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Unlock the Power of Generative AI with Amazon’s Free Courses!

In today’s era of increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence, possessing AI skills has become essential for career growth. To ensure accessibility of AI skills to all, Amazon has launched a noteworthy initiative called ‘AI ready’, offering free educational courses on generative AI. Amazon’s objective behind this initiative is to provide “critical skills” to individuals. Let’s delve into the details of these complimentary generative AI courses.

Artificial intelligence courses created by Amazon

Notably, Amazon has already offered AWS-based AI training programs, but now it has added 8 free courses. According to Amazon, 21 million people have AWS cloud computing skills through its various programs. Now, Amazon aims to have 2 million users benefit from its AI courses by 2025. Check out the artificial intelligence courses below:

Courses for business users and non-technical users

If you’re a business person or in a non-technical job, these three generative AI courses from Amazon will take you to the next level.

Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence: This course provides an introduction to generative artificial intelligence, its applications and data needs such as basic models. You can find this course on AWS Educate.

Generative AI Curriculum for Decision Makers: This is a series of three courses. It covers generative artificial intelligence project planning and building an organization suitable for generative artificial intelligence. You can find this course in the AWS Skill Builder.

Introduction to Amazon CodeWhisperer: In this course, you’ll learn how to use Amazon’s AI code generator, which generates entire lines of code. Get this AWS Educate course.

Courses for developers and technical users

If you are an Android developer or a technical user who is interested in learning various aspects of generative AI, these courses will be very useful for you. You can get all these courses with AWS Skill Builder.

Basics of Prompt Engineering: This course introduces the basics of prompt engineering, input design for generative AI tools, and advanced prompt techniques.

Low Code Machine Learning on AWS: This course teaches you how to prepare data, train machine learning models, and deploy machine learning models with minimal coding and no deep knowledge of machine learning.

Building Language Models on AWS: This course covers how to use Amazon SageMaker’s distributed training libraries to build language models and how to fine-tune open source models and basic models.

Amazon Transcribe – Getting Started: This course introduces you to using Amazon Transcribe. It is a fully managed AI service that converts speech to text using automatic speech recognition technology.

Building Generative AI Applications with Amazon Bedrock: This course teaches you how to use Amazon Bedrock to build generative AI applications.

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