The U.S. shoppers are projected to spend $12 billion on Cyber Monday, the biggest U.S. online shopping day. (Pixabay) News 

Score Big Savings on Cyber Monday – Shop ‘Til You Drop!

According to initial estimates from Adobe Digital Insights, online spending on Cyber Monday is expected to surpass $12 billion, marking a new record. Bargain hunters are eagerly purchasing various items such as Barbie dolls, Lego sets, headphones, and smart watches. US shoppers are estimated to spend between $12 billion and $12.4 billion on Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day in the US. A significant portion of that spending, about $4 billion, is expected to occur between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST, especially for last-minute shoppers, it said. At…

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Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping day of all time. (Pixabay) News 

Score Big Savings on Cyber Monday – Last Chance for Holiday Shopping!

As Cyber Monday arrives, consumers are actively searching the internet for online bargains, concluding the five-day shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving. Although e-commerce is now a part of our daily lives and much of the Christmas shopping season, Cyber Monday – a term coined by the National Retail Federation in 2005 – remains the biggest online shopping day of the year. , thanks to the trades and hype created by the industry to fuel it. Adobe Analytics, which tracks online shopping, expects consumers to spend between $12.0 billion and $12.4 billion…

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The case being argued is that Amazon is a monopoly and is using its dominance to prevent competition from flourishing in the marketplace. (AP) News 

FTC Faces Lengthy and Difficult Road Ahead with Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit

With a lawsuit looming over its operations, Amazon is approaching Prime Day, one of its largest sales events of the year. The lawsuit alleges that the company is obstructing sellers from offering their products at lower prices on alternative platforms. The Federal Trade Commission’s long-awaited antitrust case is the agency’s most aggressive move yet to curb Amazon’s market power. The company has become synonymous with online shopping and fast deliveries. Under Chairman Lina Khan, the agency has not been shy about taking big swings at some of America’s biggest companies…

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The paragraph-long blurbs include clickable keywords. Reviews 

Amazon Introduces Automated Review Summaries Powered by AI

Today, Amazon unveiled a fresh generative AI capability that condenses product reviews. Initially accessible to a limited number of mobile shoppers in the U.S., covering a wide range of products, this AI tool generates a concise summary paragraph that captures prevalent themes from customer reviews. In June, the company confirmed its experimentation with an AI-driven summarization tool, and now it commences its official launch. CEO Andy Jassy emphasized earlier this month that AI is a fundamental aspect of Amazon’s operations. The idea behind the ML-generated summary is to allow buyers…

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A delivery executive of an ecommerce firm allegedly stole 10 iPhones by replacing them with dummy phones on the way to deliver them to the customer. News 

Online shopping scam: Delivery Boy steals 10 iPhones by replacing them with dolls

A delivery manager for an e-commerce company allegedly stole 10 iPhones by replacing them with fake phones on his way to deliver them to a customer here, police said Thursday. Ravi, the position in charge of Matrix Finance Solution, which delivers the package to Amazon, claimed in his complaint that on March 27, delivery manager Lalit handed over a customer’s package containing 10 iPhones and AirPods from his address. However, instead of delivering the package, Lalit replaced the iPhones with replicas and sent his brother Manoj to deposit them back…

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