Know how to stay safe from online scams. Check these top 5 cybersecurity tips. (Pixabay) News 

Teens Beware! 5 Tips to Keep You Safe from Online Scams

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is a major concern. Leading tech companies invest heavily in developing cybersecurity solutions to protect users from online scams and fraud. Malicious individuals use various tactics to steal personal information, which can have devastating financial consequences for the victim. The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have also contributed to this issue. While AI has the potential to streamline tasks through automation, it has also been utilized to create deepfakes that pose a threat to one’s online presence. For instance, a man from Kerala was…

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From job scams on WhatsApp to SIM Swap fraud, online scams are rising in India. Let's explore the common ones, know their modus operandi, and how to be safe. News 

Uncovering 2023’s Most Deceptive Online Scams: The Reality Behind SIM Swap Fraud, Bogus Job Opportunities & More

It’s no secret that online scams have started affecting many Indians today as the frequency and sophistication of scams increase. Scammers are constantly trying to find new ways to trick unsuspecting victims into traps that allow them to siphon off their hard-earned money and in some cases even steal users’ identities. This growing threat is starting to affect most users – across multiple platforms – whether it’s a job scam common on WhatsApp and Telegram or a fake army officer scam circulating on second-hand marketplaces and real estate sites. Today,…

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A Bengaluru man lost Rs 1.52 crore to a courier scam after fake police officers accused him of sending illegal items in a parcel and money laundering. News 

Dangerous Delivery: Drugs in Your Package!

A pensioner living in Bengaluru, Karnataka recently experienced a huge loss of Rs 1.52 crore after falling victim to a courier scam. In this scam, fraudsters posing as police officials or NCRB agents contact individuals and falsely accuse them of illegal activities related to sending and receiving packages containing “illegal substances”. The prevalence of this scam has increased since the beginning of the year, and is becoming more common recently. According to the Indian Express, the victim, Debashish Das, 66, received a call on November 10 from a person claiming…

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A Mangaluru resident fell victim to online scammers who steal Rs 25 lakh from him by luring him into a deceptive trading or investment app. News 

Make Big Money Investing In This App!

Online scams are starting to affect people at an unprecedented rate, with many unsuspecting victims regularly falling prey to the scammers’ innovative methods and being swindled out of their money. In a recent incident, a Mangaluru-based man lost Rs 25,000 to a fake trading app. According to a TOI report, the victim was initially contacted on Instagram in September this year on the pretext of an opportunity to earn money through an alleged stock trading app. The modus operandi of this scam is to gain the victim’s trust and then…

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Scammers are now posing as delivery agents and sending potential victims links, requesting "handling charges" for a courier. Here's how this scam operates. News 

Scammed Out of Rs 80,000: Woman Pays Just Rs 5 for Courier Delivery

All kinds of scams are rampant in India. Scammers have become more and more sophisticated, but they have also started using new techniques to gain the trust of potential victims. While we’ve seen scams like job scams on Telegram and WhatsApp, and even a fake army officer scam where fraudsters posing as defense personnel contact you on brokerage and second-hand marketplaces, the courier delivery scam has mostly flown under the radar. where – scammers masquerading as distribution agents send you malicious links. This is exactly what happened to a woman…

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Nikhil Kamath notes that this scam is responsible for stealing thousands of crore rupees and involves earning the trust of a victim and then 'butchering' them. News 

Beware! Zerodha CEO Uncovers ‘Pig Butchering’ Scam!

Nikhil Kamath, CEO of Zerodha and host of the popular podcast ‘WTF’, has warned the citizens of India about a new peculiar scam known as the ‘pig slaughter scam’. Kamath points out that this scam has been responsible for tens of thousands of crores of rupees. Basically, it means gaining the victim’s trust and then metaphorically “slaughtering” them. And this scam is a broad term for various scams implemented using this method, such as fake job offer scams, fake crypto investments and unrealistic high investment plans. Kamath says the reason…

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A former vegetable vendor became a scammer after siphoning off nearly Rs 21 crore by deceiving individuals under the pretext of offering work-from-home jobs. News 

Vegetable Seller Uses Online Fraud to Swindle Rs 21 Crore Through Bogus Employment Opportunities

