Asmi had emerged as a winner of the Swift Student Challenge at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). (Apple)News 

Apple CEO Tim Cook Congratulates India’s Asmi Jain on Winning Swift Student Challenge at WWDC 2023

During the WWDC 2023, Asmi Jain, a 20-year-old Indian who won the WWDC award for developing a healthcare app playground, had the opportunity to meet with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Asmi had emerged as one of the winners of the Swift Student Challenge at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The challenge was to create an original app playground for students around the world using the Swift coding language.

20-year-old Asmi Jain from Indore won the award for her app. Now, for Jain, coding is an opportunity to not only create a unique career path, but also help others along the way.

This year, Apple had increased the number of winners from 350 in previous years to 375 to allow even more students to participate in the event and be recognized for their artistry and ingenuity.

And as the winner, Asmi met Apple CEO Tim Cook on Sunday, just before the WWDC 2023 event.

Cook says, “Asmi’s incredible work is an example of the creativity and ingenuity that is on display all over this country. She is already poised to make a profound impact on the world by helping people with their health, and we are excited to see what she does next.”

The application playgrounds covered such diverse topics as healthcare, sports, entertainment and the environment. This coding opportunity has allowed students to share their passion with the world.

Why Asmi Jain created her app

At Medi-Caps University, Asmi found out that her friend’s uncle had brain surgery. As a result, he had an eye misalignment and facial paralysis. To meet the challenge, Asmi designed the playground of its winning app to track the user’s eye movements as they try to follow the ball moving on the screen.

The purpose of the playground is to strengthen eye muscles, and while it was inspired by a friend’s uncle, Jain hopes it can be used by people with various eye conditions and disabilities.

Asmi tells what inspired him to create the app playground. “It was important to me to create an app playground that could positively impact the lives of people like him. My next goal is to get feedback and make sure it’s efficient and user-friendly, and then release it to the App Store. Eventually, I want to expand it to help strengthen all the muscles in the face, and I hope that someday it can serve as a therapy tool that people like my friend’s uncle can use.

Asmi added: “When you feel like you are part of something bigger, it motivates you and makes you do better. Coding allows me to create things that help my friends and community. And it gives me a sense of independence that is very empowering.”

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