WhatsApp offers UPI payment feature in India but most people continue to use other apps like Google Pay and PhonePe. The new update could change that. News 

WhatsApp to introduce UPI Scan To Pay feature for easy in-app payments

WhatsApp offers UPI payments to its users in India and competes with other UPI apps like Paytm, Google Pay and PhonePe. However, the messaging app has been struggling to get more users to use its payment feature in the country, which may soon change thanks to an upcoming update. The latest WhatsApp beta version for Android users gets a shortcut to the QR code for UPI payments, which may come to all users of the messaging app in the coming months. Details of the upcoming feature have been shared this…

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WhatsApp update lets beta users to pin multiple chats and messages, making important conversations easier to access. (Bloomberg) News 

New WhatsApp update will improve user experience by enabling pinning of multiple chats and messages

Meta-owned WhatsApp is currently experimenting with a new feature that enables users to pin multiple chats and messages at the same time. This feature is currently being tested and is only accessible to beta testers using WhatsApp version With this update, users can pin up to five chats and three messages, giving them more control over important conversations and information. WhatsApp improves the management of conversations This feature allows users to prioritize important conversations and messages by keeping them at the top of their conversation list. WABetaInfo reports that…

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WhatsApp has been testing this privacy feature on Android for a while but now more users are seeing it roll out. But does it really work? News 

WhatsApp has implemented a feature that prevents users from taking screenshots of profile pictures

WhatsApp has added a new layer of privacy to its users, ensuring that their profile picture is not misused by taking screenshots. WhatsApp has already prevented people from taking screenshots of one-view photos or videos, and now the same feature has been rolled out to your photos in the messaging app as well. Taking a screenshot is a serious invasion of a person’s privacy, and in most cases you won’t even notice when someone does that to your photo. But if this happens with your profile picture on WhatsApp, the…

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Know about the WhatsApp encryption indicator feature. (unsplash) News 

Report says WhatsApp is working on adding encryption indicator for chats in upcoming update

WhatsApp has been focusing on improving user security by introducing new features and upgrades. There are rumors that the app is developing a new feature to display encrypted chats, which is crucial for maintaining user privacy and protecting conversations. While chat encryption is already included in the app, WhatsApp is now working on increasing its visibility and expanding the feature for enhanced user privacy. Stay tuned for more information on the new encryption indicator feature that may be included in an upcoming WhatsApp update. WhatsApp encryption indicator feature According to…

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WhatsApp chats and other contents are encrypted and now the messaging app tells you its security level with a clear label. News 

WhatsApp introduces encryption label at the top of chat window

WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, but most people would say that the messaging app doesn’t show it to everyone. But soon you will see the settings change as the encryption badge will now appear on the profile icon at the top of the chat screen. The new feature is being tested with beta users according to the latest information and we can confirm the details independently. WABetainfo was the first to report the feature being tested, and Android beta users will see the new change in the coming days. WhatsApp…

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As Meta expands WhatsApp's capabilities, users can anticipate greater personalization options including avatars. (Pixabay) News 

Upcoming changes to WhatsApp will give users more control over their avatars; Find out what to expect

Meta, the company behind WhatsApp, is introducing new features to improve the messaging platform’s user experience. A recent addition being tested is a feature that allows users to turn any image into a sticker, adding a personalized touch to conversations. While this feature offers more creative options, it also raises privacy concerns. In response, Meta is addressing these concerns with a new feature focused on avatars. The WhatsApp beta for Android includes settings that allow users to control who can use their avatar in stickers. Users can choose to…

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To comply with the new IT Rules 2021, WhatsApp banned over 67 lakh bad accounts in India in the month of January. Here's what you need to know. News 

Details of WhatsApp banning over 67 lakh ‘bad’ Indian accounts in January

Meta-owned WhatsApp banned over 67,000,000 bad accounts in India in January under new IT rules 2021. Between January 1 and 31, the company banned “6,728,000 accounts.” About 1,358,000 of those accounts were proactively banned before users reported them, WhatsApp said in its monthly compliance report. The most popular messaging platform, which has more than 500 million users in the country, again received a record 14,828 complaint reports in the country in January, with 10 “actions”. “Accounts Actioned” means reports where WhatsApp took corrective action based on the report, and taking…

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WhatsApp is set to revolutionise messaging with an upcoming update, enabling users to message users of Signal and Telegram apps too. (Bloomberg) News 

WhatsApp aims to facilitate cross-app messaging with Signal and Telegram, breaking down barriers.

