camera

Canon, known for its traditional photography, may be venturing into the world of virtual reality with a new prototype convertible camera showcased at the Photo Next 2023 show in Japan. The unnamed device boasts a unique folding mechanism that enables it to capture both 360-degree video and 180-degree 3D content. Some websites have pointed out the similarities between the prototype and the Insta360 EVO, which also uses a folding mechanism for 180-degree 3D capture. However, Canon has not disclosed any information regarding specifications, pricing, or availability, according to Pronews. PHOTO…

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Vision Pro is Apple’s mixed reality headset that will take on Meta Quest 3. (Apple) Gadgets 

Apple Vision Pro Headset Experience Explained

On Monday, Apple Inc allowed analysts and media, including Reuters, to test its Vision Pro headset priced at $3,499. It’s immediately clear that the device isn’t yet intended for the mass market: a test drive requires a fitting session with Apple employees and a quick visit with a vision specialist to make sure the headphones fit and work as intended. And the price is likely to turn away all but the most dedicated Apple fans and business users. Instead of starting with a consumer version and working toward a “Pro”…

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Apple AR headset to give users a truly immersive experience. (Representative image) (Bloomberg) Gadgets 

Apple to Launch Mixed-Reality Headset at WWDC 2023 Targeting the Metaverse

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference today, Apple is anticipated to unveil expensive mixed-reality headgear, competing with Meta, the owner of Facebook, in a market that has yet to gain momentum. The iPhone maker has remained mum on reports that it plans to unveil a headset for augmented or virtual reality experiences at its annual developer and app designer camp. The release is the iconic iPhone maker’s most significant product launch since it unveiled the Apple Watch in 2015. It could also increase tensions between Apple CEO Tim Cook and…

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The action RPG has a 60-plus-hour campaign and an endless dungeon-crawling mode. Gaming 

“Asgard’s Wrath 2” is Meta’s most ambitious VR game to date

One of the biggest announcements at today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase is Asgard’s Wrath 2, the sequel to the acclaimed 2019 original, which is slated for release this winter. It’s shaping up to be Meta’s most ambitious game to date – an RPG that the company believes can stand up to the genre’s biggest hits on consoles and PC. To deliver on the promise, developer Sanzaru Games may have to push the 2020 mobile technology VR headset to the limit. Sanzaru studio creative director Mat Kraemer said in an overview…

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Expect to learn more details about the Quest 3, the company's next VR and MR headset. News 

The Meta Connect 2023 event will take place on September 27

Alongside the official reveal of Quest 3, Meta has announced the release date for this year’s Connect. The event, which focuses on Meta’s development in the spaces of augmented and virtual reality, will take place on September 27-28, according to its website. Connect will take place a little earlier than usual this year. The 2022 edition was held in October. More information about Connect 2023 will be released soon, but one thing is for sure: we will know more about Quest 3 in late September. Meta’s next virtual reality headset…

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the device ahead of Apple's rumored mixed-reality headset. Gadgets 

Meta Quest 3 unveiled; Costs $499 and offers full-color reproduction

Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled the Meta Quest 3, his long-rumored next-generation virtual reality headset. Meta’s CEO first introduced the device just hours before the recent Meta Quest Games Showcase and right before Apple’s WWDC. Like the Quest Pro, the Quest 3 supports mixed reality and offers full color passthrough. This allows users to see a colored version of the physical space around them through external cameras. The headset is able to connect elements of augmented reality with the outside world. Zuckerberg says it’s “the first high-resolution mixed-color headset.” Zuckerberg claims…

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