Can you imagine a greengrocer swindling people out of their hard earned money using elaborate online schemes? Well, that’s exactly what happened when a former vegetable vendor turned nasty – claiming nearly Rs 21 crore by duping people on the pretext of offering domestic jobs. According to The Times of India, Rishab, a 27-year-old resident of Gurugram’s Sector 9, was actively involved in more than 37 cases across 10 Indian states and was involved in 855 scams. He was arrested last week based on intelligence gathered from a bank account…

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From July to September, cybercriminals collected around Rs 37 lakh by posing as a bank through fraudulent Chinese payment gateways. News 

Report Reveals Chinese Scammers Laundering Millions Through Exploiting Indian Loan Seekers

Cybersecurity researchers have found that Chinese scammers are using illegal payday loan apps to lure thousands of victims in India with false promises of substantial loans and easy repayments, a new report released on Friday said. These scammers then disappear after collecting personal information and payments. According to cybersecurity company CloudSEK, these fraudsters use Chinese payment gateways and Indian money mules to evade law enforcement. “A notable trend we have observed is fraudsters taking advantage of Chinese payment gateways due to their relative ease of use and limited regulatory oversight.…

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As online scams become more frequent, it is crucial to know how to report them to the authorities. Follow this article to learn how to report cyber crimes and frauds to the authorities in India. News 

Reporting Online Scams In India: A Step-By-Step Guide To Using The Cyber Crime Portal

With the rise in online scams, an increasing number of individuals are falling victim to financial losses. Perpetrators, concealing their true identities through fake online personas, manage to evade punishment for their fraudulent activities. These scams encompass a wide range, from job scams on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram to the well-known fake army officer scam that made headlines recently. Unfortunately, the majority of scam victims choose not to report the incidents to law enforcement, enabling scammers to grow bolder and persist in their deceitful practices. Fortunately, citizens in India…

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The scammer used WhatsApp to send a fake screenshot to the jewelry store owner, falsely claiming that the payment was successful. News 

Gurugram Jewellery Store Owner Falls Victim to Rs 2 Lakh Online Payment Scam

The prevalence of online scams in India is increasing, resulting in the unfortunate financial loss for numerous individuals. A recent case involved a jewellery store owner who fell victim to a scammer’s deceitful act, as the fraudster provided a counterfeit payment screenshot to acquire gold coins. According to a PTI report, a jewelery shop in Gurugram was robbed of Rs 2 lakh after an unidentified person cheated the owner. The fraudster visited the store and pretended to be interested in buying gold coins worth that amount. The owner of the…

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The agency is also taking aim at phony social media metrics. Reviews 

FTC to Impose Heavy Penalties on Companies for Utilizing False Reviews

If the proposed rule by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is implemented, it would formally prohibit the use of fake reviews and testimonials. Additionally, companies would be barred from artificially boosting their social media metrics by employing fake followers and views. This is not the first time that the agency has become familiar with false reviews. In its first such case in 2019, it fined a third-party Amazon seller for paying for fake reviews (Amazon itself has sued providers of fake reviews). Earlier this year, the FTC fined the owner…

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Officials in the department of telecommunications said that the country has been seeing a surge in telephonic and online scams since the peak days of the Covid-19 pandemic. But scammers also keep adopting innovative ways to steal money from victims News 

Top Online Scams in India and How to Avoid Them: From Employment to Romance

Online fraud cases in India are increasing due to extensive digitization. Scammers are now using new tactics to deceive victims, not just through calls but also through messaging services like WhatsApp, to achieve their criminal objectives. Officials of the Department of Telecommunications said phone and online scams have increased in the country since the peak days of the Covid-19 pandemic. But scammers are also constantly adopting innovative ways to steal money from victims. For example, AI voice cloning scams have created a stir in recent days. As a significant number…

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A delivery executive of an ecommerce firm allegedly stole 10 iPhones by replacing them with dummy phones on the way to deliver them to the customer. News 

Online shopping scam: Delivery Boy steals 10 iPhones by replacing them with dolls

A delivery manager for an e-commerce company allegedly stole 10 iPhones by replacing them with fake phones on his way to deliver them to a customer here, police said Thursday. Ravi, the position in charge of Matrix Finance Solution, which delivers the package to Amazon, claimed in his complaint that on March 27, delivery manager Lalit handed over a customer’s package containing 10 iPhones and AirPods from his address. However, instead of delivering the package, Lalit replaced the iPhones with replicas and sent his brother Manoj to deposit them back…

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