WhatsApp, owned by Meta Platforms, is planning to enhance user experience by introducing a new feature that will enable users to send messages to third-party apps like Signal and Telegram. The highly anticipated update, known as version, was announced by WABetaInfo. Connection between applications This innovative move by WhatsApp is in line with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and emphasizes chat interoperability to promote seamless communication across platforms. In response to the DMA, WhatsApp had earlier announced the beta testing of the chat compatibility feature in Android version…

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Know all about the WhatsApp search-by-date feature. Find WhatsApp messages easily now. (unsplash) News 

WhatsApp now allows users to search for messages by specific dates, introducing new search-by-date feature.

WhatsApp is introducing new features to improve the chat experience for users. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new feature called “search-by-date” which allows users to easily find messages based on specific dates. This feature will make it easier for users to locate important information they have shared in the past, even if they cannot remember the exact wording. The search-by-date feature will be available in both individual and group chats on WhatsApp. WhatsApp search by date feature Mark Zuckerberg shared a message on his official WhatsApp channel where…

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WhatsApp is rolling out the 'search by date' feature to search for messages and media files by a specific date on Android. News 

WhatsApp Introduces ‘Search By Date’ Feature for Android Users

If you’re a WhatsApp user who often has to sift through conversations to find a specific message, here’s a good news: WhatsApp is introducing a “search by date” feature to search for messages and media files by a specific date on Android. Importantly, this feature has been available on other platforms where WhatsApp is present, such as iOS, Mac and even WhatsApp Web. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the same on his WhatsApp channel. “When you realize you got the perfect answer in an old chat…” she said, sharing a…

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WhatsApp and Misinformation Combat Alliance join forces in India to address the rise of fake news and deepfakes. (REUTERS) News 

Meta introduces WhatsApp helpline in India to combat misinformation, enhances app for better business capabilities

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has revealed a partnership with the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) to address the increasing spread of fake news and deepfakes in India, particularly as the nation approaches its upcoming election. Meta said last week that it will launch a dedicated fact-checking helpline on WhatsApp next month “to combat media-generated misinformation with artificial intelligence that may mislead people about matters of public importance, commonly known as deep fakes, and help people connect with verified and reliable information.” Commenting on the release, Shivnath Thukral, India’s director of public…

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WhatsApp users can prevent their photos from being stalked using this feature that is now being tested in the beta version. News 

WhatsApp to soon prevent users from taking screenshots of profile pictures

WhatsApp has already prevented people from taking screenshots of one-view photos or videos, but soon the same feature will be rolled out to your profile pictures as well. The upcoming option has been spotted in Android beta version which will be released in the coming weeks. WhatsApp gives people their profile picture, but for the longest time people have pointed out the lack of security if someone tries to take a screenshot of their photo, which is a privacy nightmare and can be used for the wrong times. Taking…

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WhatsApp beta hints at default HD media uploads, potentially simplifying the sharing process, as per the reports. (Pixabay) News 

WhatsApp users will soon be able to select default media quality settings; Learn more about this new feature coming soon

WhatsApp users could soon have an easier time sharing high-quality media, as the messaging app is said to be developing a feature that would enable default HD uploads. Although WhatsApp has been slowly rolling out support for high-resolution images and videos, users currently have to manually select the HD option for each file. However, a recent beta version for Android suggests that this may soon change. WhatsApp feature enhancement The latest WhatsApp beta app, version, reveals a new option in the app’s storage settings, reports WABetaInfo. This feature allows…

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WhatsApp takes a stand for privacy with its latest feature, blocking profile picture screenshots. (REUTERS) News 

New WhatsApp beta update prevents users from taking screenshots of profile pictures; Find out more about the new feature

WhatsApp, a widely used messaging platform worldwide, is continuously improving user privacy through frequent updates. The company has recently rolled out a new feature in the WhatsApp beta app that prevents users’ profile pictures from being screenshotted, further demonstrating their commitment to prioritizing user privacy and security. WhatsApp beta update Earlier, WhatsApp had removed the ability for users to save or upload profile pictures of others, but now it has taken this a step further by introducing a mechanism to prevent screenshots from being taken completely. When users try to…

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WhatsApp, formatting features, bulleted lists, numbers, WhatsApp features, WhatsApp update, WhatsApp bullet lists, WhatsApp numbered lists update, WhatsApp inline code feature, WhatsApp communication tools (Pixabay) News 

Exciting news for WhatsApp users: 4 new formatting features added for bulleted lists and numbers

WhatsApp has recently rolled out four new text formatting options to enhance the messaging experience for users. These features, including bulleted lists, numbered lists, block quotes, and inline code, are now available for Android, iOS, Web, Mac, and Channels users. The goal of these updates is to help users communicate more effectively and organize their messages for better comprehension. These design options have been in development for some time, and now users on different platforms can enjoy the benefits. These additions complement the existing bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace formats…

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WhatsApp users already have a few formatting shortcuts but these new ones make the messaging app even more helpful. News 

Here’s How WhatsApp’s New Text Formatting Shortcuts Work on Web and Mobile

WhatsApp is focused on bringing new privacy features to its users, but this week the messaging app has added something more important, namely new text formatting options. WhatsApp has announced four new text formatting shortcuts that add to the existing list of options that let you text people in bold, italic style, add strikethroughs or even white space. But with the new hotkeys, WhatsApp users can add new elements like bulleted list, block quote, embed code and more. WhatsApp is essentially a messaging app, but the company understands that people…

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WhatsApp realises the need to prevent fake news from spreading widely in the country and it wants to help people from getting deepfake content. News 

WhatsApp Introduces New Service to Combat Deepfake Threat in India with Fake News Helpline

WhatsApp continues its efforts to curb fake news and misinformation on the platform in India, and now it has launched a helpline to cater to those needs. The helpline will be offered in the form of a WhatsApp chatbot to users in the country starting in March. Meta is partnering with the Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) to roll out this service in the country. The helpline informs and warns users about possible deepfake threats and content floating on the messaging platform from other sources. Without sharing specifics about the chatbot/helpline,…

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WhatsApp is reportedly working on revamping the user interface for its status updates tab by introducing thumbnails. Here's what we know. News 

WhatsApp’s Status Updates Tab May See Significant Design Overhaul in the Near Future

WhatsApp has been actively introducing a number of new features to improve the user experience, primarily focusing on expanding its channel capabilities. However, recent developments suggest that the Meta-owned chat app is expanding its focus to other sections as well. According to WABetaInfo, a source of new WhatsApp features, the messaging platform is currently revamping the interface of the Status Updates tab, as spotted in WhatsApp Beta version of the Google Play Beta program. The purpose of this upcoming update is to improve the usability of status updates. Status…

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Deleting your account on WhatsApp is an irreversible process. It cannot be reverted even if you perform it by accident. News 

How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account on iOS and Android if You’re Fed Up

In today’s digital world where social media has become an integral part of our lives, there are times when people look forward to simply hitting the reset button. There can be several reasons behind the decision, such as a break from constant announcements or focusing on studying. Sometimes people get bored with one messaging app and look forward to switching to another. One such popular messaging app is WhatsApp, which is widely used by people around the world. It helps us stay in touch with our family and friends. Sending…

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WhatsApp is testing a new interface for the channels list to improve the user experience of the app. Here's what you need to know. News 

Everything You Should Know About the Upcoming Redesign of WhatsApp Channels List

WhatsApp is constantly adding new features to ensure that the app stays fresh and up-to-date. This includes not only new features, but also updates to existing ones to improve the overall user experience. Now, as the channel feature gradually grows in popularity, WhatsApp is testing a new interface for the channel list to improve the user experience of the app. As reported by WhatsApp feature tracker, WABetaInfo, this feature was found in the new WhatsApp Beta for Android update available to users who install the said update. The report…

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